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2017 Lessons – What I Have Learned So Far This Year

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I had planned to write another one of my traditional New Year posts to kick off 2017, but with so many things going on during the last few months, I never did get around to it.

And now, we’re already over a quarter through 2017. How is your year going so far?

For me, my 2017 has been way better than expected overall, and while it can be a variety reasons, I’ve narrowed it down to one top change I’ve made this year.

I finally made the time to focus back on me.

This means doing what I’ve always wanted to do – alone (I do my best work on my own). No team. No business partners. No mentees. No one to drag me down.

Guess what? After closing off all the drama, distractions and noise, I’ve never been more happy, focused or productive.

So much so – That I’ve probably spent over 3/4 of this year on holiday, and used that 1/4 of the remaining time to launch 5 new products within the span of just a few weeks (with several more top secret projects on the way).

Life’s too precious to be doing anything other than things you enjoy with those you love.

Of course, just because you try your best to avoid drama, it doesn’t mean that drama won’t find its way to you.

To this end, I would also like to use this opportunity to announce that on a business standpoint, I am also no longer linked to any person or group at this time, including, but not limited to, those who have since become noble scam busters, targeted as scammers as well as those who may have somehow damaged their own reputations through unethical business practices and are now looking for someone to blame.

On multiple occasions with several people already so far, I have been made aware of publicity stunts whereby individuals or groups had been targeted, and some of those times, I was even accused of being the one behind a few of the campaigns.

In addition, I’ve also been notified of gossip that’s been spread about me attacking my personal character to the laughable point where it seems like I am bullying, harassing or even stealing assets I clearly do not need.

This is where part of my lesson comes in, and how you can learn from my experiences to prevent yourself from making similar mistakes in the future.

In life, there will always be haters – People who want to strike at you, play the victim, and accuse you of all sorts of things – simply because they’re resentful towards you for some reason, or none at all.

When people do something wrong and suffer the consequences, if rather than learning from their mistakes and figuring out how to solve their problems and move forward, they choose to run away from their mistakes, point fingers and attempt the public shaming route, it’s evident that there is something very wrong with them.

Accusations of wrong doing is nothing new to me and I often expect them, simply because it’s easy to assume and takes? responsibility away from their own actions.

Plus – People tend to believe any tall tales and blatant lies these days, so it’s pretty much pointless to convince anyone otherwise if they choose to believe the liars (it’s much more convenient to believe than to question).

That’s why over the years, I’ve become immune to what people think or say about me, and I simply sit back and let the unprofessional public spectacles take place (although if you ask me, if someone is so quick to find a person to openly blame and gather masses of people on their side to “defend” themselves without accepting that maybe they did make mistakes, and willing to consider alternative possibilities of what happened and should do next to resolve their issues, he or she is clearly avoiding or even hiding their own faults).

And when people’s instincts once problems do occur is to turn hostile, become disrespectful to authority figures and create an unreasonable scene while making both legal and personal threats down to the family level (you really can’t do both), there’s nothing more that you can do for them as they have evidently fallen off the deep end mentally, even believing in their own lies that they’re spreading and will convince anyone gullible enough to listen to do the same.

In the end, all are actions from someone whose “body has shit” (as we say in Chinese), meaning they are obviously guilty and putting in over-the-top effort to persuade others that they are actually the victim.

It’s always the strong and righteous ones who have the courage to stand alone and fight alone, while the weak and guilty ones feel the need to align their own cults and brainwash people into taking their side against whatever it is their evil minds want to take down.

Personally, I find no reason to have to defend myself in something so ludicrous, so even while all the rumors and straight out accusations are going on, I hadn’t officially come out to provide full details of my side of the stories like how my attackers have done to me.

However, for anyone with half a brain, I will say all it takes is a little common sense to understand the logic.

For most of the year so far, I’ve been on vacation with family and with the limited time I’ve spent online, I quietly launched 5 products already and planning to launch several more plus additional projects.

Obviously, I have better things to do than to partake in something so petty against people who are so insignificant to me.

I’ve had plenty of relationships that went sour over the years, and none of them had this happen to them, so why do I need to start now on small people who are perfectly capable of ruining their own reputations?

And for now… I’m on vacation, and have been for weeks.

I’d rather be spending time with my family, hanging out with my father who flew halfway across the world to meet us and celebrating my baby girl’s birthday with numerous parties we’ve thrown for her in various cities.

