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World Internet Summit in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

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Hello from the Grand Ballroom of the Gold Coast International Hotel at Brett McFall and Tom Hua’s World Internet Summit in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia!

world internet summit

Simon Leung With Tom Hua And Brett McFall At World Internet Summit Gold Coast 2009

The World Internet Summit (aka WIS) is always an incredible learning and networking experience.

I had the opportunity to present back in September 2007 when Brett McFall and Tom Hua co-organized the seminar (then called World Internet Main Event) with Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox in San Francisco.

But this weekend, I was extremely excited to watch Brett McFall and Tom Hua in action in their home country of Australia, where they not only brought local experts to the World Internet Summit Gold Coast stage, they also invited several of my fellow marketing expert friends from the states.

The World Internet Summit Gold Coast speaker line-up included Matt Bacak, Sean Roach, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Brian “Koz” Kosobucki, Nikhil Parekh, Debra Thompson Roedl, Matt Clarkson, Amanda Clarkson, Barnaby De Palma, Raymond Aaron, James Schramko and Scott Letourneau.

Needless to say, the World Internet Summit Gold Coast audience definitely got their money’s worth with the priceless content these speakers shared.

Off the World Internet Summit stage, we even got to hang out at the local restaurants and bars in Gold Coast’s nightlife area called Surfer’s Paradise.

As you can see, we stayed out of trouble (for the most part) – but we no doubt had some good times with friends downtown…

gold coast beach

Gold Coast Beach On Surfers Paradise

irish carbomb

Irish Carbomb With Matt Bacak And Cassey Lim

hogs breath

Dinner At Hog’s Breath With Matt Bacak, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Brian Koz, Cassey Lim And Joanna

ice lounge

Party Inside The “Ice Lounge” At Minus Five Degrees With Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Brian Koz And Joanna

minus five degrees

Party Continues At The “Ice Lounge” After A Few Drinks With Brian Koz, Cassey Lim And Joanna

Mike Filsaime’s Internet Marketers Cruise 2009

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Hello from Cabin 5151 onboard the Carnival Miracle somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean at Mike Filsaime’s annual Internet Marketers Cruise!

internet marketers cruise 2009

Internet Marketers Cruise 2009 (Click on photo to enlarge)

The Internet Marketers Cruise is always a great way to kick off the new year, and I have been fortunate to be a part of it every January for the past few years.

This time, our 8 day cruise around the Caribbean took us to St. Marteen, St. Kitts and Tortola, which is a beautiful island on the British Virgin Islands.

As always, the organizers of the Internet Marketers Cruise never fails in over-delivering, and I want to personally thank Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox and Tom Beal – along with Captain Lou Edwards – on organizing yet another million-dollar mastermind vacation of a lifetime!

Previous years, the Internet Marketers Cruise was by invitation only, and the only way to receive an invitation is if you are within the “inner circle” of the Internet Marketers.

One of the reasons (and in my opinion, the major reason) this year’s Internet Marketers Cruise became the best one yet is that we have actually extended the invitation outside of just the “inner circle”…

And as you can see from our group photo above, the Carnival Miracle was literally dominated by Internet Marketers who took full advantage of the amazing week-long fun and networking experience!

Over the course of the 8 days, I had a ton of fun hanging out with members of the new “Rockstar Platinum” crew – Lee Collins, Robin Collins, James Lee, James Delong, Lasse Rouhiainen and Amanda Swigert.

It was also great to re-unite with previous Internet Marketers Cruise alumni, including Mike Morgan, Holly Morgan, Deborah Micek, JP Micek, Armando Montelongo, Veronica Montelongo, Joel Therien, Illona Therien, Mark Braunstein, Scott Tousignant, Bob Jenkins, Jennie Armato, Gary Byrne, Eelco de Boer, Howard Tiano, Cynthia Tiano, Matt Mazur, Michelle Galvin and Steve Pdilla.

