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Ken McArthur’s jvAlert Live 2008 in Philadelphia, PA

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Hello from Room 424 of the Radisson Hotel at Ken McArthur’s jvAlert Live in Philadelphia, PA!

ken mcarthur

 Ken McArthur And Simon Leung At jvAlert Live

As much of a jvAlert Live regular as I am, I just realized that it has actually been one whole year since I attended my last jvAlert Live or even seen my very good friend, Ken McArthur!

This makes me a little sad because Ken McArthur and I go way back (in Internet years) – I mean, I met the guy on a cruise in June of 2006 when I was still working at Google, and he invited me to attend jvAlert Live in Philadelphia the following week.

That jvAlert Live event changed my life…

I learned so much and made so many new friends that I was inspired to leave my full-time job at Google just six weeks later.

Ken McArthur and I crossed paths again at my first seminar as a full-time Internet Marketer, where he invited me to speak at his next jvAlert Live in San Diego, and then again at jvAlert Live Orlando, and then again at his Get Your Product Done workshop in Atlanta.

The last time I crossed paths with Ken McArthur was jvAlert Live in Philadelphia 2007, so it was definitely a big change going from hanging out with my good friend several times last year to only once this year.

That’s going to change though, because I’ve decided to work much more closely with Ken McArthur as a mentor and a partner.

Now, moving on to the jvAlert Live event itself, you can tell how high Ken McArthur has taken the level of his seminar by looking at the line-up of speakers…

Taking the stage were Internet Marketing rockstars Yanik Silver, Jeff Johnson, Mike Morgan, Stuart Tan, Alan Bechtold, Keith Wellman, Sanyika Calloway Boyce, Brad Semp and yours truly…

simon leung
As for the VIP line-up, there were no shortage of experts either with panelists Mike Filsaime, Kevin Nations, Frank Sousa, Brian Edmondson, Jason DeVelvis, Rachel Rofe, Jay White, Bob Jenkins, Larry Benet, Warren Whitlock, Jeff Dedrick, Erik Stafford, Ross Goldberg, Jeff Wark, Lori Steffan, Dr. Ron Capps, Michael Angier, Phil Basten, Jane Marks and countless others.

Needless to say, the networking was amazing, and I’d be surprised at anyone who didn’t walk away from jvAlert Live with at least one six figure a year business idea.

Because I’m familiar with the caliber of the events that Ken McArthur puts on, I also saw this as an opportunity to enrich my top trainer, Kevin Finney, and also an up-and-coming copywriting superstar, James Lee, by inviting them to attend the same event that changed my life exactly two years ago.

Kevin Finney and James Lee both graciously accepted, and by the end of the weekend – although evidently wiped out as you can see in the photo below – made the most of the event by networking their butts off and attested that it was a life changing experience for them as well.


 Ken McArthur And Simon Leung At jvAlert Live

Quite honestly, if you’ve never been to a jvAlert Live before or haven’t been to one for a while, you don’t know what kind of value you’re missing out on because each and every jvAlert Live is unique, and if you miss one, you’ve missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I know I missed out on a lot of opportunities I’ll never be able to get back by not attending jvAlert Live 2007 Long Beach (I was booked for a Mark Hendricks event in Atlanta) and jvAlert Live 2008 Orlando (I was in Asia at the time)…

But I know that from now on, I’m going to try my best to make it to every jvAlert Live – especially the next one – because it’s going to be in Las Vegas!

So mark your calendars for October 17th, 18th and 19th for the next life-changing jvAlert Live, and I look forward to seeing you then in Las Vegas :)

Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success System Conference

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Hello from Room 426 of the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport Hotel and Resort at Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success System (ISS) Conference in College Park, Georgia!

simon leung

ISS Conference Presentation

simon leung

ISS Conference Q&A Session

As I am typing this, we are experiencing a power failure here at the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport, and we were told that the blackout is occurring all around this area, which is several miles south of the Atlanta airport.

We just came back from lunch, and with nothing better to do, most of the Internet Success System (ISS) Conference attendees are gathered around the conference room and lobby to network and chat with one another.

