Alex Mandossian Presents Teleseminar Secrets Reunion

Hello from the Champagne conference room of the Sofitel Hotel at the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion, presented by Alex Mandossian in Redwood Shores, CA, about 10 miles south of the San Francisco International Airport!

teleseminar secrets reunion

Teleseminar Secrets Reunion sign in the hallway

After months and months of antsy anticipation, the day has finally come for my buddy Alex Mandossian to host his highly awaited one day event for his Teleseminar Secrets graduate students.

Throughout the day, our chief trainer was extremely animated and energetic, standing on chairs and running through the aisles, while answering predetermined questions as well as holding live Q&A’s, all the while delivering the state-of-the-art content one would only expect from Alex Mandossian.

alex mandossian

Alex Mandossian receiving a standing ovation

During one of his sessions, Alex was kind enough to feature me in the spotlight, introducing me to the audience and identifying me as the guest expert from the Teleseminar Secrets call that was held last December while I was in Hong Kong.

I then spent several minutes talking about who I am, what I did, why I was there and who my ideal prospects were, along with some additional information about my experience at Google, transition into full-time entrepreneurship as well as my current and upcoming projects that may be of interest to individuals in the room.

simon leung

On the spotlight at Teleseminar Secrets Reunion

Off the stage, Alex and I also made plans to meet at his Novato home sometime within the next few weeks to map out a teleseminar series we are planning to do together.

We played around with topics and ideas, and from what we have so far in just the little time we talked, it’s already molding into something really exciting!

Yes, the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion was definitely a worthwhile event…

And while it was only a 25 minute drive for me, making this the closest and only local Internet Marketing event I have attended, even those who traveled long distances (from across and even out of the country) felt it was worth the trip to come out, even if it was only for one day.

What made the event even cooler is that today is actually Alex’s birthday!

That’s right, Alex Mandossian decided to spend his birthday with his graduates – because that’s how he chose to spend his birthday – and he enjoyed every minute of it!

At the end of the day, we wrapped up the event with a giant celebration to a successful reunion with a huge birthday cake…

teleseminarians unite

Alex about to blow out the candle on his birthday cake

Overall, the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion was an event unlike any other I had attended before.

There were literally emotions of hope, despair, pain and joy, and tears were even shared in the room.

It was definitely something special.

Happy Birthday, Alex, and thank you for a magnificent day. I look forward to working and partnering with you!

alex mandossian

Simon Leung and Alex Mandossian