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Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Appreciation Weekend

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Hello from the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, the site of Mike Filsaime’s incredible Affiliate Appreciation Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada!

mike filsaime

Mike Filsaime at Affiliate Appreciation Weekend

I still remember being a part of Mike Filsaime’s original Affiliate Appreciation Weekend back in November 2006, but this one definitely tops the other event, or any other event I’ve attended, for that matter!

For this networking extravaganza, Mike Filsaime has specifically invited his 200 top affiliates for a two-day networking bash in appreciation for their support.

And you can leave it to Mike Filsaime to bring the world’s top Internet Marketing leaders all in one room…

That’s right – John Reese, Jeff Johnson, Brad Fallon, Jeff Walker, Russell Brunson, Andy Jenkins, Jason Potash, Howie Schwartz, Jeff Mulligan, Tom Beal, Harris Fellman, Sterling Valentine, Jeff Dedrick, Ross Goldberg, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Jeff Mills, Glen Hopkins, Gary Ambrose, Jason Moffatt, Jon Walker, “Big Jason” Henderson, Shoemoney, Jason James, Keith Wellman, Joel Therien, Brian Koz, Joe Jablonski, Erik Stafford, Rich Cook, Andy Huang, James Lee and more were “in da house” at Affiliate Appreciation Weekend!

Needless to say, Affiliate Appreciation Weekend was a tremendously insane two days of power networking… especially when all of the top players in the industry were right there, ready to exchange business cards.

In fact, in only a matter of a few hours, I not only accrued five new projects for 2010, but I also secured several additional speaking engagements for this year, including seminars all across the United States, as well as UK, Dubai and Spain.

However, that’s not all…

At the private “no cameras allowed” party that closed off Affiliate Appreciation Weekend, Mike Filsaime pulled out all the stops with the top-of-the-line VIP bash at Lavo Nightclub!

In addition to the beautiful ladies of Internet Marketing, including “CoachDeb” Deborah Micek, Joanna Kinsman, Jaime Mintun, Donna Fox, Michelle Galvin, Stacy Makdad, Liz Tomey and Shelby Larson…

Mike Filsaime invited 50 more models to party with us at our VIP area!

Yes, it was the party of all parties…

In respect to the “no cameras allowed” policy, I did not personally take any photos at this private VIP bash at Lavo.

However, I *will* say that photos were indeed taken, and you may be able to see some of the ones that have been allowed to be posted on my Facebook page (that’s if they’re still up!).

All in all, I definitely have to thank my good friend, Mike Filsaime, for putting on the most fun and productive two days I have ever been a part of – Thanks, Mike, and I look forward to another amazing Affiliate Appreciation Weekend in the future!

Rockstar Platinum Live Marketing Show in Las Vegas, NV

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Hello from the Parthenon One Ballroom of the Alexis Park Resort at the world debut of the Rockstar Platinum Live marketing show in Las Vegas, Nevada!

rockstar platinum live

Rockstar Platinum Live Promoters On UStream – Simon Leung, Lee Collins & Robin Collins

That’s right – after months of anticipation, the premiere of Rockstar Platinum Live kicked off its tour with the marketing show edition in front of fans who traveled from all around the world just to join us for this epic event.

And yes, as the promoters of Rockstar Platinum Live, Lee Collins, Robin Collins and myself definitely did not disappoint!

In fact (not to break our arms patting ourselves in the back haha), we probably pulled off one of the most spectacular Internet Marketing shows the world has ever seen…

First of all, just take a look at this AMAZING speaker and VIP line-up…

Keynote & VIP Speakers: Robert G. Allen with Mark Victor Hansen

robert allen mark victor hansen simon leung

Robert Allen & Mark Victor Hansen – Keynote & VIP Speakers At Rockstar Platinum Live

Speaker Line-Up: Dave Lakhani, Anik Singal, Tom Beal, Matt Bacak, Mike Morgan, Deborah Micek, Paul Colligan, Kevin Nations, Ross Goldberg, Alan Bechtold, Brian Koz, Erik Stafford, Scott Stratten, David Fagan and Jeff Schwerdt

rockstar platinum live expert panel

Rockstar Platinum Live Expert Panel

VIP Guests: Mike Filsaime, Harris Fellman, Donna Fox, Frank Rambauskas, Greg Mulac, Stephanie Mulac and Captain Lou Edwards

rockplat audience

Rockstar Platinum Live Audience

rockplat networking

Rockstar Platinum Live Networking

More amazingly, in addition to the onsite excitement of Rockstar Platinum Live, there were even more buzz going around on Twitter, where so much word spread around that we actually had over 1000 people tune in to watch the show live on UStream!