Also, when I have a few moments to myself at various times during the day, I like to spend it watching videos, catching up on reading or playing my favorite games, which can add up to hours on a daily basis.

Bottom line – I have no interest in anything irrelevant that takes away from my quality family time or anything else that I actually enjoy doing.

The kicker? These supposed “destruction campaigns” that panicked them so much into defense and attack modes are 100% reversible (with methods I have also since shared publicly) and would never “destroy” someone in the first place.

I mean, if it did work, wouldn’t public figures, famous company brands and powerful politicians like Apple, Donald Trump and Tony Robbins be “destroyed?”

Yet, they’re not, so think about it… why would I even bother wasting my time like this?

And still, without second thought, allegations and verbal assaults begin to fly both publicly and privately which includes loaded personal attacks and even attempted personal threats.

Seriously – With accusations so silly, and intimidation tactics so juvenile, who is attacking who? And who now has more ground for a legal battle targeting open slander, direct libel and attempted personal or brand defamation (not to mention potential invasion of privacy, illegal recording, breach of confidence, misuse of personal details, baseless accusations, sharing private information without consent, copyright infringement, threats of illegal use of unlawfully recorded conversations, threats of involving family, attempted theft of personal property and company assets – the list goes on and on)? :)

People really do need to think things through before so easily believing something just because it’s convenient, but actually, it doesn’t matter to me one way or another whether anyone does, which is why this is only as much as I plan to say about this ordeal.

The only thing I could have done which I didn’t was continuing to prevent these things from happening, things I had been doing consistently before to protect them, which I was no longer obligated to do and therefore stopped, resulting in their problems reaching the public eye.

Although off the record, in more than one of the instances for a few of the individuals, I’ve actually put in my own time and effort to help resolve the issues for the good of everyone involved, but that’s of course nothing you will ever hear anyone talk about (which is perfectly fine with me).

I will admit that I’m not simply doing this out of kindness or sympathy towards the target, but rather, it’s because this is also negatively affecting me as well (I’m associated with this group, seen as one of the mentors and the content also mentions me), along with whole groups linked to the situations, a few of whom I still consider as friends.

That’s the other thing – why put in all the effort to create a problem only to volunteer to fix it without telling anybody? And to talk bad about myself, too? Throw all my hard work from the past two years down the drain, affecting my own passive income?

C’mon, man. :) Common sense, people. Common sense.

Regardless, I don’t expect for anyone affected to change their perception, but at least I know I didn’t do anything wrong and on the contrary, am in fact proactively doing the right thing on something that has nothing to do with me, even if no one is looking or bothers to see things on my side.

Over the years, I’ve shared invaluable knowledge, created countless success stories, and changed plenty of lives, but not everyone will appreciate them, show gratitude or even acknowledge your efforts, and wouldn’t think twice to betray your trust and twist the knife behind your back on their way out.

That’s why I’ve learned to choose relationships wisely, and if your friends had previously warned you about entering any kind of personal or business relationship with someone, listen to them.

They may see things about them that you can’t, and it’s neither your responsibility to change their lives, nor should it be your burden to do so.

If you must have business partners, only work with humble, loyal and grateful people on the same level as you whom you can trust.

Moving forward, I’ll be spending less time with people I’m not close with and don’t trust, not only outside in social settings, but also on social media and networking sites.

I won’t be wasting my time on anyone or anything that provides no value to me or my businesses, and neither should you.

Rather, I will quietly work on my projects, enjoy my private family vacations and silently create more successes in my own businesses.

Nobody needs to know. Besides, it’s none of their business.

By keeping a low profile while focusing on value, positivity and only a handful of meaningful relationships, plus cutting off all the noise, nonsense drama and widespread negativity caused by insignificant people who got nothing ?better to do than to play immature games that have no place in your life, that leaves space for you to focus back on the important things that truly matter.

In turn, you will become a lot more happy, focused and productive in everything you do.

Hope my own experiences and lessons are helpful and that you can use this to also make what remains of 2017 your best year yet!

P.S. There’s obviously been a lot of baseless accusations which, with the evidence I have in hand that I’ve chosen not to disclose publicly, clearly shows the accusers to be dilusional (100% of those who have seen it unanimously agree), not only fabricating their own lies, but evidently legitimately believing them and spreading them to anyone who would listen.