We were told that we should expect power to resume within the next hour – But then again, that had been the update every hour (it’s been five of them now).

What will Internet Marketers do without electricity? ;)

On to a more interesting topic, the Internet Success System (ISS) Conference is Mark Hendricks’ private semi-annual workshop with his ISS members, and is traditionally hosted by Mark Hendricks to conduct presentations, Q&A and masterminds.

Because Mark Hendricks’ intention for the Internet Success System (ISS) Conference is to build as close a community as possible, the other presenters of this event are usually other ISS Gold Members.

However, this weekend, I am honored to be one of only two VIP speakers scheduled – the other one being none other than the legendary Terry Dean!

simon leung

ISS Conference Host Mark Hendricks and VIP Speakers Simon Leung and Terry Dean

I’ve met Terry Dean on a few different occasions, and have shared the stage with him before as well, but this time, we got the chance to talk and hang out more.

It was also good to see some of my friends who are ISS members, including Jeff Wark and Lori Steffan (the Dynamic Duo of Content), Dr. Ron Capps (the Niche Prof), Elsom Elderidge (the Obvious Expert), Chris Lockwood and Jim Loesch.

I must say that I am extremely impressed with how Mark Hendricks structured the Internet Success System (ISS) Conference to encourage members to team up and work with one another.

This is an extremely effective learning environment, and I can tell that all the members are very excited to be on this team.

This has been an interestingly hectic and productive stay in Atlanta for being a short trip, and although I didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted to do and see everyone I wanted to see, I was happy to be able to see at least some of my friends (especially Jason Oman).

Ken McArthur’s jvAlert Live 2007 Philadelphia PA

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Hello from Room 601 at the Radisson Hotel at Ken McArthur’s jvAlert Live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

It has been exactly one year since attending my first jvAlert Live right here at the Radisson Hotel in Philly, and it has brought back so many memories of the event that changed my life forever.

I went into Internet Marketing full-time within just 6 weeks after that event, and have been attending every jvAlert Live loyally ever since.

jvAlert Live is my home, and everyone here is family.

This year, the jvAlert Live family grew considerably, and I had the honor of sharing the Expert Panel stage with new jvAlert Live comers Michel Fortin, Dave Lakhani, Glenn Dietzel, Scott Paton, Ramon Williamson, Randy Charach, Heather Vale, Alan Bechtold and Jason DeVelvis…

Along with jvAlert Live alumnus Sterling Valentine, Tom Beal, Rick Raddatz, Ben Mack, John DeLemme, Frank Sousa, Phil Basten, Jane Mark, Brian Edmondson, Jeff Wark and Lori Steffan.

As always, Ken McArthur has put on a tremendous show, and lives have been changed right here at jvAlert Live.

(Photos Coming Soon)

My Day at Universal Orlando

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Hello from Universal Orlando in sunny Orlando, Florida!

universal orlando

I’m killing time in between rides and waiting in line to capture some great memories that I’m sharing with some very good friends.

My Universal Studios Orlando adventure began shortly after our speaker breakfast when Paulie Sabol, Jeff Wark, Lori Steffan, Mitch Goldstein and I decided to have some disney fun for the day.

Paulie once again demonstrated his kind generosity by sponsoring the tickets for us, but that is just the kind of person that Paulie is.

What I found out was that Universal Orlando is the home of not one, but two theme parks – Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Both are action packed and are just a 5 minute walk apart!

We had some very entertaining experiences with shows and rides based on remarkable films such as Twister, Terminator 2, Men in Black and The Mummy.

Later on in the afternoon, we were joined at the Disney theme park by a few of my new friends at OfferLab, Anna Mohammed, Shakira Harris, Richard Harris and Kevin Bradshaw.

But to our dismay, we had to cut our group fun short as Paulie Sabol had to leave for the airport.

Jeff and Lori, joined by Mitch, then sent Paulie off, and I stayed behind to hang out with the gang for a couple more hours.

Definitely a great way to spend my last day in Orlando – great times and great company!