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Return to the GooglePlex

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When I arrived home from Orlando on Monday night, Sam Heyer’s flight came in at just about the same time.

If you’ve never heard of Sam Heyer, he is the marketing genius behind some of the most successful high profile launches in recent history totaling in multi-million dollars of revenue, including Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Cloning Program and Nitro Marketing’s Extreme Marketing Makeover.

Sam is now my business partner for several of my private niches, and he has come to town from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to meet up with investors and to talk about our own launches.

While he was in town, I thought it would be pretty cool to show him around Google.

Despite having three consecutive days of meetings, we still managed to visit the GooglePlex twice.

On Wednesday, my buddy Kenji Arai, who is in the Google Videos department and normally works out of YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, happened to be working at the GooglePlex, which is based in Mountain View.

After Sam and I wrapped up our lunch meeting in Palo Alto, we stopped by the GooglePlex to meet up with Kenji.

Kenji showed us around the campus and introduced us to the new developments.

Sam was touring around the GooglePlex in awe, and literally looked like a little kid at a candy shop, especially when he found out that all the food on site are free!

Then earlier this afternoon, my good friend Kristina Cutura hosted us for lunch on campus.

We had a really good time catching up and enjoyed great conversation over some fine Google dining.

What I did notice in my visits is that a lot has changed during these past few months, including exponential growth to the team, as well as the departments moving buildings as a result of the expansion.

I hadn’t been back to the GooglePlex in several months, and it was great to be back, enjoy the great food and see old friends again.

Felt just like old times!

My Day at Universal Orlando

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Hello from Universal Orlando in sunny Orlando, Florida!

universal orlando

I’m killing time in between rides and waiting in line to capture some great memories that I’m sharing with some very good friends.

My Universal Studios Orlando adventure began shortly after our speaker breakfast when Paulie Sabol, Jeff Wark, Lori Steffan, Mitch Goldstein and I decided to have some disney fun for the day.

Paulie once again demonstrated his kind generosity by sponsoring the tickets for us, but that is just the kind of person that Paulie is.

What I found out was that Universal Orlando is the home of not one, but two theme parks – Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Both are action packed and are just a 5 minute walk apart!

We had some very entertaining experiences with shows and rides based on remarkable films such as Twister, Terminator 2, Men in Black and The Mummy.

Later on in the afternoon, we were joined at the Disney theme park by a few of my new friends at OfferLab, Anna Mohammed, Shakira Harris, Richard Harris and Kevin Bradshaw.

But to our dismay, we had to cut our group fun short as Paulie Sabol had to leave for the airport.

Jeff and Lori, joined by Mitch, then sent Paulie off, and I stayed behind to hang out with the gang for a couple more hours.

Definitely a great way to spend my last day in Orlando – great times and great company!

Work at Home Super Conference in Orlando, FL

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Hello from the Arctic Room of the International Plaza Resort and Spa at the Work at Home Super Conference in Orlando, Florida!

simon leung

This is my third time in Orlando in just a period of three months, each time as a featured speaker at an Internet Marketing seminar.

But unlike my previous Orlando trips, or any of my other trips at all, for that matter, this time, I am staying with my buddies Jeff Wark and Lori Steffan in their RV at the Koa Campground.

orlando campground

We got the perfect view of the lake, and it’s pretty wild transporting in the same thing as your accommodation.

I’ve never camped like this before, and I’m having a total blast!

As for the Work at Home Super Conference, I had another brand new experience itself.

For the first time, I delivered not just one presentation, but two back-to-back presentations…

…The first one on the topic of AdWords List Building, and the second one on the topic of MySpace Optimization.

And since the Work at Home Super Conference is only a one day event, I needed to present both of them in one day.

Nonetheless, many people in attendance still had a lot of great things to say about both presentations, including Tom Bell (the event organizer), his Offerlab team, fellow speakers Jeff Wark and Lori Steffan, Alan Bechold, Mitch Goldstein and our MC host with the most, Paulie Sabol.

After the event, Paulie kindly offered to treat all the speakers out to dinner at a Thai restaurant.

As for tomorrow, we are still figuring how to spend our free day in Orlando.

Possible options are Universal Studios and Sea World, but I will definitely let you know tomorrow for sure. :)

i5 Gold Guest Expert Call with Tom Beal

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Every second Wednesday of the month, Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal have guest expert calls as part of their i5 Gold Mentoring Program.