However, as I have never been one to openly talk about people, I won’t scoop down to their level, release any details unlawfully and simply leave the gossiping? and illegal actions to the real culprits. They are obviously guilty and have something to hide.

Nonetheless, for those who are directly and indirectly impacted in any of the several scandals that have been sweeping our industry lately and would like to understand more the full situations and how they will affect your own success, reach out to me privately and I will be happy to refer you towards the appropriate resources to help resolve your problems and clear up any pending misunderstandings.

P.P.S. If you would also like to see my resources for your own reputation management, you can follow some of the basic tips from the resources I had previously shared on Facebook:

How To Remove Social Media From Google Search Results


AdWords Mastery In Sydney, Australia

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Hello from the Swiss Grand Hotel on Bondi Beach at the AdWords Mastery in Sydney, Australia!

internet austars

 AdWords Mastery at Swiss Grand Hotel

AdWords Mastery is my second event in with Nikhil Parekh, my Sydney based partner with whom I am building the Internet AUStars brand across Australia.

This time, I’ve brought along my business partners Andy Huang and David DiNucci to help run this spectacular event we are putting on for almost 200 attendees.

Over the course of the weekend, we covered Google AdWords fundamentals, optimization strategies and landing page formulas designed to overcome the dreaded “Google Slap,” which refers to penalties advertisers get as a result of creating campaigns that are not Google friendly.

For our VIP students, we also organized an evening networking party to socialize and get the chance to know everyone better, which is much easier to do in a social setting compared to the seminar room.

And for the record, I just want to say that I simply LOVE doing events “down under” … Check out this Australian welcome!

Thanks Sydney! I look forward to being back this August for the next Internet AUStars live event!

nikhil parekh

 AdWords Mastery Attendees

gloria jeans

 AdWords Mastery Preparation with David DiNucci, Andy Huang and Nikhil Parekh at Gloria Jeans Coffee in Cronulla

nikhil parekh

 Nikhil Parekh and Simon Leung at AdWords Mastery

darling harbour

 AdWords Mastery Celebration at Darling Harbour

google sydney australia

 Sydney Google Office Visit


Real AdWords Training Program In Singapore

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Hello from the Seminar Room of the Lee Kong Chian School of Business in the Singapore Management University (SMU) at the Real AdWords Training Program!

real adwords

ewen chia

singapore management university


The Real AdWords Training Program is the first of many workshops that I will be partnering up with my good friend and native Singaporean, Ewen Chia.

About four years ago, I first interacted with Ewen Chia as a customer of his many affiliate marketing products, and he was one of the first Internet Marketers I came across while learning the ropes of Internet and affiliate marketing.

It wasn’t until December of 2006 when I visited Singapore for the first time did I finally meet Ewen Chia in person in the restroom of the Shangri-La Hotel (yes, this was another JV restroom encounter haha).

We had briefly discussed working together then, but things finally got rolling again last November when we shared the stage at Fabian Lim’s Asia Internet Congress in Singapore.

As we continued our discussions over email, the birth of the Real AdWords Training Program was born, which is why I have the pleasure of working with Ewen Chia this weekend and the primary reason for this Asia trip.

The Real AdWords Training Program was a lot of fun to do in a sold out classroom format at the Singapore Management University.

I very much felt like a University professor in front of the room, and it definitely had an impact in helping make the workshop more hands on and interactive.

Because most of the room at the Real AdWords Training Program comprised of newbie Internet Marketers, in addition to the content delivery, we were doing a lot of hand holding, live demonstrations and Q&As.

And as with all of my workshops, I always encourage people to work on their campaigns as they learn the information throughout the weekend, and those who did actually got some pretty cool results.

There were students who built their first websites, designed their first landing pages, drove traffic to a website for the first time, and even made their first sale before the weekend was over!

All in all, I would say that this was a very successful event, and all the attendees of the Real AdWords Training Program had nothing but good things to say about the workshop.

Even though the Real AdWords Training Program was my primary reason for going to Singapore, I do have several more highlights from my trip.

