My Day at Universal Orlando

Hello from Universal Orlando in sunny Orlando, Florida!

universal orlando

I’m killing time in between rides and waiting in line to capture some great memories that I’m sharing with some very good friends.

My Universal Studios Orlando adventure began shortly after our speaker breakfast when Paulie Sabol, Jeff Wark, Lori Steffan, Mitch Goldstein and I decided to have some disney fun for the day.

Paulie once again demonstrated his kind generosity by sponsoring the tickets for us, but that is just the kind of person that Paulie is.

What I found out was that Universal Orlando is the home of not one, but two theme parks – Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Both are action packed and are just a 5 minute walk apart!

We had some very entertaining experiences with shows and rides based on remarkable films such as Twister, Terminator 2, Men in Black and The Mummy.

Later on in the afternoon, we were joined at the Disney theme park by a few of my new friends at OfferLab, Anna Mohammed, Shakira Harris, Richard Harris and Kevin Bradshaw.

But to our dismay, we had to cut our group fun short as Paulie Sabol had to leave for the airport.

Jeff and Lori, joined by Mitch, then sent Paulie off, and I stayed behind to hang out with the gang for a couple more hours.

Definitely a great way to spend my last day in Orlando – great times and great company!