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PPC Classroom Live In Singapore

Posted by Simon Leung in Gurus, Seminars, Travel, Updates on August 16th, 2009 | No Comments

Hello from the Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Training Centre at PPC Classroom Live in Singapore!

ppc classroom live

 Keynote Address at PPC Classroom Live Singapore

With the help of Stuart Tan, my local Singapore partner for live events, we are so stoked to form a partnership with Anik Singal to bring PPC Classroom Live internationally, starting with Singapore.

And what an amazing event it was…

PPC Classroom Live Singapore featured some of the top experts locally and around the world on the topic of Pay-Per-Click advertising, including Ewen Chia, Fabian Lim, Jo Han Mok, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Nikhil Parekh, Andy Huang and Evan Shoemaker.

Not a shabby line-up for the premiere PPC Classroom Live Singapore!

For future PPC Classroom Live events, we plan to expand beyond Singapore and also continue to bring the top Pay-Per-Click advertising experts to share their priceless information with our International audience.

adam khoo
Adam Khoo Making Final Preparations To Kick Off PPC Classroom Live Singapore
andy huang david dinucci

 PPC Classroom Live Singapore Q&A Session With Andy Huang And David DiNucci

ppc classroom live

 VIP Dinner With PPC Classroom Live Singapore Speakers

 ppc classroom live

 PPC Classroom Live Singapore Hosts (Anik Singal and Stuart Tan) with AIMVenture Team (Andy Huang and David DiNucci)

Anik Singal And Amit Mehta’s PPC Classroom Live In Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted by Simon Leung in Gurus, Seminars, Travel, Updates on May 30th, 2009 | No Comments

Hello from the Las Vegas Hilton at Anik Singal and Amit Mehta’s PPC Classroom Live in Las Vegas, Nevada!

ppc classroom

PPC Classroom Live Keynote Presentation at Las Vegas Hilton

Even though I was a part of the original PPC Classroom Live back in December 2007 as the surprise late-night bonus session, I am much more excited to be a part of this one because I actually had the opportunity to kick off the entire weekend as the event’s Keynote Speaker.

The PPC Classroom Live turnout was amazing, and definitely one of the most packed events that I have spoken to in a very long time.

As you can see from the PPC Classroom Live photo below taken during the speaker introductions, Anik Singal and Amit Mehta clearly did an astounding job promoting the event, filling up a gigantic conference room that can easily fit 1000 attendees.

ppc classroom

 PPC Classroom Live Speaker Introductions – The Room Was So Big You Can’t Even Pick Out Who’s On Stage!

ppc classroom

 PPC Classroom Live Speakers (Closer View)

But in addition to meeting and networking with the vast amount of PPC Classroom Live attendees, I also had a great time with the fellow speakers, including Howie Schwartz, Million Dollar Mike Morgan, Greg Caesar, Mark Ling, Shelby Larson and Emil Paz.

PPC Classroom Live was definitely one of the most successful events that I have been a part of, and I’m very much looking forward to partnering up Anik Singal and Amit Mehta to bringing PPC Classroom Live international for the very first time, starting with PPC Classroom Live Singapore in August.

ppc classroom

 Anik Singal Introduces My Keynote Address to a Standing Ovation at PPC Classroom Live

ppc classroom

 My Second Presentation at PPC Classroom Live

ppc classroom

 On Stage with Andy Huang at PPC Classroom Live

ppc classroom

 PPC Classroom Live Expert Panel

Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer’s PPC Classroom Live

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Hello from Room 1054 of the Westin Hotel in Las Vegas for Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer’s PPC Classroom in Las Vegas, NV!

As you can see in the video clip below, this is not one of my “traditional” presentations…

You may notice that I am not dressed in my patented speaking attire, that I have a piece of paper in my hand, and the way that I entered the stage is just different (for those of you who have seen me speak before).

That’s because the video clip above actually shows Anik Singal introducing me to the stage for a closed door secret “bonus” session after hours that was not originally part of the PPC Classroom Live agenda.

In fact, most of the PPC Classroom Live attendees did not even know I was going to be there until that very morning.

And – It wasn’t a traditional presentation with PowerPoint slides…

For 90 minutes, I had an interactive and live Q&A chat with the PPC Classroom Live audience answering their specific questions and giving them actionable items they can take today to maximize their Quality Score.

Towards the end of the video clip, you may have heard the first words that came out of my mouth: “I’m tired.”

The reason I was tired was not only because I had flown to Las Vegas to attend PPC Classroom Live directly from Singapore, but my entire journey, as a result of layovers, bad weather, delays and even cancellations, actually took me 45 hours to complete.

And without getting very much sleep during my travel time, I had been up for a while – So at the time that I was making my way up to the stage to give my PPC Classroom Live presentation, I was actually feeling kind of numb and a little delirious!

That’s OK though, because oddly enough, from the feedback I received after my talk, the overall consensus is that I had overdelivered in value, and many people who have heard me speak before actually said that it was the best presentation I’ve ever done.

Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing – Maybe I should stay up for two days again the next time I’m presenting. ;)

ppc classroom

Anik Singal, Simon Leung and Jeremy Palmer at PPC Classroom Live

simon leung

Simon Leung Presenting at PPC Classroom Live

ppc classroom live

The Audience at PPC Classroom Live

ppc classroom

Taking Audience Questions at PPC Classroom Live

ppc classroom

Answering Audience Questions at PPC Classroom Live