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[The TRUTH] YouTube COPPA FTC $42,530 Fine: NOT Actually $42K Per Violation? (The REAL Penalty…)

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[The TRUTH] YouTube COPPA FTC $42,530 Fine: NOT Actually $42K Per Violation? (The REAL Penalty…) by Simon Leung (Click Subscribe To Watch The Full “How To Make Money Online” Series Playlist)

Attention: YouTubers who still think that the COPPA fine for each video is $42,000 – it’s NOT true!

Yes – It is true that the FTC will fine all violators, but the actual penalty will NOT be the proposed $42,000 originally mentioned by Google, YouTube and the FTC via their websites, videos and other resources.

Even though Google/YouTube got hit with a USD $170 million fine for their own violation, or USD $42,530 for other individuals, that may NOT be the same case for all violators.

What’s YOURS (if you are unlucky enough to get chosen)?

Find out in this video, as well as alternative YouTube channel ideas to keep yourself SAFE from this hefty YouTube COPPA FTC violation fine of USD $42,530!

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