The Rich Jerk’s Playboy Mansion Party

I’m on vacation enjoying Disney World in Orlando with my girlfriend right now, but this simply cannot wait…

Here’s the story:

A few minutes ago, I got an email from none other than the Rich Jerk himself.

Now, I definitely don’t agree with many of the things this guy does or says…

But his latest crazy idea is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in quite a while!

You see, the Rich Jerk has invited me to an event … But wait, it’s not just any event…

It is:

* A social event
* A networking event
* A charity event

And here’s the kicker…

The Rich Jerk is hosting it at the Playboy Mansion!

But hang on – Yes, the Playboy Mansion sounds cool and all…

But the real reason I’m going is because of the unbelievable networking opportunity!


Because just look at who else is going to this super-exclusive networking event at the pre-party:

(I just about fell off my chair when the Rich Jerk told me this VIP list):

* John Reese
* Mike Filsaime
* Yanik Silver
* Frank Kern
* Jeff Johnson
* Mike Long
* Mark Warren
* And many more….

It’s hard enough to get those guys to speak individually at an event…

Now all of them will be in the same room, at the same time, in a social environment?


And get this:

RJ just told me that he still has 27 remaining spots open on the guest list to his party AND the pre-party networking event…

And he gave me permission to open up just those few spots to you!

The 27 tickets go on sale today, Thursday, June 21st at 9am PST (12 noon EST).

And remember:


Click Here to See for Yourself!
So not only do you get to hob-nob with Internet multi-millionaires, visit the Playboy Mansion, and hang with the playmates…

You ALSO get to contribute to a good cause.

Either way, I’m SUPER-EXCITED and just had to share the good news with you.

Click Here for More Information on the Rich Jerk’s Playboy Mansion Party Now!