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After months of intense work with Scott that included brainstorming, keyword research, niche research, problem statements, product idea developments, special offers, and tons and tons of work writing and re-writing and re-writing again and again of the salescopy, I’ve finally put the icing on my first cake by UPLOADING all my work into my newly registered domain name,!

Yes, it’s an AWESOME domain name – I was surprised that it’s even available! I have actually spent several weeks now brainstorming and checking if certain domain names are available. There were so many that I wanted, but were already taken. I can’t believe that I hadn’t even though about until now, as it should’ve been my first choice!

As soon as I saw that it was available, I registered it right away. This domain would be the perfect URL for the type of optimization services I would be able to provide if I were an agency. It’s almost a waste that I’m using it to promote someone else’s product!

Well, I guess I can use it for now to promote an affiliate program, but who knows what the future is going to hold for me. I can use it to promote my very own SEM agency after I leave Google. One thing’s for sure – I’m never letting go of this domain name!


RIP Corey Rudl: 1970 – 2005

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Say it ain’t so…

I just heard about the devastating news about a racing accident in San Jose that took Corey Rudl’s life yesterday. Corey was killed instantly when the porsche he was riding in crashed into a barrier at over 100MPH.

In the little time that I have known of Corey, he has inspired me a great deal and quickly earned my trust as an Internet Marketing pioneer. I am sad that I will never have the opportunity to personally thank Corey for my future success as an Internet Marketer. It is a tragic loss and I am still in shock about what has happened.

I’m not sure what the plans are for my Mentoring Program at this point, but I completely understand should we need to put our sessions temporarily on hold for obvious reasons. Of course, I cannot wait to complete the IMC Mentoring Program and devote my new-found knowledge and upcoming success to Corey’s honor. I am now more dedicated than ever to learn all that Corey has to offer.

I am at a loss of words right now. This man is my hero.

Corey, rest in peace, and thanks for everything. I’m going to hit one out of the park for you and make you proud.


Call #6: Additional Webpages

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I’ve been consistently communicating with Scott during the past couple of weeks in regards to the salescopy. He has given me a lot of good advice on outline, content and formatting. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve put together.

In today’s session, Scott proceeded to talk about additional things to add in my salescopy, as well as other necessary pages of a website.

As far as the salescopy is concerned, I need to include a stronger benefit, answering the question “What’s in it for me?” I also need to create a sense of urgency for the user to take action right away.

Some additional pages include FAQ, Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Statement, Terms of Service, Links, Resources and Testimonials, if any. We also talked about using website templates and some logos and graphics to make the site look more professional.

Finally, I need to register a domain name and hosting. All this should keep me pretty busy for the next couple of weeks!