2006 Internet & Joint Venture Marketing Super Conference

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Hello from Room 305 of the Hawthorne Suites in Orlando, Florida!

I am typing this while my mastermind buddy and good friend, Jeff Wark, one half of the Dynamic Duo, looks on (but apparently dozing off slowly), and Mark Hendricks snoring in the other room.

We’ve just wrapped up three intensive days of learning and networking at Michael Penland’s Internet & Joint Venture Marketing Super Conference, where I was one of the featured speakers for the event.

Michael Penland welcomes me to the stage

Attendees listened attentively to what I had to share

Brief introduction about myself and my background

Everyone wants to learn more about the infamous “Google Slap”

I forgot what I was talking about here, but it looks intense!

Live case study with Jeff Wark

This time, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Michael Penland, Gary Ambrose, Mark Hendricks, Alan Bechtold, Ted Ciuba, Keith Wellman, Terry Dean, Dale Calvert, Alex Nghiem, Harold Anderson, CJ Bronstrup, Glen Turner, Lee Collins, Dee Bright and Drew Miles.

It was yet another awesome event, with a responsive and attentive audience, as well as a panel of expert speakers who all had a ton of state-of-the-art information to share.

But more importantly, I made a lot of new friends this weekend who are smart, ambitious, and motivated to make a positive and more aggressive changes in their lives.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic about building my personal and professional relationships with these fellow entrepreneurs. There isn’t a more exciting time to be an Internet Marketer, and I am making the most out of every moment of it.

What I’m not so excited about, however, are the 8+ hours of travel time I have to look forward to flying back home to California tomorrow.

Sigh, the consequences of being a high-in-demand celebrity expert speaker…

Haha, just kidding.

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