While I have been an i5 Gold guest on multiple occasions in the past, but earlier today, I had the honor of being an “official” guest expert with prepared content for i5 Gold members.

I had a great time talking about MySpace Optimization strategies with Tom Beal for over 90 minutes earlier this afternoon.

More specifically, we addressed the “white hat” optimization techniques designed to overcome the latest controversy to hit Internet Marketing…

People are calling this latest controversy the “MySpace Slap.”

Recently, MySpace has put its foot down on the SPAM situation that has evidently grown out of control.

The social networking website has now put a ban on automation software and services that automatically add friends, send messages and post comments.

Anyone who uses such software would be penalized by MySpace! Not cool…

We ended the presentation in an open Q&A session, in which Tom and I answered any questions the i5 Gold members had about the call.

From the sound of things, I really think that the i5 Gold members definitely got a lot out of the presentation.

We received a lot of praises during the call, in our private chatroom as well as via email and over instant messaging.

I’m pretty satisfied with my i5 Gold Guest Expert debut!

Now, if you are an i5 Gold member and didn’t get the chance to listen to the call, or if you were on the call and would like to listen to it again, you can download it, along with the 65 slides of the presentation, by logging into your member’s area.

As Tom kindly noted at the beginning of the call, please note that the information is for your own use only.

And if you are not an i5 Gold member, but would still like to learn about some of the strategies that not only increased the search engine rankings of all my main sites, but also optimized my MySpace profile to come up on the first page of search results on Google with over a million other websites, please click on one of the two links below.


Alex Mandossian Presents Teleseminar Secrets Reunion

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Hello from the Champagne conference room of the Sofitel Hotel at the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion, presented by Alex Mandossian in Redwood Shores, CA, about 10 miles south of the San Francisco International Airport!

teleseminar secrets reunion

Teleseminar Secrets Reunion sign in the hallway

After months and months of antsy anticipation, the day has finally come for my buddy Alex Mandossian to host his highly awaited one day event for his Teleseminar Secrets graduate students.

Throughout the day, our chief trainer was extremely animated and energetic, standing on chairs and running through the aisles, while answering predetermined questions as well as holding live Q&A’s, all the while delivering the state-of-the-art content one would only expect from Alex Mandossian.

alex mandossian

Alex Mandossian receiving a standing ovation

During one of his sessions, Alex was kind enough to feature me in the spotlight, introducing me to the audience and identifying me as the guest expert from the Teleseminar Secrets call that was held last December while I was in Hong Kong.

I then spent several minutes talking about who I am, what I did, why I was there and who my ideal prospects were, along with some additional information about my experience at Google, transition into full-time entrepreneurship as well as my current and upcoming projects that may be of interest to individuals in the room.

simon leung

On the spotlight at Teleseminar Secrets Reunion

Off the stage, Alex and I also made plans to meet at his Novato home sometime within the next few weeks to map out a teleseminar series we are planning to do together.

We played around with topics and ideas, and from what we have so far in just the little time we talked, it’s already molding into something really exciting!

Yes, the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion was definitely a worthwhile event…

And while it was only a 25 minute drive for me, making this the closest and only local Internet Marketing event I have attended, even those who traveled long distances (from across and even out of the country) felt it was worth the trip to come out, even if it was only for one day.

What made the event even cooler is that today is actually Alex’s birthday!

That’s right, Alex Mandossian decided to spend his birthday with his graduates – because that’s how he chose to spend his birthday – and he enjoyed every minute of it!

At the end of the day, we wrapped up the event with a giant celebration to a successful reunion with a huge birthday cake…

teleseminarians unite

Alex about to blow out the candle on his birthday cake

Overall, the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion was an event unlike any other I had attended before.

There were literally emotions of hope, despair, pain and joy, and tears were even shared in the room.

It was definitely something special.

Happy Birthday, Alex, and thank you for a magnificent day. I look forward to working and partnering with you!

alex mandossian

Simon Leung and Alex Mandossian

Credit Millionaire Marathon in Las Vegas

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Hello from Ballroom A of the Atrium Suites at the Credit Millionaire Marathon in Las Vegas, NV!

credit millionaire marathon

 Credit Millionaire Marathon Billboard Sign

As you may or may not know, I am in Las Vegas for the weekend to attend Donna Fox’s Credit Millionaire Marathon.

