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Wonder Women of the Web in Los Angeles, CA

Posted by Simon Leung in Gurus, Seminars, Travel, Updates on February 9th, 2007 | No Comments

Hello from the Concourse Ballroom 1 of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CA!

I’m here at the Wonder Women of the Web event learning a lot of amazing information about marketing to women.

donna fox

Donna Fox, Wonder Woman of the Web!

paulie sabol

Paulie “Girlfriend” Sabol, Viral Villain!

Absorbing Some Good Information!

You might have noticed that Paulie Sabol has been nicknamed “Girlfriend” in the photo above. The origin of his new nickname is actually quite a funny story…

You see, the Wonder Women of the Web event was intended to be a weekend full of 100% women speakers. When one speaker unfortunately had to cancel literally at the last minute, Donna scrambled to find a replacement.

When Donna announced the replacement speaker, she said that she had picked one of her best girlfriends who has always been by her side… Paulie Sabol! Haha…

Then, Paulie proceeded to identify himself as Paulie “Girlfriend” Sabol in his intro slide. It was pretty funny…


Paulie’s Introduction Slide

Right now, I am only running on about an hour of sleep because I arrived to town at 1AM after several hours on the road from Northern California, and remained wide awake for another few hours in bed from all the Red Bull I had for the long drive!

However, I am surprisingly not dozing off during these presentations considering how tired I was when I got out of bed at 6AM this morning….

But it really is no surprise at all when you think about the caliber of speakers at this event, including Donna Fox, Paulie Sabol, Fran Harris, Jeanette Catts, Jennie Armato, Rhea Perry. Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Dr. Letitia Wright, and Pat Burns!

What topic could they be speaking on that is so intriguing, you may ask?

For starters, take a look at these outrageous numbers…

  • 85 cents of every dollar are controlled by women

  • 70% of owners of start-up companies are women

  • 57% of college degrees are issued to women

  • 47% of $500,000+ earners are women

  • 27% of US households are run by single women

  • 25% of new homes are purchased by women

Which breaks down to…

  • Women represent 94% of the market!

And yet…

  • 94% of websites are male centric

In fact…

  • 90% of women feel that advertisers don’t understand them at all!

Which means that…

  • 655% improvement to your business is possible by making small changes to your marketing and start talking to the people who control the money!

As a real life case study, we were shown an actual example of a company that made the small marketing changes in question that actually made the difference in an extra FOUR BILLION DOLLARS in profit!

Crazy stuff, huh? Now, tell me you wouldn’t be staring attentively and jotting down pages and pages of notes with this kind of information being shared right in front of you…I sure was!

And that was just the tip of the iceberg…

The first day of the event just wrapped up, but the weekend is just beginning!

My girlfriend, Karen, and I are actually in town to celebrate the birthday of a very good friend of mine with whom I worked closely with at Google.

We’ll be out on the town in Newport Beach, so stay tuned for pictures and updates from all the fun!