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The Death of Google AdWords Comes To Life

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“The Death of Google AdWords” is my latest report that takes a grim look into the dark future of Google AdWords. It’s controversial and it’s scary – but it’s something you must know to keep your business from getting buried in 2008.

A series of recent personal tragic events have inspired me to reflect on life, and the result is a product that has generated a lot of buzz, curiosity and interest in the Internet Marketing community.

In about a 10 day period, I conceptualized, wrote and created a marketing campaign for “The Death of Google AdWords,” and while the tight deadline, nitty gritty details and the technological aspects proved to be an interesting challenge, my team and I were able to successfully pull this off in the nick of time.

During the pre-launch phase, viral videos were even circulating the Internet in anticipation for this launch. You can see a couple of them here:


And today, Halloween 2007, the wait is over.

“The Death of Google AdWords” remarkably comes to life and is available for all to see.

Take a closer look at

Altitude Mastermind with Alex Mandossian

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Hello from the Altitude Mastermind session at Alex Mandossian’s living room in beautiful Novato, California!

alex mandossian

 Simon Leung and Alex Mandossian in front of a limo parked outside of his Novato house

I had the extreme pleasure of spending the entire day today with Alex Mandossian at his gorgeous, 5500 square feet brand new Novato home, along with a handful of other Altitude attendees to mastermind about what we’ve learned, implemented and still have questions about moving forward.

It’s been a long day, especially since I didn’t even go to bed last night because I was trying to finish up everything before I take the day off, so that means by the time I get home tonight, I would have gone about 36 hours without sleep!

But man, oh man, was it worth it! It was an incredible day and please, allow me tell you all about it … :)

First of all, Alex Mandossian’s home is so new that his street didn’t even register on my GPS system! I had to locate it by entering some nearby street names in the neighborhood, and I must say that the scenery by the bay just minutes across the Golden Gate Bridge is absolutely breath-taking!

As I drove up the streets of these huge multi-million dollar Bay Area mansions, I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather and quiet neighborhood, not to mention the sound of the wind as I pull up to Alex Mandossian’s driveway, greeted by his Halloween decorations, which included a scarecrow, a plastic severed head at the doormat, and a sign that read “Party Inside.”

So I went inside, and boy, was it a party!

Most of the gang was already there because they had stayed at a hotel just across the way, and I let myself in and enjoyed a quick tour of the house. It was especially neat to visit the home office where all the Teleseminar Secrets classes happen!

And as for the mastermind session itself, it began with everyone introducing or re-acquainting ourselves to the group, answering the same three questions that we discussed back in March during Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets Reunion (although only a few people present were actually at that event, and it has been several months since we first played this game, so it’s good to revisit).

These questions were:

1) Who am I?

2) What do I do?

3) Who is my ideal prospect?

If you think about it, while these are three pretty simple questions, they are all very important pieces of information for someone to know because it will tell them almost everything they need to know in order to get to know you, and decide right whether they have a need for your products and services in their own business, or of someone they may know.

And so, it was in all our best interest to give the questions some thought and answer them intelligently so that we can all receive maximum benefit from the day’s networking events.

Throughout the day, Alex Mandossian served us with his brilliant ideas and business strategies, and we even played several different games that were designed for us to help focus our energy into what’s important in our businesses and lives, and make sure that we make the most productive use of our every day work time.

Right after lunch, I had the opportunity to stand up in front of the room for about 20 minutes, sharing with everyone my own personal takeaways from the Altitude event, and actually teach Alex Mandossian things that I have learned and implemented into my business during the past few weeks that I have found success in!

I think that was one of my most valuable experiences of today, which was to actually give back to Alex Mandossian, whom I consider to be a mentor and a friend, because he has taught me so much and have been such a huge part of my business during the last year.

And if you know me, and you are a reader of my blog, you know how I thoroughly enjoy taking and posting photos. In fact, you’ll most likely see photos of me on stage after many of my speaking engagements.

Since this Altitude mastermind event is happening inside Alex Mandossian’s home and right in his own living room, I decided to respect his privacy and not take any photos inside of the house.

But outside of the house after our mastermind session as we prepared for a fancy night out on the town, that was a whole different story… :)

The first photo above was taken right outside his house as we prepared to leave for Napa Valley, and here are a couple more after we got there.

alex mandossian

 Simon Leung and Alex Mandossian at a Napa Valley Winery

alex mandossian

 Just some of the fine wine we tasted at a Napa Valley Winery

Not only is Alex Mandossian a great and fun guy to hang out with, he is also mighty generous, treating us all out to Napa Valley on a stretch limo for some champagne and wine!

And then, after we’re all liquored up and feeling good, he took us out for a nice steak house dinner at a restaurant down the road.

What an incredible night, and what a fantastic day! Running solely on sugar and caffeine all day, it was all completely worth it to spend time masterminding and hanging out with my mentor and friend, Alex Mandossian.

I definitely will never forget this experience, and very much look forward to a future reunion with the mastermind team. In the meantime, Alex Mandossian and I have some projects in the pipeline, so there is much to work on and much to discuss.

Tonight, I will be leaving with a very specific action item that I must take next in my business (as opposed to a long list of to do’s that typically do more harm than good because up to 95% of it remains incomplete due to lack of time and focus).

So that’s it, that was my day. I hope you had as much fun reading about it as I did sharing it.

This is where the rubber meets the road. As Alex Mandossian likes to say, “Onward… and upward!”

Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success System Conference

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Hello from Room 426 of the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport Hotel and Resort at Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success System (ISS) Conference in College Park, Georgia!

simon leung

ISS Conference Presentation

simon leung

ISS Conference Q&A Session

As I am typing this, we are experiencing a power failure here at the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport, and we were told that the blackout is occurring all around this area, which is several miles south of the Atlanta airport.

We just came back from lunch, and with nothing better to do, most of the Internet Success System (ISS) Conference attendees are gathered around the conference room and lobby to network and chat with one another.

We were told that we should expect power to resume within the next hour – But then again, that had been the update every hour (it’s been five of them now).

What will Internet Marketers do without electricity? ;)

On to a more interesting topic, the Internet Success System (ISS) Conference is Mark Hendricks’ private semi-annual workshop with his ISS members, and is traditionally hosted by Mark Hendricks to conduct presentations, Q&A and masterminds.

Because Mark Hendricks’ intention for the Internet Success System (ISS) Conference is to build as close a community as possible, the other presenters of this event are usually other ISS Gold Members.

However, this weekend, I am honored to be one of only two VIP speakers scheduled – the other one being none other than the legendary Terry Dean!

simon leung

ISS Conference Host Mark Hendricks and VIP Speakers Simon Leung and Terry Dean

I’ve met Terry Dean on a few different occasions, and have shared the stage with him before as well, but this time, we got the chance to talk and hang out more.

It was also good to see some of my friends who are ISS members, including Jeff Wark and Lori Steffan (the Dynamic Duo of Content), Dr. Ron Capps (the Niche Prof), Elsom Elderidge (the Obvious Expert), Chris Lockwood and Jim Loesch.

I must say that I am extremely impressed with how Mark Hendricks structured the Internet Success System (ISS) Conference to encourage members to team up and work with one another.

This is an extremely effective learning environment, and I can tell that all the members are very excited to be on this team.

This has been an interestingly hectic and productive stay in Atlanta for being a short trip, and although I didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted to do and see everyone I wanted to see, I was happy to be able to see at least some of my friends (especially Jason Oman).

Jason Oman Update from Atlanta

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I’ve received tons of emails and messages from countless friends and well wishers who are asking about how Jason Oman is doing, so I thought I’d give you a quick update on his progress.

I just came back from the Emory University Hospital here in Atlanta with my local Apprentice, Mitch Mauldin.

We only got to see Jason briefly because he had just taken his medication, so he was about to get his rest.

Physically, Jason seems to be recuperating well after his surgery, which took place earlier this week.

While he appeared to be in a positive mental state, he still has a little problem with facial recognition at this time.

When I first walked into his room, Jason looked a little confused as I greeted him with, “Hey Superstar!”

After staring at me for a few seconds, he greeted me back: “What’s up man?”

I told him my name to help him out, and he responded, “Simon… Simon, Simon?”

I smiled and said “Yep!”

He replied excitedly, “Cool!”

As always in good spirits, I knew deep down inside, my friend is still in there.

Before I left, I gave him a gift bag filled with the get well wishes left in the comments from my previous blog post.

Hundreds of people stopped by to leave Jason a message, including Mark Joyner, Alex Mandossian, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Dave Lakhani, Tellman Knudson, Mark Widawer, Michael Penland, David Garfinkel, Donna Fox, Kevin Wilke, Sterling Valentine, Harris Fellman, Heather Vale, Jeremy Gislason, Jason James, Frank Sousa, Larry Benet, Glenn Dietzel, Mike Morgan, Jason Moffatt, Eric Holmlund, Ross Goldberg and Brian Edmondson, just to name a few.

I’m sure Jason will really enjoy reading these messages when he gets better, and thanks again to all of you for your continued support.

Keep those recovery thoughts and prayers coming… I have a good feeling they will be answered real soon.

Jason – Stay strong buddy! You got lots of love coming your way :)

Please Send Get Well Wishes for Jason Oman

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Please Click Here To Leave Your Get Well Message For Jason Oman
As you may or may not have heard, my very good friend, brilliant marketer and #1 best selling author of “Conversations with Millionaires,” Jason Oman, recently experienced a brain aneurysm, and is currently awaiting major surgery at an Atlanta hospital.

jason oman 

Simon Leung and Jason Oman

This news came as a shock to me particularly because I had spoken to Jason as recently as last week, when he gave me a testimonial for my new book, and we discussed cross promotions for a live event, something we had talked about doing for almost a year and a half now.

And then, just a few short days later, Jason faces a life threatening operation that only gives him a 30% chance of a full recovery.

As soon as I found out the alarming news, I immediately sent out personal requests for thoughts and prayers to keep Jason strong as he layed unconscious in his hospital bed, possibly not even aware of what had happened to him.

I now believe more than ever the power of love and prayers because within just hours of the email and receiving dozens of responses of well wishes from all around the world, I received news that Jason has regained consciousness!

This is extremely good news because Jason has become a very close friend since I met him at my very first Internet Marketing seminar while I was still working at Google, and played a huge role in helping me jumpstart my business when I finally went out on my own.

Jason is only 34 years old – Even though he is very young, he has achieved a lot, helped tons of people and still has a lot more to give, and perhaps he will play a big role in your life in the future as well (if he hasn’t already).

That’s why now more than ever, Jason needs your love and support, and if you pray, please continue the prayers for him.

I’m planning to visit Jason in Atlanta next week, and I’m sure he will be happy to know about the love and support he has from friends he knows and even those he has yet to meet.

When I see him, I will give him a card filled with personal messages and get-well wishes, and would love to include yours.

Please take one minute of your time right now to leave your comment below (and tell your friends to do the same), and I will personally make sure that your message is included in the card.

The outpouring of response has been nothing short of amazing – Thank you to each and every one of you for your continued love and support, and please remember to leave Jason and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

We will put up a website soon so people can get updates on how Jason is doing.

In the meantime, be sure to take a moment to appreciate every day, because not any one of us is guaranteed a tomorrow on this planet.

In fact, I was talking to Mark Joyner and Declan Dunn yesterday as they recalled the moment they found out that their friend and pioneer marketing legend, Corey Rudl, passed away a couple years ago, and something like this really puts all our personal problems and frustrations into proper perspective.

I’m taking the rest of the weekend off to spend some quality time with my family – I encourage you to do the same.

Don’t forget to tell those you care about that you love them, and live each day like it’s your last.

Please Click Here To Leave Your Get Well Message For Jason Oman

Eben Pagan’s Altitude Program

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Hello from Room 1638 of the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza once again on Avenue of the Stars at Eben Pagan’s Altitude Program live event in Los Angeles, California!

eben pagan 

Simon Leung and Eben Pagan

Today is day three of Eben Pagan’s five day event, and I must say that I am absolutely floored at the intense level of quality information delivered here, and I can honestly testify that it has been some of the most valuable business and team building content I have ever encountered.

It’s been a while since I have experienced information overload, and who better to learn these strategies than Eben Pagan, the marketing genius who built his company from a single room to a thriving 20 million dollar a year business with 80 virtual employees all around the world in just six year’s time!

We are learning how to live the ultimate Internet business lifestyle, and the hundreds of business men and women in attendance who paid a $10,000 registration fee to access this information all agree that the Altitude Program has already overdelivered in value many times over.

Among the online and offline business owners in the audience even include well-known and extremely successful (some legendary) Internet Marketing experts Mark Joyner, Declan Dunn, Frank Kern, Joe Polish, Brad Fallon, Tellman Knudson, Mark Widawer, John Childers, Anik Singal, Rick Raddatz, Ryan Kaltman, Glenn Deitzel, John Carlton, Frank Garon, Tom Bell, Nikhil Parekh, Jose Espana, Matt Gill, Greg Poulos, Joe Lavery, Marty Stewart and Jason Moffatt.

I’ve got close to an entire notebook’s worth of golden information from Eben Pagan’s presentations and guest experts, and I can’t wait to share it all with my team so that we can implement these systems into my business ASAP and take it to the next level faster and more effectively than I ever imagined!