But what I never anticipated beyond my wildest imaginations is that in addition to being introduced and thoroughly educated on a completely new side of owning a business, this event would also become a tremendous milestone in my Internet Marketing career.

I mentioned this briefly on my blog post from Friday, but even at that time, I had no idea that it would be this monumental.

You know how they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?”

Well, not this time, buster! Because what happened was just too good to be kept a secret. Everyone must know!

If you have some time and would like to know, please feel free to read the full story here…

On Friday afternoon, I was having lunch with Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal, and Mike was brainstorming on what type of content to deliver for his presentation the next day.

Since the audience mostly comprised of beginning real estate investors who are exploring different arenas online, I made the suggestion of speaking about keyword research.

Mike paused for a moment, nods his head and says, “Yes, YOU should…”

Haha, right? Very funny, so funny I forgot to laugh…

But to my surprise, after excusing himself to go to the restroom, Mike returns with Paulie and Donna, who approach our table and unanimously gave praise to the “great idea.”

“Wowserz!” I thought to myself. “Joke’s on me – I guess he was serious after all!”

And so, I went along my merry way, excited, to say the least, but thinking the whole time that I’d be poking into Mike’s talk for several minutes to explain briefly about the keyword research portion of his presentation.

Mike and I even hung out together for the rest of the day, spending some quality time at the tables, having a few drinks at the bars and grabbing a bite to eat, having a great time with great conversation along the way.

We ended the day after we picked up his wife and my girlfriend from the airport, and he dropped us off back at the Luxor hotel.

Right before we parted, Mike suggested that we go on stage and do something that has never been done before, but I was still thinking that I’d just be making a cameo appearance for several minutes – maybe 15 or 20, 30 max.

Lunchtime rolled around on Saturday, and we were scheduled to start right after lunch.

Unfortunately, Mike’s wife was not feeling too well, and he was busy taking care of her, which delayed him a bit for our lunch meeting.

He finally makes it to the table where Karen and I were sitting with about 30 minutes to spare and goes, “So, what are we gonna talk about for 90 minutes?”

At that moment, my jaw practically dropped all the way down to the table as I murmered, “90? I thought we were doing 30?”

You should have seen the look on Mike’s face as he laughed, “What?! 30? Of course not! We’re doing 90, but don’t worry, it’ll go by quick…”

Immediately, we scrambled to figure out what to talk about. Well, I was scrambling – Mike was super calm as he says, while simultaneously checking his PayDotCom account and chatting with his team back in Long Island…

“We’ll talk a little about keyword research, do 30 or so on Google AdWords, do another 30 or so on MySpace, and take some questions. Dude, it’ll go by just like that!”

My initial reaction to that was wow, this guy’s really good at what he does, and he knows what he’s talking about.

Mike knew that we were both obviously credible enough to speak on keyword research and Google AdWords, and was also really impressed when I told him about the type of results I was able to achieve with MySpace…

…So he combined this information along with the consideration of the audience we are speaking to, and figured out almost instantly our entire agenda!

And so we went along with it, and for the next 102 minutes (we went 12 minutes over, but no one was complaining), I had the tremendously huge honor of sharing the platform with the one, the only, the man, Mr. Butterfly Marketing himself – Mike Filsaime!


simon leung

 Mike and I at during our Introduction

mike filsaime

 Mike taking a quick audience poll

simon leung

 Me setting up the computer for our live demos

simon leung

 Mike finally letting me talk for once! Haha…

simon leung

 Room shot during one of the live demos

mike filsaime

 The audience listening attentively to Mike’s wisdom

During what can only be described as one of the most relaxed and interactive presentations I have ever witnessed, much less be a part of, Mike and I gave a very laid back presentation, doing live demos on the computer and had consistent dialogue with the audience and each other the entire time, all while sitting down on a couple of comfortable director chairs!

We walked through the basics of keyword research and Google AdWords, followed by some very fascinating strategies on optimizing your MySpace profile, including the same techniques I used that resulted in mine becoming my top 5 sources of traffic for all of my main websites, as well as SEO strategies that got my websites, including my MySpace profile, all the way to the top of the search engines!