I was also very excited to see some of my friends on the Internet Marketers Cruise as well, like Jeff Dedrick, Frank Sousa, Simone Blum, Tom Bell, Micheal Savoie, Frank Rumbauskas, Stacy Makdad, Reed Floren, Odinn Sorensen, Tracy Repchuk, Tim Houston, and Nathalie Fiset.

However, the best part has gotta be meeting completely new friends onboard, and have gotten to know Dr. Letitia Wright, Rich Cook, Jon Atwood, Vince Mitchell, Kelly Mitchell, Mike Deiure, Arnel Ricafranca, Susanne Jorgensen, Chris Cho, Annette Dubow, Matt Haslem, Jeanette Fisher, Julio Mattos, Amanda Steadman, Sharon Worsley, Mike Mahon, Jose Soto, Vince DelMonte, Wendy Joy Hart, Cindy Battye, Clay Franklin, Phil Henderson, Juliet Easton, Jon Benson, Wayne Buckhanan, Martyne Lo Russo, Scott Spurlock, and literally dozens more that I can’t remember right now!

The mastermind sessions, organized social events and island excursions have made the 2009 Internet Marketers Cruise a remarkable experience…

But I must say that one of the biggest highlights of the trip was finally meeting and getting to know one of my biggest inspirations in entrepreneurship, Robert G. Allen.

robert allen

 Hanging out w/ Robert Allen on the beach in St. Marteen

I had met Robert Allen once back in May of 2006 when I attended the Enlightened Wealth Institute seminar in Anaheim, but we never had the chance to really connect at that event.

We almost shared the stage once as well in September 2007 at the World Internet Main Event in San Francisco, but that didn’t work out either when Robert Allen was unable to make it.

But this time, stuck on a cruise ship with me for 8 whole days, Robert Allen had nowhere to go, and I finally had the chance to lock him down to have some private conversations with him.

Robert Allen and I actually hit it off quite well, not only spending some time on the beach, but also in his suite along with the Rockstar Platinum crew setting up his new Twitter account and teaching him all about how to use the most powerful force in social media today.

bob allen

 In Robert Allen’s suite moments before he sent his first tweet


Robert Allen’s actual first tweet :)

Click Here to Follow Robert Allen on Twitter

All in all, I had one hell of a business vacation, not only by having tons of fun with an amazing community of people, but also one of my more productive business trips yet – literally lining up my entire year’s worth of projects (in addition to the 50% of the time I’m already spending traveling internationally!).

If you’d like to join us for next year’s Internet Marketers Cruise and experience the mastermind vacation of a lifetime for yourself, I encourage you to visit our website now so you can sign up on our pre-notification list and be the first to know when plans for Internet Marketers Cruise 2010 is ready :)

In the meantime, help me keep the memories of Internet Marketers Cruise 2009 alive by viewing and commenting on some of the most memorable moments of the event captured on camera…

carnival miracle
Carnival Miracle – Home of Internet Marketers Cruise 2009 
mike filsaime

Photo w/ Mike Filsaime ruined by Robin Collins

cruise bon voyage

Internet Marketers Cruise Kickoff Party

rockstar platinum live

Rockstar Crew private meeting

cruise bar

Orpheus Bar at the back of the ship on Lido Deck

cruise club

Party at the Dr. Frankenstein Club

cruise karaoke

Karaoke night at Mad Hatter’s Club

cruise dinner

Informal dinner on the ship

robert allen dinner

Dinner with Robert Allen & Rockstar Crew

cruise formal dinner

Elegant night for Captain’s Dinner

tom beal jeff dedrick

Elegant night w/ the colorful Tom Beal & Jeff Dedrick

st marteen beach crew

Beach day at St Marteen

st marteen beach

Enjoying some sun w/ Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal & gang at St Marteen Beach

st kitts

Rockstar Crew filming videos on St Kitts

st kitts internet café

Rockstar Crew at St Kitts Internet Café

st kitts drink

Rockstar Crew relaxing w/ rum punches after a long day’s work

tortola internet café

Looking for Internet at Tortola

tortola beach

Hanging out w/ big scary guys at a Tortola beach

rockstar party

Rockstar Party Crew w/ Mike Filsaime & Tom Beal

rockstar platinum

Rockstar Crew on Elegant Night

carnival dancers

Talented Carnival Dancers Team

yuliya baravik

Yuliya Baravik – our awesome waitress

Click Here To Join Us For Internet Marketers Cruise 2010!

