Brian Edmondson’s $15k in 7 Days

Can the “Little Guy” make $15k in 7 days?

I’m sure you are aware of all the huge launches that have been taking over the Internet in the recent months.

It is no secret that these launches often rely on “Super Affiliates” to crunch out the big numbers.

What makes a Super Affiliate?

Traditionally, product owners may look for someone who is a recognized expert and who also has a big list.

But what if one is NOT known, and doesn’t have a big list?

How can the “little guy” with a small list make a name for himself (or herself) online?

Well, my good friend, Brian Edmondson, did just that…

With his small list of only 1,286, Brian Edmondson propelled himself into expert status…

…By selling over $15k in 7 days for a Million Dollar Launch … and earning a coveted spot in the Top 20 Super Affiliates!

From Zero to “Super Affiliate” practically overnight…

Want to learn how Brian Edmondson did it?

In this no holds barred $15k in 7 Days audio interview, Brian Edmondson reveals all…

You won’t believe what Brian Edmondson has to say.

Oh, and when you get to the $15k in 7 Days website, look for a testimonial “above the fold” from a cool guy… :)

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15k in 7 days

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