For example, Alex Mandossian gave me a shoutout on stage at T. Harv Eker’s Guerilla Business Intensive (Funny quote from Alex Mandossian on stage: “By the way, if you really want to learn how to use Google AdWords… That guy over there who looks like he doesn’t know anything – he’s the guy who created their optimization training…”)

In addition, Ewen Chia and Stuart Tan both took turns taking me out for exquisite local cuisines, meeting and training Ewen Chia’s team and Stuart Tan’s students, and tons of fun times at hanging out, drinking and watching movies with my friends Cassey Lim, Yanli Zhang and Benjamin Gay.

Although we weren’t able to capture every moment on camera (cuz it broke!), these are some of the good times we actually did so I can share them with you here…


Sentosa Beach With Cassey Lim And Yanli Zhang

cleo bikini contest

Cleo Bikini Contest With 420 Contestants

google singapore

Google Singapore With Ewen Chia, Stuart Tan, Cassey Lim And Yanli Zhang

singapore karaoke

Karaoke With Alex Mandossian, Ewen Chia, Cassey Lim And Yanli Zhang

karaoke singapore

Karaoke Again With Stuart Tan, Donna Daritan, Cassey Lim And Yanli Zhang

attica nightclub

Attica Nightclub At Clark Quay With Cassey Lim, Yanli Zhang And Benjamin Gay


CommunicAsia 2008 At The Singapore Expo With Jacyln Chan And The ProCurve Robot

Ad Tech 2008 in San Francisco

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Hello from the Moscone Center at the Ad Tech Digital Marketing Event in downtown San Francisco!

ad tech
Today was day one of Ad Tech’s three day event in San Francisco, where over 300 of the world’s most innovative technology, marketing and advertising companies made their products and services available to the public, many for the first time by promoting themselves in exhibits as well as scheduled presentations.

I attended Ad Tech San Francisco not only because I wanted to check out the latest technology on the market, but it was also close to my home in Santa Clara, so this was a convenient trip for me compared to events I’m used to.

And of course, I couldn’t attend an Ad Tech without stopping byt he Google booth :)

simon leung
It was a lot of fun visiting the Google booth, especially because I used to be one of the staff members representing the Google booths at Ad Techs, as well as other trade shows, across the United States and Canada.

I actually had a good time seeing some of my old co-workers, as well as meeting and talking with several Googlers who started after I had left the company and never had the pleasure of meeting until today.

It’s pretty exciting to know how far the Optimization Team and Agency Team (both of which I helped build from the ground up a few years ago) have come in the past 20 months or so since I left Google.

And as always, the Google booth has some of the best free giveaways you will find around, so if you haven’t had the chance to stop by the Google booth yet, be sure to do so at Ad Tech or any other tradeshow you might be attending next…

… And be sure to tell the Googler you talk to that “Simon Says Hi!” :)

Happy New Year from North Lake Tahoe

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Hello and Happy New Year from Hunter’s Lakefront, a cabin rental from Tahoe Luxury Properties in North Lake Tahoe!

For the past few days, I have been spending the last remaining days of 2007 here in Tahoe with a couple of my best Google buddies and our friends, hanging out at the cabin, doing some snowboarding, playing in the snow, driving around town and dining at some of the finest restuarants in the area.

And tonight (in just a few hours, in fact), we will be ringing in the New Year 2008 together at the Hard Rock Cafe in South Lake Tahoe.

Here’s a snapshot of my buddy, David DiNucci, and I on New Year’s Eve:

Here’s another one of us during one of our group dinners:

Here’s yet another one of us in front of our cabin right before heading out to the slopes.

Here is one more of us on New Year’s night:

As we say goodbye to 2007, I’ve had some time to reflect on some of my goals that I had set for my first full year in business (see my 2007 resolutions here), as well as what I have achieved over the past 12 months.

My actual accomplishments of 2007 includes launching my premier successful home study course, holding teleseminars and webinars with other marketing experts, speaking engagements across the country and across the world, building a team of over a dozen high performing superstars, organizing my own workshops, and completing my book manuscript and getting it accepted for publication by a New York Publishing Company.

Yes, 2007 has definitely exceeded my expectations on so many different levels – Never had I imagined an opportunity where I can work at home if I wanted to, or travel to places I have never been before as part of my business.

So it is a little bitter sweet as I make my final blog post of the year, but it only means that I have many more exciting new posts to look forward to in the year to come.

And my resolution for 2008?

Well, I plan to make this year my best year yet (I know, not much to compare it to… I’ve only been in business for one year haha)!

