High Ticket Profits Wake-Up Call

It’s funny how things take all kind of turns in order to lead you towards the path you are destined to follow.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been very unproductive in the past several weeks, at least as far as my Internet Marketing business is concerned. I’m not quite sure what prompted me to finally re-visit another one of Holly Cotter’s products called High Ticket Profits.

The fact of the matter is that I’ve already had this product for months, and I think I simply forgot that I had it or I subconsciously felt like I wasn’t ready to take it on yet, because there are so many other things that I still need to accomplish. Nevertheless, I decided to log in to my account for the first time today and check out the information available.

Before Holly even got into the real meat of the course, I was already side-tracked. You see, in the beginning of her audio session, Holly talks about self-discipline and motivation, as well as some advice about taking action and spending your time wisely, focusing on the tasks that will make you money.

On that note, a lightbulb went off. I know I have all these tasks that are pending; why can’t I just do it? What’s stopping me? I’m aware that I was burnt out after stressing myself out for over a year, but that was why I took that break, which ended up being a little bit too long.

So now I’m back in – even though my original plan was to sit through another one of these courses and potentially not take any action, I pretty much stopped the session in its track so that I can focus first on what I need to work on first. As soon as I’m done with these pending projects, I’ll continue with the rest of the High Ticket Profits program.