Although the crew did come out to Rockstar Platinum Live for the networking and content, we definitely did not disappoint those who came to party and live the rockstar lifestyle with us!

rockplat vip

Rockstar Platinum Live Backstage Entrance For VIP Pass Holders

rockplat air guitar contest

Rockstar Platinum Live Air Guitar Contest

rockplat humpty dance

Rockstar Platinum Live Karaoke – Ross Goldberg Performs The Humpty Dance

rockplat taste tripping

Rockstar Platinum Live Taste Tripping Party Hosted By Harris Fellman

rockplat mgm skyloft

Rockstar Platinum Live VIP Party At The MGM Skyloft

rockplat mgm skyloft view

Rockstar Platinum Live – MGM Skyloft View Of The Las Vegas Strip

rockplat tabu

Rockstar Platinum Live VIP Party At Tabu Nightclub

rockplat karaoke

Rockstar Platinum Live Private Karaoke Party

rockplat closing ceremony

Rockstar Platinum Live Closing Ceremony – Performing “Rockstar”

As you can see, everyone at Rockstar Platinum Live simply had a blast – and it was agreed by all that it was one heck of an event!

Moving forward, Lee Collins, Robin Collins and myself are extremely excited to bring the Rockstar Platinum Live back in June with the dating and relationships edition, so stay tuned for more information on that.

Thank you to all the speakers, VIPs and audience for being a part of the Rockstar Platinum Live debut…

And of course, a HUGE thanks to the Rockstar Crew for making the rockstar lifestyle possible – special shoutouts to Amanda Swigert, Travis Swigert, Jacqui Brown, James Lee, Andy Huang, Lasse Rouhiainen & Albert Hallado~ you guys ROCK!

IMPORTANT: If you missed our Keynote Speaker Robert Allen’s inspirational talk at Rockstar Platinum Live, you can still watch the presentation for a very limited time by clicking on the video image and link below…

robert allen mark victor hansen

Click Here To Watch Robert Allen And Mark Victor Hansen’s Uncut Rockstar Platinum Live Presentation In Its Entirety

Do Dreams Come True?

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magic kingdom

Fireworks At The Magic Kingdom

Funny question to ask, I know…

But after spending a magical week at Walt Disney World, and I’m still very much experiencing the dream from my magical vacation.

It’s silly, I know, and I feel like a kid all over again, but there’s a reason for all this.

During our vacation at Disney World, we experienced the magic of dreams and wishes, and yes, in the spirit of the Disney, I decided to wish upon a star…

Even though I was on vacation, I knew that if it wasn’t for of my business, none of this would have been possible.

That’s right, no Disney World, no Mickey Mouse, no Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM, Epcot … Nothing.

For this reason, I thought about what else I would like to achieve both on a personal and professional level.

I’ve been full-time in my Internet Marketing business for close to a year now, and it’s been a very exciting ride.

During this time, I’ve written books, created information products, traveled the country to speak at live seminars, all the while consulting and coaching clients and helping them succeed in their businesses as well.

Yes – I’d say I have achieved quite a bit in the past year, and I’m happy with my accomplishments.

However, I wanted more…

The great thing about running a successful Internet Marketing business is the opportunity to associate with other experts in the field.

And when I hang out with guys like Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Jeff Walker, Ewen Chia, Sterling Valentine, Michael Cheney, Keith Wellman and Jason James, it’s fun and all because they’re all great guys…

However, I’ve always known that they have achieved an element of success that I have yet to achieve myself, and it’s always been a dream of mine to make it happen – the coveted 6 figure launch!

So after spending the last several months making my mark in the Internet Marketing arena, I decided that it was time that I officially release a product of my own – launch style.

And so I did…

On Monday, June 11th, I launched AdWords List Building as I boarded my flight from Philadelphia back to San Jose.

Yes, launching a product on a day that I can’t devote an entire day to, much less on a travel day, is practically unheard of, but I did it anyway.

I then spent a total of about 3 days working on the launch before boarding another flight on Friday morning to Orlando.

For the next 7 days, I was at Disney World, enjoying my week long vacation with my girlfriend.

And as I my flight touched down onto the Las Vegas Airport runway the following Friday, I got word from my team that AdWords List Building had officially become a 6 figure launch!

That’s right, we had made over $100,000 in sales in less than 12 short days, 6 of the days I was on vacation, 3 of the days I was traveling!

How sweet is that?

So, to answer the question of this blog post, the answer is “Yes.”

Dreams DO come true … and I’m living it. :)

Disney World Vacation

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Hello from Room 1030 at the Hilton Hotel near Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida!

I’ve spent the past 7 days enjoying Disney World with my girlfriend, and it has definitely been a “magical” experience…

During the past several days, we visited the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, Animal Kingdom and the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

I feel like a kid again! Haha…

What made my Disney World vacation even more exciting is that I’m actually in the middle of a launch!

So needless to say, I made the most out of my time when waiting in line to make sure that my MDA is working for me :)

I will tell you my launch results from the past couple of weeks in a few days when I get home, but let me tell you, we’re doing good…

In fact, I had dinner with Joel Comm earlier tonight near the Wyndham Hotel by International Drive where he is staying and speaking at Harv Ecker’s “Never Work Again” seminar, and Joel has agreed to promoting my product to his customers!

This puts Joel in good company with many other Internet Marketing experts who already promoted or have committed to promoting in the upcoming days, including Jim Edwards, Marlon Sanders, Harris Fellman, Mark Hendricks, Willie Crawford, David Garfinkel, Michael Morgan, Sterling Valentine, Brian Edmondson, Jason James, Paulie Sabol, and several more.

Yes, it has been a fun and profitable vacation at Disney World.

Next stop is Las Vegas … We’re flying there directly from Orlando.

Talk to you there :)