AdWords Empire Promotional Call

Posted by Simon Leung in Teleseminar, Updates on September 10th, 2006 | No Comments

I had my very first experience on a live teleseminar call yesterday on the topic of AdWords Affiliate Marketing with my JV Partner and good friend, Paulie Sabol.

During our call, which lasted a little over 75 minutes, Paulie and I discussed the various benefits of affiliate marketing, the best way to get your affiliate marketing business up and running, and more advanced tips on affiliate marketing strategies.

To tie it all into AdWords Empire, which is the current product we are promoting (and one of the TOP affiliates for, by the way :)), Paulie and I also gave our listeners some very good tips on using Google AdWords for affiliate marketing.

As most of us already know, Google AdWords is a tremendous way to generate traffic to your website. However, it is also challenging in that you will literally have to implement a different strategy for every goal or type of business you are advertising.

During this call, we talked about specific strategies for using Google AdWords with affiliate marketing.

It was a great call, and we received a ton of great feedback!

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