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Put Your Marketing in Maximum Overdrive

Posted by Simon Leung in Launch, Promotion, Updates on April 23rd, 2007 | No Comments

In preparation for my upcoming product launch, I have been spending some time hanging out in the Internet Marketing forums to see what other marketers are talking about.

It’s been a very interesting experience so far…

What I’ve noticed in these forums is that many people are very willing to help each other, and to openly discuss their views on certain strategies, products and even other marketers.

I haven’t been one to spend too much time in forums simply because I need to focus on my projects at hand, and being involved in such discussions distract me from what I need to get done.

However, my research in the forums has been great because it’s introduced me to an array of products and opinions I wouldn’t have received insights on anywhere else.

One such interesting discussion revolved around a product that claims to offer the secrets to getting Google AdWords ads for free.

As a former member of the AdWords Team, I knew that this was not possible for an advertiser to do, much less be able to replicate it, and then teach others how to do it.

But out of curiosity, I purchased the product anyway just to see what the product creator has up his sleeves.

Needless to say, I had pretty much determined the product to be crap within just minutes after opening up the PDF document.

I can write a 10 page review to report on the flaws of the strategies – including how it can be considered unethical, misleading, and even downright scammy – not to mention that the tactics described could penalize your Landing Page Quality Score on Google!

But alas, I simply decided to put this behind me and move on, only to watch in horror days later as some of the top Internet Marketers in the industry promote the product to their subscribers…

It didn’t take long at all before the advanced marketers of the Warrior Forum begin ripping the product apart, taking down all those who promoted the product with it.

Again, I decided to stay out of the threads as much as I can, with the exception of providing some unbiased advice here and there.

As I continued my research, I then ran across yet another product called “Maximum Overdrive“…

This time around, even the advanced marketers of the Warrior Forum are raving about it, and even calling Maximum Overdrive “the real deal.”

Now let me warn you, you may not agree with the background of Maximum Overdrive’s creator…

His name is Woodrow Maximum (AKA Woody Maxim), and he used to be an extremely successful webmaster for the adult industry.

Personal feelings aside, however, you must admit that the traffic strategies used by webmasters in the adult industry are absolutely no joke.

In reality, these guys are light years ahead of even many of the top Internet Marketing experts!


Simply put, because they have to be, especially with the fierce competition they have with other adult websites.

Let’s face it…

These webmasters have traffic strategies that will undoubtly put many of our own Internet Marketing techniques to shame…

…Which is why so many of the marketers on the Warrior Forum are so excited about Maximum Overdrive!

In fact, some are even upset that this “secret” weapon has been leaked out!

I just checked out Woody Maxim’s Maximum Overdrive myself and I have to agree that this info is intense…

Not only does it talk about traffic generation, Maximum Overdrive is a step-by-step blueprint on how to make money online!

My suggestion?

Read this Woody Maxim’s story and check out his product – and do it NOW before more people learn about Maximum Overdrive from the Warrior Forum!

And if you’re curious about the Warrior thread, you can read what they’re saying here: