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Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash Detective

Posted by Simon Leung in Promotion, Updates on May 20th, 2007 | No Comments

“Is the Internet Lifestyle just a myth?”

My fellow Google colleague asked me over 3 years ago as she dropped a hard copy of ‘Google Cash’ on my desk.

As members of the AdWords Team, we were legitimately concerned about the non-legit AdWords products out on the market.

AdWords was just getting popular at the time, and many people were trying to capitalize on it.

But the market quickly became diluted as dozens of so-called experts released ebook after ebook of the same information that simply didn’t work.

My disappointment from my research came to a stop when my colleague handed me Google Cash.

google cash detective

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Google Cash was the first product I had seen that talked about real strategies on how to make money with AdWords and affiliate marketing.

That was the first time I realized that this famous Internet Marketing lifestyle was no myth…

…It was very real, and it is an acquired skill!

I knew that there was something for me outside of Google, but it would be years before I would finally make my move.

When I finally retired from the company last year, I wanted to see if the Google Cash opportunity is still out there for me.

What did I find?

Not only was Google Cash opportunity still out there, it was available, and it was knocking!

And it wasn’t just knocking for me, it was knocking for anyone who wanted to take advantage of it…

…Including a 15 year old girl from Mexico who barely speaks a word of English, who made $1107 her very first month!

And now, Chris Carpenter, the original author of Google Cash, is back on the scene with his latest release – the Google Cash Detective!

Chris Carpenter has put together a Google Cash Detective video and a special report that explains how this Mexican girl did it.

Watch this quick 4 minute and 30 second video on how to turn your myth into a skill!