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Live Seminar Anniversary Special Event

Posted by Simon Leung in Gurus, Occasions, Personal, Promotion, Seminars, Updates on May 5th, 2008 | No Comments

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I don’t usually celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but since I’m in the mood to celebrate anniversaries, it was exactly two years ago today on May 5th, 2006, that I attended my very first Internet Marketing seminar.

It was the day that I look back as one of the most significant events of my business, particularly because it was the official turning point that changed my mindset from “employee” to “entrepreneur.”

This all happened in San Antonio at Joel Christopher’s live seminar, where I met a lot of marketers who have since become my close friends, partners and mentor figures, including Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, Gary Ambrose, Terry Dean, Jason Oman, and dozens of others.

If you haven’t had the chance to go to a seminar, I would encourage you to attend one when you can – it will completely change the way you look at your business.

I’ve had many success stories over the past two years, and it all began when I took that leap of faith and attended my first live seminar.

Now, I understand that not everyone is in the position to attend a live seminar for whatever reason.

So, to commemorate my anniversary of two years as a seminar participant, I am holding alive show this Friday, May 9th…

However, it’s not just any live show

You see, I have invited my good friend Michael Cheney to join us to share some very exciting things – strategies about his own business formula that I wish I had two years ago when I first got started.

Why did I choose to invite Michael Cheney?

That’s because just two years ago, very much like myself, Michael Cheney was just getting started on the Internet.

In fact, a few years ago, Michael Cheney was living in a poxy one-bed apartment, up to his eyeballs in debt, alcohol and even drugs.

Michael Cheney was desperately trying to make money online to dig himself out of the hole, but nothing he was trying worked.

But then, something changed…

One day, Michael Cheney discovered a simple formula that netted him $250,037 online in just seven days, and he became an instant Internet Marketing superstar.

At first, Michael Cheney thought it was a lucky fluke – until he used the formula again to rake in several hundred thousand dollars more online.

Today, Michael Cheney uses this formula all the time to rake in five-figure and six-figure incomes every MONTH.

These days, Michael Cheney lives the good life in a $820,038 dream house, takes eight vacations a year and works when he wants to.

As you can see, this is a highly valuable formula, but this Friday only, Michael Cheney has agreed to do a live show with me to reveal his secret!

This live show is ONLY FOR YOU as a friend, customer or reader of my blog – no outsiders allowed.

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