FREE Website Building Course Online: How To Build A FREE Website That Makes Money Without Any Coding

FREE Website Building Course Online: How To Build A FREE Website That Makes Money Without Any Coding by (Click Subscribe To Watch The Full “How To Make Money Online” Series Playlist)
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“Hi, this is Simon Leung from, and today, we have a free website building lesson for you.

More specifically, I want to show you how to create a FREE website, with free hosting, and even with a free URL so you don’t need to invest in anything.

Firstly… You will need to sign up your free website funnel builder account to be able to create your website, salespage, marketing funnel or whatever you want.

Go to

With myinternetbuilder, this is how you can create your own professionally designed website in just 10 minutes… Without programming, coding, designing… No experience required whatsoever.

What exactly is myinternetbuilder?

It is a free drag and drop page builder.

You get:

  • Free permanent web hosting
  • Free subdomain for life
  • You can even connect it to your own domain name if you want to

To learn more about it, watch this video on this page if you haven’t already.

Read through this entire page to understand more about some of the additional bonuses you will get.

Including all the powerful features, the ability to make money online, how to grow your business, 100% free internet marketing training, and you can even partner with me if you want.

Pretty cool, right?

When you’re ready, click on the button at the bottom of the page.

You will then be taken to your signup page, where you can register for your free lifetime account.

Fill out this form, and you’re ready to go.

Once you have your account, make sure to join this private Facebook group… where I am also very active, alongside fellow members and some of the top marketers in the world, so you’ll definitely want to join this community.

All the details on how to join everything that we do will be sent to you after you’ve signed up for your account.

Ready to build your website?

Let’s start the lesson, feel free to follow along if you want.

And remember… Sign up for your FREE lifetime access account right here at

(And I’ll see you on my computer screen).”

* In this FREE step-by-step live demo tutorial, you will learn how to build a website without any coding, programming or design skills, all for absolutely FREE.

You can drag and drop, copy and paste, click and scroll your way to creating your very own professional website, which even includes FREE web hosting, FREE subdomain and even the capability to publish the site onto your own custom domain name (also for FREE).

** MYINTERNETBUILDER is a website funnel building platform in partnership with GrooveFunnels, more specifically, GroovePages. You will see the GrooveFunnels and GroovePages in this video walkthrough, as the live tutorial has been presented using the Groove Funnels platform. You are encouraged to follow along the webpage creation process to maximize your learning experience.

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