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Recently, I did a search on some of the keyword terms I was targeting for laughs and giggles and was shocked but pleasantly surprised nonetheless at the search results - #1 on MSN.com!

Now, I know what you are thinking…

MSN? But that’s the wrong search engine, my friend!

Believe me, I know. But hey, I’m not a Search Engine Optimization Expert by trade (I’m an AdWords Optimization Expert =), so I think getting the top spot on one of the hottest Internet companies of today is nothing to sneeze at!

As well, I don’t think I can compete for the top spots against the real SEO experts of the world who’ve been doing this line of work full-time for the past 5 to 10 years.

Besides, I really don’t think that my #1 ranks will last. Algorithms change all the time, and MSN will become more and more competitive, just like how Google and Yahoo are nowadays.

For this reason, I’ve taken a screenshot of my top search results below, not just to prove that it did happen at one point in time, but to also live in the past and celebrate the days when my sites were #1! ;)

Click on the thumbnails for full-size images…

Simon Leung

#1 of 139,363 results on ’simon leung’ for http://www.simonleung.com

Simon Leung

#1 of 313,969 results on ‘adwords optimization’ for http://www.adwordsoptimization.com

Simon Leung

#1 of 481 results on ‘buzzmein’ for http://www.buzzmein.com

Simon Leung

#1 of 227,404 results on ‘little marketer’ for http://www.littlemarketer.com

Simon Leung

#1 of 1,095,031 results on ‘internet marketing power blog’ for http://www.simonleung.com

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