Happy New Year from North Lake Tahoe

Hello and Happy New Year from Hunter’s Lakefront, a cabin rental from Tahoe Luxury Properties in North Lake Tahoe!

For the past few days, I have been spending the last remaining days of 2007 here in Tahoe with a couple of my best Google buddies and our friends, hanging out at the cabin, doing some snowboarding, playing in the snow, driving around town and dining at some of the finest restuarants in the area.

And tonight (in just a few hours, in fact), we will be ringing in the New Year 2008 together at the Hard Rock Cafe in South Lake Tahoe.

Here’s a snapshot of my buddy, David DiNucci, and I on New Year’s Eve:

Here’s another one of us during one of our group dinners:

Here’s yet another one of us in front of our cabin right before heading out to the slopes.

Here is one more of us on New Year’s night:

As we say goodbye to 2007, I’ve had some time to reflect on some of my goals that I had set for my first full year in business (see my 2007 resolutions here), as well as what I have achieved over the past 12 months.

My actual accomplishments of 2007 includes launching my premier successful home study course, holding teleseminars and webinars with other marketing experts, speaking engagements across the country and across the world, building a team of over a dozen high performing superstars, organizing my own workshops, and completing my book manuscript and getting it accepted for publication by a New York Publishing Company.

Yes, 2007 has definitely exceeded my expectations on so many different levels – Never had I imagined an opportunity where I can work at home if I wanted to, or travel to places I have never been before as part of my business.

So it is a little bitter sweet as I make my final blog post of the year, but it only means that I have many more exciting new posts to look forward to in the year to come.

And my resolution for 2008?

Well, I plan to make this year my best year yet (I know, not much to compare it to… I’ve only been in business for one year haha)!

But to make 2008 even better, I plan to start up a couple new businesses in China and Singapore, become a best selling author, build an even bigger team, create more information products, get involved more in Web 2.0 technology, focus more on niche marketing, organize more workshops, create more joint ventures, expand my branding Internationally and partner up with the right people to do new things that I never dreamed of doing before.

Exciting indeed, and if you want to embark on this venture with me, and perhaps set out to accomplish some of your own business goals, I welcome you to join me by commenting on this post or contacting me privately here.

And of course, I am always looking for more sharp and like-minded individuals to join my team and get involved in real Internet Marketing projects with me.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a quick video from the slopes of Squaw Valley here in Tahoe that you can view below.

Enjoy the video, and I wish you a successful, joyous and prosperous 2008 … HAPPY NEW YEAR!