I’m Automating My Online Business In 2016

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is already coming to a close, and what a year it has been. I’ll write more about my year in review the closer we approach the New Year, but today, I want to fast forward on my plans beyond that. You see, I focused a lot this year on building my business through live events and webinars. That’s because I believe in order for… Read More »I’m Automating My Online Business In 2016

Rockstar Platinum Live Marketing Show in Las Vegas, NV

Hello from the Parthenon One Ballroom of the Alexis Park Resort at the world debut of the Rockstar Platinum Live marketing show in Las Vegas, Nevada! Rockstar Platinum Live Promoters On UStream – Simon Leung, Lee Collins & Robin Collins That’s right – after months of anticipation, the premiere of Rockstar Platinum Live kicked off its tour with the marketing show edition in front of fans who traveled from all around the… Read More »Rockstar Platinum Live Marketing Show in Las Vegas, NV

My AdWords Preview Seminars In Penang, Malaysia

Hello from Room 2907 of The Northam All Suite hotel in Penang, Malaysia, where we have just completed our free preview seminars for the My AdWordsInternet Marketing Workshop. My AdWords Free Preview Seminar The My AdWords Workshop is my first official partnership with local Penang native and fellow Internet Marketer, Patric Chan, and the exciting thing is that we already have several more upcoming events in the plans, where we will… Read More »My AdWords Preview Seminars In Penang, Malaysia

Free Twitter Report – What Are You Doing?

I just wrote a Twitter report called… What Are You Doing? Discover The Top Ten  Most Jealously Guarded Secrets Most Tweeps Will Never Know About How To Build A Following Of Thousands Who Are Eager To Find Out What You Are Up To So You Can Drive Massive Amounts Of Traffic To Your Websites And Blogs On Demand! Inside, I reveal how I am able to effectively use Twitter to… Read More »Free Twitter Report – What Are You Doing?

Meet Your AIMVenture AdWords Assistants

Hello from the 18th floor of the Guyang Mansion in Nanjing, China, where, along with Andy Huang, my business partner for AIMVenture Corporation, we are continuing to build out our various outsourcing teams, including AdWords Assistants, among other traffic generation services. Simon Leung And Andy Huang With The AIMVenture China Team In addition to providing Internet Marketing services, the Nanjing office is also our headquarters for several other businesses, which consists of e-commerce… Read More »Meet Your AIMVenture AdWords Assistants – AdWords Outsourcing Service (Free Consultation)

I’ve been traveling pretty aggressively for the past two years, and I can pretty much count the number of weekends I actually spent at home in 2008 with one hand. And after spending my first weekend at home in several months, well, I’m leaving again… This time, I’m going with Andy Huang (my apprentice turned business partner) back to Nanjing, China, to continue building our growing AdWords outsourcing team. We have… Read More » – AdWords Outsourcing Service (Free Consultation)

Joel Comm Live In Loveland, Colorado

Hello from Joel Comm’s exquisitely decorated guest room at his gigantic beautiful house in Loveland, Colorado! Simon Leung Setting Up His Workspace In Joel Comm’s Guestroom After arriving into the Denver airport, I was delighted to be greeted by a towncar Joel Comm had sent to pick me up. The ride was about 45 minutes to Joel Comm’s house, where I met his wife, Mary, and his kids, Zach and… Read More »Joel Comm Live In Loveland, Colorado

Four Years Ago Today…

Four years ago, on April 30th, 2004, while I was still working at Google, I created my first blog. In fact, you can read my very first post on this blog by clicking here => April 30th, 2004 Two years later almost to the day, I was presented with an opportunity to attend my very first Internet Marketing seminar. You can read about that here => April 28th, 2006 Today, four years… Read More »Four Years Ago Today…

Six Simple Landing Page Secrets Webinar With Mark Widawer

Today is Christmas Day, and in the spirit of the Holiday Season, I have arranged to make my Six Simple Landing Pages Secrets webinar with Mark Widawer available at no cost to you. Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect in the full version of the webinar…   If you don’t know Mark Widawer, he is a traffic conversion specialist and a Google AdWords Qualified Professional. Yes, that means that… Read More »Six Simple Landing Page Secrets Webinar With Mark Widawer

Apprentice Program Launch

Happy Cinco De Mayo! If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a year or longer, you may recall that last year’s Cinco De Mayo was the day that changed my life forever… That’s right, exactly one year ago, I attended my first Internet Marketing seminar in San Antonio, Texas, where I met Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, Gary Ambrose, Terry Dean, Glen Hopkins, Jeff and Lori, Joel Christopher and… Read More »Apprentice Program Launch

i5 Gold Guest Expert Call with Tom Beal

Every second Wednesday of the month, Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal have guest expert calls as part of their i5 Gold Mentoring Program. While I have been an i5 Gold guest on multiple occasions in the past, but earlier today, I had the honor of being an “official” guest expert with prepared content for i5 Gold members. I had a great time talking about MySpace Optimization strategies with Tom Beal… Read More »i5 Gold Guest Expert Call with Tom Beal

MySpace Marketing Optimization

Hello from all the way up on the 16th floor in room 16352 on the East Tower of the gorgeous ancient-styled Luxor hotel in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada! I just checked into my hotel after walking through the golden hallways, and the room itself is definitely designed for the high rollers, not to mention a view to die for of the famous Luxor pyramid, whose light is so bright that… Read More »MySpace Marketing Optimization