But to make 2008 even better, I plan to start up a couple new businesses in China and Singapore, become a best selling author, build an even bigger team, create more information products, get involved more in Web 2.0 technology, focus more on niche marketing, organize more workshops, create more joint ventures, expand my branding Internationally and partner up with the right people to do new things that I never dreamed of doing before.

Exciting indeed, and if you want to embark on this venture with me, and perhaps set out to accomplish some of your own business goals, I welcome you to join me by commenting on this post or contacting me privately here.

And of course, I am always looking for more sharp and like-minded individuals to join my team and get involved in real Internet Marketing projects with me.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a quick video from the slopes of Squaw Valley here in Tahoe that you can view below.

Enjoy the video, and I wish you a successful, joyous and prosperous 2008 … HAPPY NEW YEAR!


World Internet Main Event 2007

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Hello from the Main Stage of the San Francisco Airport Marriott at Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox, Brett McFall and Tom Hua’s World Internet Main Event in Burlingame, California!

After being on the Internet Marketing speaking circuit for over 12 months, I finally took the stage in my hometown of San Francisco, opening up the event as the first featured speaker of the World Internet Main Event 2007.

simon leung
simon leung
 On stage, I told the story about how I declared that one year ago at the same event, when Paulie Sabol told the audience to write down, “Be here one year from now,” I wrote, “Be here one year from now… as a speaker.”

At the time, it seemed like a far-fetched goal because nobody knew who I was back then, and I had never even really spoken before on the main Internet Marketing seminar stage.

It was important to me to achieve that goal because it was my first real goal as a full-time Internet Marketer, and my goal of telling that story to the audience was to hopefully inspire them to set and achieve theirs.

One particular person who was proud of me for achieving this goal was my father, who was present to watch me speak for the first time at the World Internet Main Event, and was able to attend because it was a quick 15 minute drive from his house in Daly City.

Back to the event, the World Internet Main Event was spectacular, as I’m sure anyone would expect from a Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox event.

I’ve personally attended and spoken at seminars organized by Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox, and they really know how to maximize the experience for everyone, from introducing amazing talents and state-of-the-art entertainment on the platform to taking care of the guests with meals and snacks.

 Karen and I with President Bush

 And as always, the networking was incredible – But at this seminar especially, since it’s the main event – Almost everyone that’s a who’s who of Internet Marketing were present… Even though they weren’t speaking!

Just some of the well-known experts in attendance were my friends (old and new), Alex Mandossian, John Reese, Tom Beal, Mike Morgan, Tom Beal, Jeremy Burns, Michael Cheney, Scott Paton, Robert Puddy, Matthew Glanfield, Brian Edmondson, Jason James, Jermaine Griggs, Kevin Nations, Alex Jeffreys, Jordan Hall, Dr. Ron Capps, Dan Kelly, Rod Beckwith, Becky Dielman, Alex Nghiem, Brad Callen, Lisa Diane and several others.

There were also breakout sessions and tables hosted by more of my friends, Deb and JP Micek, Jeff Wark, Alan Bechtold, Joel Therien, Cresta Pillsbury, Mary Mazzulo, Mike Koenigs, Frank Sousa, Randy Charach, Captain Lou, Tim Brocklehurst, Bret Ridgway, Christina Harrison, Howie Schwartz and more.

On the main stage itself, speakers such as Stephen Pierce, John Childers, Harris Fellman, David Garfinkel, Keith Wellman, Jennie Armato, Matt Clarkson, Amanda Clarkson, Andrew Grant, Darryl Grant, Nick Marks, David Cavanagh and Frank Rumbauskas Jr. educated the audience with content packed presentations.

My team, which includes Alejandro Reyes (Ops Manager), Michael Seriosa (Development Manager), Laura Martin (Assistant) and a few apprentices, John Guanzon, Norf Florentino, and Andy Huang, were also in attendance and very much enjoyed the event.

During the course of the weekend, several of us snuck away for a couple hours to conduct a private mastermind session that may potentially turn into a product.

I was invited by Gary Ambrose to join Jeremy Burns, Keith Wellman, Robert Puddy, Jason DeVelvis, Jordan Hall, Tim Brocklehurst, and a few others to meet in a private suite, where we recorded the entire meeting.

