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My AdWords Preview Seminars In Penang, Malaysia

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Hello from Room 2907 of The Northam All Suite hotel in Penang, Malaysia, where we have just completed our free preview seminars for the My AdWordsInternet Marketing Workshop.

my adwords free seminar

My AdWords Free Preview Seminar

The My AdWords Workshop is my first official partnership with local Penang native and fellow Internet Marketer, Patric Chan, and the exciting thing is that we already have several more upcoming events in the plans, where we will expand more of our Internet Marketing content all across Malaysia!

This is also my first trip to Penang, and despite being exhausted from over 25 hours of travel from San Francisco to Hong Kong and to Singapore before finally landing in Penang, we had our first My AdWords free preview seminar within just 2 hours after my arrival.

gurney hotel

My AdWords Preview Seminar One At The Gurney Hotel In Penang, Malaysia

After a much needed good night’s rest, Patric Chan and his wife Emily Chan spent the next day taking me around Penang to explore the city.

They were very gracious hosts, driving Cassey Lim and I around town and even hitting up some exquisite local Penang seafood!

penang food

Simon Leung And Patric Chan Enjoying Some Local Penang Seafood Dining

The relaxing day proved wonders as we proceeded to prepare for our second preview seminar of the trip, where Patric Chan and I actually tripled our response rate from day one, selling out seats to the first ever My AdWords Workshop scheduled in 2 weeks right here in Penang.

vistana hotel

My AdWords Preview Seminar Two At The Vistana Hotel In Penang, Malaysia

So the show is on – the first ever My AdWords Workshop will be held in Penang, Malaysia, on February 21st and 22nd!

This concludes my first trip to Penang, and I’ll be spending the next two weeks back in Singapore until I return for the My AdWords Workshop.

Before leaving Penang, Patric Chan and I did get the chance to sit down for an interview on Google AdWords…

This is 18 minutes of 100% pure content… no fluff or funny stuff… and you can watch the whole thing for free right here.

Click Here To Learn More About The My AdWords Workshop on February 21st – 22nd And Find Out How You Can Join Us Live In Penang, Malaysia!

Google AdWords Workshop in San Jose, CA

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Hello from the Governor’s House B Conference Room at the Holiday Inn San Jose (formerly Hyatt San Jose) at my very first Google AdWords Workshop in San Jose, California!

AdWords Workshop Sign

After being on the Internet Marketing speaking circuit for over 15 months, I have finally decided to do my own event, which includes guests who came here from Italy, Monaco, Hawaii, and all over the country, and even people who drove 800 miles and took the Greyhound to be here.

The reason I decided to host an AdWords Workshop now is that even though I enjoy teaching on stage, I knew that there was a lot more that I wanted to accomplish, and the 60 or 90 minutes that I usually get up there are simply not enough.

So – I had this grand idea of putting together a 3 day content packed and interactive AdWords Workshop, and with the help of my team, Alejandro Reyes, Andy Huang, John Guanzon, Matt Ellsworth, Kevin Finney, Leo de Leon, Robert Secades, Daniel Arzuaga, Lisa Weinberger, Garrett Leyenaar and Toki Tover, we made it happen this weekend in my home turf.

AdWords Workshop Presentation

AdWords Workshop Live Demonstration

AdWords Workshop Live Campaign Review

AdWords Workshop Live Interactive Exercise

Speaking for 3 days straight with 10 presentations is a lot of work, and I was thrilled that my fellow team members Alejandro Reyes, John Guanzon, Matt Ellsworth, Kevin Finney, Leo de Leon, Lisa Weinberger, Robert Secades and Daniel Arzuaga volunteered some stage time.

It was the first time speaking for many of them, so I was happy to offer them the opportunity, and proud as well because they all did a great job.

In addition, we also had a few other guest speakers, including conversion expert Mark Widawer, new media expert Deborah Micek, marketing makeover expert Tracy Repchuk, investment expert Johnnie Siu, and product development experts Rod Beckwith and Huey Lee.

There are also some pretty successful AdWords experts in the audience as well, including Chris Loch, who is here representing Alex Mandossian, and Mauricio Martinez, who is here representing David Garfinkel.

All in all, the presentations were good, but based on the feedback on the audience, it seems like they benefitted the most from the interactive exercises, which was good feedback to have so I know to allocate more time for them in future workshops.

AdWords Workshop Attendees

AdWords Workshop Team, VIP and Speaker Dinner