What an exhilirating experience to share the stage with one of the greatest Internet Marketers of all time!

And Mike was absolutely right – the time indeed did fly right by, and our time was up before we knew it.

As mentioned earlier, Mike and I ended up going about 12 minutes over our 90 minute slot, but no one complained, not even the time keeper.


Because we did exactly what we had set out to do – we went up there and did something that had never been done before, and don’t know if we will ever do again!

In addition, we received so many rave reviews about our presentation, and the audience got so much out of what we had to say, that people were asking us afterwards about continued education opportunities that weren’t even offered on stage!

Man, it was a pretty wild experience for me, and I really owe a lot of the success of our duo debut to Mike’s awesome leadership and team player skills. He assessed the situation and knew exactly what we had to do in order to drive the information home for the attendees.

I’ve known of and looked up to Mike Filsaime for over 2 years now, and it’s still incredible to me that my opportunity to speak with Mike occurred in less than one year since meeting him in person.

So much has changed and so many things have happened since then, and it all started out because of all the little butterfly effects that resulted in me joining his list what feels like a lifetime ago.

I don’t remember the exact strategy that Mike used to attract me into his list initially, but he did teach me a lot about relationship building this weekend, and he strives to teach all his amazing strategies to as many people as he can, while making it as easy as possible for people to do so.

If you incorporate the right list and relationship building strategies into your marketing the right way, there’s no telling what new relationships you will be able to make that will become a tremendous influence to your business in the near future.

Up until recently, this concept has almost always been a long, manual and very tedious process…

Which is why Mike, with his continued devotion to his fellow marketers, gave me permission to introduce to you his latest piece of software, which has the capability to drive 300% more visitors to your website, and even helping you to build your list automatically!

I had the chance to check out Viral Friend Generator this past weekend, and was even able to talk directly with Mike himself about the product.

It’s awesome!

And the cool thing about it is that it blends right in with what we’ve been talking about all weekend in terms of list and relationship building…

With Viral Friend Generator, Mike makes it easy for you to hopefully make connections with not only a fresh list of new subscribers and customers, but potentially even people you will one day meet, build friendships, and have the opportunity to share the stage with one day.

Who knows, this could be the strategy for you that ultimately attracts you to an important associate in your future, just like Mike did with me.

Take action now – the next person your most admired Internet Marketer connects with may be you!

Mike Filsaime and Viral Friend Generator

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Hello from Mike Filsaime’s suite in room 107 of the Atrium Suites Hotel (the old Crowne Plaza) in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Mike is trying to get a little work done on his laptop for an hour or so before we head over to the airport to pick up his wife and my girlfriend. In the meantime, I’m blogging from my T-Mobile MDA…

The two of us spent most of today hanging out around town, and really got the chance to talk about things that we normally don’t get to at live events, or even on vacation when there are other people around.

During our chat, Mike really got me focused on my objectives and how I should prioritize my projects.

He listened to my wins and frustrations, and he reciprocated by sharing some of his.

But before he even started to speak, I knew what he wanted to share as he took days of frustrations off his chest…

You see, there have been some recent rumors floating around in an attempt to bash Mike’s reputation.

And while names and the specific situation in question are not important and will not be mentioned in this post, this issue is no secret and has escalated into a pretty big deal in the past few days.

I don’t want to make this any bigger than it already is, but anyone who know Mike personally like I do would be able to tell you that he is one of the most giving and self-less person you will meet in your entire life.

Mike has helped me in such big ways countless times on a personal level as a friend, and his devotion to other peoples’ success also shows through his relationship with his colleagues, JV partners and customers.

Mike definitely knows how to build strong relationships, organizing a Vegas trip for all his top Butterfly Marketing affiliates last November, as well as treating his friends to a $5000+ steak dinner last weekend in Long Island, NY…

Notwithstanding, Mike still wouldn’t let me pay for the beer at the bars or the burgers at In and Out this weekend!

And as for his responsibility as an information marketer, literally millions of dollars have been made by individuals who followed his teachings.

This is not the type of kindness or credibility you can fake – no matter how hard you try or how good you are – because ultimately, you can’t pretend to be someone you are not.

So this brings us back to how else Mike continues to bring value to the Internet Marketing community.