 The Private Mastermind Session

 And on Sunday afternoon, I wrapped up the weekend by taking some of my newest clients (those who were able to join us) on a trip to the GooglePlex!

I’ve always wanted to bring my clients on a Google Campus Tour, and since the World Internet Main Event was local, I was finally able to.

 Google Campus Tour

Update from Norcross, Georgia

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Hello from Room 308 at the Holiday Inn Peachtree Corners in Norcross, Georgia!

I’m blogging right now because well, frankly, I’m bored…

Still trying to recover from an intense weekend of networking at Big Seminar, I am taking a short break from working in my hotel room to blog for a few minutes.

I am actually spending the week in this area because I will be speaking at Ken McArthur’s “Get Your Product Done” workshop this coming weekend in Atlanta, and it didn’t make sense for me to fly out twice from California within a matter of days.

Hence, I will be here all week to hopefully get some work done.

Today in particular is also a pretty special day because 5 years ago today, I stepped foot into the GooglePlex for the first time for my first day on the job.

Little did I know, it would take me down a wonderful journey of culture, knowledge and experience that I won’t soon forget.

More importantly, it has led me to where I am now … and will no doubt continue to be instrumental to where I am heading towards.

I’ll let you know how things go…

Return to the GooglePlex

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When I arrived home from Orlando on Monday night, Sam Heyer’s flight came in at just about the same time.

If you’ve never heard of Sam Heyer, he is the marketing genius behind some of the most successful high profile launches in recent history totaling in multi-million dollars of revenue, including Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Cloning Program and Nitro Marketing’s Extreme Marketing Makeover.

Sam is now my business partner for several of my private niches, and he has come to town from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to meet up with investors and to talk about our own launches.

While he was in town, I thought it would be pretty cool to show him around Google.

Despite having three consecutive days of meetings, we still managed to visit the GooglePlex twice.

On Wednesday, my buddy Kenji Arai, who is in the Google Videos department and normally works out of YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, happened to be working at the GooglePlex, which is based in Mountain View.

After Sam and I wrapped up our lunch meeting in Palo Alto, we stopped by the GooglePlex to meet up with Kenji.

Kenji showed us around the campus and introduced us to the new developments.

Sam was touring around the GooglePlex in awe, and literally looked like a little kid at a candy shop, especially when he found out that all the food on site are free!

Then earlier this afternoon, my good friend Kristina Cutura hosted us for lunch on campus.

We had a really good time catching up and enjoyed great conversation over some fine Google dining.

What I did notice in my visits is that a lot has changed during these past few months, including exponential growth to the team, as well as the departments moving buildings as a result of the expansion.

I hadn’t been back to the GooglePlex in several months, and it was great to be back, enjoy the great food and see old friends again.

Felt just like old times!

Newport Beach Stop Over Vacation

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Hello from Room 106 of the Newport Beach Hotel in sandy Newport Beach, CA!

newport beach hotel

Window View from the Newport Beach Hotel

newport beach

Karen and I Strolling on the Beach

Newport Beach is a little less than an hour’s drive away from LA, which is where the Wonder Women of the Web seminar is being held this weekend.

However, I’m staying in Newport Beach because my former colleague and very good friend, David DiNucci, has recently moved down here from the Bay Area for another Google position, and is celebrating his birthday VIP style with his closest friends.

katina restaurant and lounge

David and I at Kantina Restaurant and Lounge

Sutra Lounge

At the Sutra Lounge VIP Table with Karen, David and His Girl, Jody

Newport Beach Fairmont

Brunch at the Newport Beach Fairmont Before Heading Home

This is my first trip to Newport Beach, and it’s absolutely beautiful here!

It’s my 9th vacation location in less than 2 months (wouldn’t have been able to do that if I had kept my day job!), and I am having a complete blast…

Even on vacation, however, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for business partnerships and opportunities – and there’s no better place to do it than here!

You see, I am involved in some private niches as well that would be perfect for the Entertainment industry, and at some of the parties I went to, I met actors, models, and people in the industry who have connections to nightclub owners and party promoters.

Hollywood is going to be tremendously HUGE for these projects!

I can’t elaborate on the projects I’m talking about just yet, but you will get a taste of just some of them soon enough…

Yes, it has been a fun and productive vacation – most of my vacations usually are.

But alas, the last few days have come and gone quickly, and it’s time again to go home.

I will continue my travels for the next few weeks though, so be sure to come back often, as I will blog often (usually at 5 to 10 day intervals…at least for the next several weeks) for more updates on my upcoming trips to Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando again, and beyond…

New Year’s Eve in Singapore

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Hello from Room 584 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore!

I am here with my girlfriend, sister and brother-in-law, after having attended the wedding of my good friend, Suan Yeo.

We’ve been in Singapore for a few days, but tonight is our last night in town.

During the last few days, we’ve had the opportunity to see the country and hang out with my other friends who are also in town for the wedding.

While I was here, I also got the chance to meet up with affiliate marketing legend, Ewen Chia.

ewen chia

Ewen and I met up for coffee at the Shangri-La Hotel and had a very nice chat.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much work done as I would have liked because the Internet connection was down for a few days…

You see, the earthquake that happened in Taiwan on 12/26/2006 actually knocked out the Internet in most of Asia, including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and even parts of Australia.

Without the ability to get online, the rest of the time was spent eating, shopping and seeing the most popular tourist attractions.

Although unproductive, the down Internet was actually a blessing in disguise, as our time touring has been a lot of fun – but definitely way too short!

The worst part is that we are leaving on New Year’s Eve, which means that we will be missing all the local festivities that my friends will be attending.

But we do need to leave, because my girlfriend needs to go back to work and I need to attend the 8 day i5 cruise scheduled to set sail on 1/2/2007.

Besides, by the time we arrive back home to the states, it will still be New Year’s Eve.

No worries though, because I also met up with Singapore native Stuart Tan while he was visiting Hong Kong, and he has invited me to his upcoming seminars in Singapore.

stuart tan

This means that I will have more chances to spend more time here, but unfortunately, most likely without the company of my family and friends.

But that’s OK, because regardless, I have devoted 2007 to dramatically taking my business to the next level.

My New Year resolutions for 2007 include several new products, both digital and physical, teleseminars, international travels, more public speaking and even book publications, not to mention countless other projects that I am not at the liberty to disclose at the moment!

Marking the beginning of my first calendar year as a full-time Internet Marketer, it will be a busy but very exciting 2007 indeed…

And it will all kick off after just one day of travel and jetlag recovery on 1/2, when I attend the i5 cruise with Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol, Tom Beal, Donna Fox, Deb and JP Micek, Keith Wellman, Alex Nghiem, Sam Heyer and more!

Wishing you a successful, prosperous and joyous 2007…

Happy New Year!

2006 Google Summer Picnic

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Yes, all the summer’s hottest Google events happened to take place on my last week of employment.

I just returned from the 2006 Google Summer Picnic. This year’s theme was the “Mad Hatter” and took place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. I guess the team has outgrown its campus once again!

google picnic

As usual, there were plenty of food, drinks and fun activities.

Attendees had choices between barbeque, picnic and buffets, which included hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, fries, mushrooms, corn dogs and a wide variety of snacks, dessert and beverages.

On the entertainment side of things, there were carnivals, dancing, rock climbing, face painting, fake tatooing, balloon sculpturing, giveaways, petting zoo and a card tournament.

Oh, and of course, who can forget the Google Idol contest, where singing and dancing Google talents sang and danced their hearts out live on the Shoreline Amphitheatre stage!

I also got to catch up with a lot of my Google friends that I hadn’t seen or talked to in a while. It was fun to hang out – kind of feels like old times again.

Another good time, and another successful event organized by Google!

Google Dance 2006

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What did I do on my first day out of Google?

Well, I slept in a little bit, did a little bit of work, and then went back to Google!

No, not to work…

Google held their annual Google Dance today. Over 2000 people in the industry attended the event in honor of the Search Engine Optimization Strategies conference held earlier today in San Jose.

I have actually been to every Google Dance since their first one back in 2002. However, Google Dance 2006 was the first one that I attended as a guest.

It was still a good experience. As with traditional Google style, there was no shortage of food or drinks. Entertainment include dunk tanks, karaoke machines, remote control robots, DJs and a live band.

Since I am a Google visitor now, I thought it’d be cool to have a photo of myself next to the Google logo:

OK fine, I’m a loser. But check it out, I’m not alone:

Just being silly with some former co-workers.

A great time overall. I look forward to attending Google Dance again next year!