World Internet Main Event 2007

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Hello from the Main Stage of the San Francisco Airport Marriott at Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox, Brett McFall and Tom Hua’s World Internet Main Event in Burlingame, California!

After being on the Internet Marketing speaking circuit for over 12 months, I finally took the stage in my hometown of San Francisco, opening up the event as the first featured speaker of the World Internet Main Event 2007.

simon leung
simon leung
 On stage, I told the story about how I declared that one year ago at the same event, when Paulie Sabol told the audience to write down, “Be here one year from now,” I wrote, “Be here one year from now… as a speaker.”

At the time, it seemed like a far-fetched goal because nobody knew who I was back then, and I had never even really spoken before on the main Internet Marketing seminar stage.

It was important to me to achieve that goal because it was my first real goal as a full-time Internet Marketer, and my goal of telling that story to the audience was to hopefully inspire them to set and achieve theirs.

One particular person who was proud of me for achieving this goal was my father, who was present to watch me speak for the first time at the World Internet Main Event, and was able to attend because it was a quick 15 minute drive from his house in Daly City.

Back to the event, the World Internet Main Event was spectacular, as I’m sure anyone would expect from a Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox event.

I’ve personally attended and spoken at seminars organized by Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox, and they really know how to maximize the experience for everyone, from introducing amazing talents and state-of-the-art entertainment on the platform to taking care of the guests with meals and snacks.

 Karen and I with President Bush

 And as always, the networking was incredible – But at this seminar especially, since it’s the main event – Almost everyone that’s a who’s who of Internet Marketing were present… Even though they weren’t speaking!

Just some of the well-known experts in attendance were my friends (old and new), Alex Mandossian, John Reese, Tom Beal, Mike Morgan, Tom Beal, Jeremy Burns, Michael Cheney, Scott Paton, Robert Puddy, Matthew Glanfield, Brian Edmondson, Jason James, Jermaine Griggs, Kevin Nations, Alex Jeffreys, Jordan Hall, Dr. Ron Capps, Dan Kelly, Rod Beckwith, Becky Dielman, Alex Nghiem, Brad Callen, Lisa Diane and several others.

There were also breakout sessions and tables hosted by more of my friends, Deb and JP Micek, Jeff Wark, Alan Bechtold, Joel Therien, Cresta Pillsbury, Mary Mazzulo, Mike Koenigs, Frank Sousa, Randy Charach, Captain Lou, Tim Brocklehurst, Bret Ridgway, Christina Harrison, Howie Schwartz and more.

On the main stage itself, speakers such as Stephen Pierce, John Childers, Harris Fellman, David Garfinkel, Keith Wellman, Jennie Armato, Matt Clarkson, Amanda Clarkson, Andrew Grant, Darryl Grant, Nick Marks, David Cavanagh and Frank Rumbauskas Jr. educated the audience with content packed presentations.

My team, which includes Alejandro Reyes (Ops Manager), Michael Seriosa (Development Manager), Laura Martin (Assistant) and a few apprentices, John Guanzon, Norf Florentino, and Andy Huang, were also in attendance and very much enjoyed the event.

During the course of the weekend, several of us snuck away for a couple hours to conduct a private mastermind session that may potentially turn into a product.

I was invited by Gary Ambrose to join Jeremy Burns, Keith Wellman, Robert Puddy, Jason DeVelvis, Jordan Hall, Tim Brocklehurst, and a few others to meet in a private suite, where we recorded the entire meeting.

 The Private Mastermind Session

 And on Sunday afternoon, I wrapped up the weekend by taking some of my newest clients (those who were able to join us) on a trip to the GooglePlex!

I’ve always wanted to bring my clients on a Google Campus Tour, and since the World Internet Main Event was local, I was finally able to.

 Google Campus Tour