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MYAdWords Workshop In Penang, Malaysia

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Hello from Saloon V of the Gurney Plaza at the MYAdWords Workshop in Penang, Malaysia!

gurney plaza

MYAdWords Workshop In Salon V Of The Gurney Plaza

The MYAdWords Workshop is the first collaboration between Patric Chan and I in our new partnership of Malaysia marketing events, and we have successfully completed our premiere workshop together in his hometown of Penang.

Throughout the weekend, we took our students through a series of content training, live demonstrations, hands-on account creation, campaign reviews and Q&A sessions.

As if our jam-packed agenda and tight schedule for the MYAdWords Workshop weren’t overwhelming enough, Patric Chan and I (through no pre-planning whatsoever, I promise!), managed to confuse our attendees even more by dressing exactly alike!

patric chan

Simon Leung (Left) & Patric Chan (Right) – Or Is It? ;)

Imagine that! As if Asians don’t look enough alike already! Haha… just kidding.

All joking aside, we had only one weekend to attain our objectives to intensely train a room full of Internet Marketing newbies how to build an Internet business using Google AdWords, so Patric Chan and I, along with our awesome team, worked agressively with MYAdWords students to make sure that all their questions were answered.

myadwords workshop

MYAdWords Workshop Training

myadwords workshop

MYAdWords Workshop Live Demonstrations

myadwords workshop

MYAdWords Workshop Account Creation & Reviews

myadwords workshop

MYAdWords Workshop Q&A Sessions

By the end of the weekend, Patric Chan and I were extremely proud to be able to deliver the type of information that we did, and to teach a room full of complete newbies the skills they need in order to build a successful Internet business at home.

After the MYAdWords Workshop was over, we celebrated the completion of our successful weekend over nice dinner and wine…


Simon Leung & Patric Chan Toasting To A Fine Glass Of Red Wine

Needless to say, the MYAdWords Workshop was a tremendous success, so Patric Chan and I are definitely looking forward to bringing more of the Internet’s best information to Malaysia.

After this trip, I will be returning to Malaysia – next time in Kuala Lumpur – to work on my next live workshop on the topic of Google Marketing with Patric Chan.

If you are in or near Kuala Lumpur, or are willing to travel there to join us (heck, I’ll be flying half-way across the world from San Francisco to be there!), then we would definitely like to have you take part in yet another historic event.

Stay tuned on this website for more information…

Marketing Experience Video From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Hello from Room 310 of the Liberty One Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City of Saigon, Vietnam!

I’m currently in a rush to head to the airport as I have to travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Australia all within the next several days or so…

But before I go, I wanted to share with you a marketing experience video I recorded today about local competition and how you can compete in over-saturated markets around the world.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Mining Google Gold Plus Workshop In Singapore

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Hello from the Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group training center in Singapore at the Mining Google Gold Plus Workshop!

mining google gold

Mining Google Gold Plus Workshop In Singapore

The Mining Google Gold Plus Workshop is a follow-up 2 day session offered by Stuart Tan and myself exclusively for our Singapore students from

If you missed out on The SMART Seminar 2008 or haven’t heard of it, be sure to stay tuned because plans are already underway for The SMART Seminar 2009, and it promises to be even bigger and more exciting than the previous one.

Getting back to the Mining Google Gold Plus Workshop, Stuart Tan and I basically gave an additional 2 days worth of content specifically about how to build an online business using Google’s products, services and business opportunities.

stuart tan

Stuart Tan And Simon Leung At Mining Google Gold Plus Workshop

simon leung

Simon Leung At The Mining Google Gold Plus Workshop

If you didn’t get the chance to join us at the Mining Google Gold Plus Workshop this weekend in Singapore, don’t worry…

That’s because the workshop’s content in its entirety will be published into a physical printed book co-authored by Stuart Tan and myself, which we will plan to release later this year.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this brief video clip recorded this weekend from the Mining Google Gold Plus Workshop about how Simon Leung and Stuart Tan met back in December 2006…


My AdWords Preview Seminars In Penang, Malaysia

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Hello from Room 2907 of The Northam All Suite hotel in Penang, Malaysia, where we have just completed our free preview seminars for the My AdWordsInternet Marketing Workshop.

my adwords free seminar

My AdWords Free Preview Seminar

The My AdWords Workshop is my first official partnership with local Penang native and fellow Internet Marketer, Patric Chan, and the exciting thing is that we already have several more upcoming events in the plans, where we will expand more of our Internet Marketing content all across Malaysia!

This is also my first trip to Penang, and despite being exhausted from over 25 hours of travel from San Francisco to Hong Kong and to Singapore before finally landing in Penang, we had our first My AdWords free preview seminar within just 2 hours after my arrival.

gurney hotel

My AdWords Preview Seminar One At The Gurney Hotel In Penang, Malaysia

After a much needed good night’s rest, Patric Chan and his wife Emily Chan spent the next day taking me around Penang to explore the city.

They were very gracious hosts, driving Cassey Lim and I around town and even hitting up some exquisite local Penang seafood!

penang food

Simon Leung And Patric Chan Enjoying Some Local Penang Seafood Dining

The relaxing day proved wonders as we proceeded to prepare for our second preview seminar of the trip, where Patric Chan and I actually tripled our response rate from day one, selling out seats to the first ever My AdWords Workshop scheduled in 2 weeks right here in Penang.

vistana hotel

My AdWords Preview Seminar Two At The Vistana Hotel In Penang, Malaysia

So the show is on – the first ever My AdWords Workshop will be held in Penang, Malaysia, on February 21st and 22nd!

This concludes my first trip to Penang, and I’ll be spending the next two weeks back in Singapore until I return for the My AdWords Workshop.

Before leaving Penang, Patric Chan and I did get the chance to sit down for an interview on Google AdWords…

This is 18 minutes of 100% pure content… no fluff or funny stuff… and you can watch the whole thing for free right here.

Click Here To Learn More About The My AdWords Workshop on February 21st – 22nd And Find Out How You Can Join Us Live In Penang, Malaysia!