When You Should Fire Someone (You’re FIRED)

When You Should Fire Someone (You're FIRED)

When You Should Fire Someone (You’re FIRED) by Simon Leung (Click Subscribe To Watch The Full “How To Make Money Online” Series Playlist)

Building a strong team like the one Simon Leung has created consists of both hiring and, unfortunately, firing – that is, letting someone go, professionally.

It may be a tough process to know when to fire an employee who know longer fits in, as just like Simon Leung, you may have spent a great deal of time, effort and resources to train them up.

Despite this devotion, nobody can predict how suitable someone may be for your company, and in the end, even for Simon Leung, firing your staff could be inevitable.

To let go employees is not an easy decision to make, which is why only when the situation calls for it could Simon Leung even contemplate how to know when to fire someone.

The decision may come about as a result of a fire staff meeting to make the tough choice of firing someone from a job, but as uncomfortable as these meetings may be, per Simon Leung, they are necessary in order for you to realize when is it time to fire an employee.

Unfortunately, to hire and to lay off employees is part of the process to building a strong team similar to the ones Simon Leung has built that will last the test of time, especially through the rough times.

Only after working with your team members for a while would they prove themselves to be long term or short term assets, or otherwise long term or short term problems instead with ulterior motives in mind, as Simon Leung has also learned with certain members of his team who had tried to take advantage of his generosity in the past.

As for when to fire someone or how to fire someone, professionally or not, it’s also a challenge to figure out how to fire someone with compassion, even though the thought of firing people, especially to fire someone you have built a relationship with, can be a challenge all on its own.

We hope you won’t have to lay off employees often, but when it is time, letting go is part of every entrepreneur’s journey, and in this video, whether you are in need of letting go an employee, mentee, business partner or otherwise toxic people who are negatively affecting your personal or professional life, Simon Leung shares through his own experience some of the best ways to handle these situations so you can move on, forward and upwards.

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When You Should Fire Someone (You're FIRED)

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