Return to the GooglePlex

When I arrived home from Orlando on Monday night, Sam Heyer’s flight came in at just about the same time.

If you’ve never heard of Sam Heyer, he is the marketing genius behind some of the most successful high profile launches in recent history totaling in multi-million dollars of revenue, including Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Cloning Program and Nitro Marketing’s Extreme Marketing Makeover.

Sam is now my business partner for several of my private niches, and he has come to town from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to meet up with investors and to talk about our own launches.

While he was in town, I thought it would be pretty cool to show him around Google.

Despite having three consecutive days of meetings, we still managed to visit the GooglePlex twice.

On Wednesday, my buddy Kenji Arai, who is in the Google Videos department and normally works out of YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, happened to be working at the GooglePlex, which is based in Mountain View.

After Sam and I wrapped up our lunch meeting in Palo Alto, we stopped by the GooglePlex to meet up with Kenji.

Kenji showed us around the campus and introduced us to the new developments.

Sam was touring around the GooglePlex in awe, and literally looked like a little kid at a candy shop, especially when he found out that all the food on site are free!

Then earlier this afternoon, my good friend Kristina Cutura hosted us for lunch on campus.

We had a really good time catching up and enjoyed great conversation over some fine Google dining.

What I did notice in my visits is that a lot has changed during these past few months, including exponential growth to the team, as well as the departments moving buildings as a result of the expansion.

I hadn’t been back to the GooglePlex in several months, and it was great to be back, enjoy the great food and see old friends again.

Felt just like old times!