Recently, Mike launched his newest product called Viral Friend Generator.

While I can’t promise all the friends you generate will turn out to be as genuine as Mike Filsaime, I can promise that it will be an instrumental resource for your Internet Marketing business.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will have the tremendous honor of sharing the stage with Mike at the Credit Millionaire Marathon workshop.

If you know me, you know that I’ll definitely be posting updates and photos from that within the next few days…

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Viral Friend Generator at:

MySpace Marketing Optimization

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Hello from all the way up on the 16th floor in room 16352 on the East Tower of the gorgeous ancient-styled Luxor hotel in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada!

I just checked into my hotel after walking through the golden hallways, and the room itself is definitely designed for the high rollers, not to mention a view to die for of the famous Luxor pyramid, whose light is so bright that it shoots all the way up into outer space!

I’ve visited the Luxor hotel before, but this is my first time actually staying in it. And the best part is – I get the room all to myself!

…For one night, that is.

You see, my girlfriend, Karen, will be flying in to join me tomorrow night after she gets off from work, and together, we will attend Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox’s Credit Millionaire Marathon this weekend, where they will not only show us, but also help us apply right then and there up to $500,000 line of credit for our businesses!

Pretty incredible stuff, isn’t it?

Despite being a seminar junkie and attending events what seems to be week after week, the caliber of the hosts, speakers and content never ceases to over-deliver.

Not only that, but the attendees are all amazing people, as well. With so many people in attendance that you want to meet and talk to, and everyone at these events are thinking the exact same thing, successfully connecting with everyone has become quite a challenge.

Believe it or not, most of us have found the solution in what can be considered one of the most effective new media for connecting and marketing – social networking sites – but more specifically, MySpace.

As you may or may not be aware, the popularity of social networking sites, MySpace in particular, has increased dramatically over the past several months…

…Not only in its original intention to meet new people or keep in touch with friends, but more recently, also for business networking and marketing purposes.

During this time, we have also seen a flood of some of the most well-known Internet Marketing experts in the world jumping onto the MySpace scene…

…Experts like Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox, Armand Morin, Dr. Joe Vitale, Brad Fallon, Stephen Pierce, Marlon Sanders, Ken McArthur, Joel Comm, John Di Lemme, Brian Edmondson, Harris Fellman, Craig Perrine, Carl Galletti, Mark Hendricks, Willie Crawford, Jeff Walker, Tellman Knudson, Stuart Tan, Matt Bacak, Scott Paton, John Reel and literally dozens and dozens more!

What we are witnessing here, especially with the experts joining in and giving permission to their hundreds of thousands of students, customers, subscribers and fan base to personally communicate to them, is social proof at its very best.

And while I can’t whatsoever speak for these experts who are leveraging MySpace for their marketing, or how well it has been working for them, I can honestly and confidently tell you that it has worked miraculously for me.

Ever since I began implementing some of my own strategies to my MySpace profile around August of 2006 after leaving Google and going full-time, my profile almost instantly became one of my top 5 traffic sources for some of my main websites!

Check out these actual stats taken directly from my Google Analytics account (click on photo for full size)… stats (Sep 2006) stats (Oct 2006) stats (Nov 2006) stats (Dec 2006) stats (Jan 2007) stats (Feb 2007)

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

But wait, that’s not all…

Would you believe it if I told you that my strategies can also increase your search rankings, not only for your MySpace profile, but for your other sites, as well?

Check this out and see for yourself (click on photo for full size)…

Search results for ’simon leung’ on

As you can see, not only is my MySpace profile number 4 out of 150,333 search results, but out of the first 10 results on page one, 8 of the websites are mine, including the first 5.

How about you?

Are you also maximizing your fullest potential with MySpace, and optimizing your profile into getting the most traffic both directly and organically?

If not, the place is here, and the time is now…

Because for a very limited time only, I am releasing my brand new MySpace Marketing Optimization report for absolutely zero cost!

And if you are a fellow MySpacer, why don’t you send me a friend request while you’re there? It would be great to finally network with you, and hopefully connect a name to a face if you have photos posted…

Oh, and please feel free to tell your friends about it, too! My only request is that you send them to my MySpace profile page to download their free copy.

Send them here…

Good luck, have fun, and Happy MySpacing!