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Mandela Effect In Business – Does An Alternate Reality Or Parallel Universe Determine Your Success?

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Mandela Effect In Business – Does An Alternate Reality Or Parallel Universe Determine Your Success? by Simon Leung (Click Subscribe To Watch The Full “How To Make Money Online” Series Playlist)

WARNING: This video contains occasional jump scares, potential disturbing moments and special effects comparable to footage found in low budget horror genres, and is not intended for children or those with a faint of heart. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Mandela Effect. Also known as confabulation, collective false memory and the misinformation effect, is the misremembering of facts, events and history shared by groups of individuals.

While some blame the Mandela Effect on memory glitches, others have presented multiple paranormal theories, including alternate realities, parallel universes, different dimensions, multiverse phenomenon, opposite worlds and time travel.

Regardless of the theories, nothing changes the fact that the mass misremembering of factual events is a very real thing.

And in this video lesson, Simon Leung talks about the Mandela Effect in business, and how it affects the professional world, such as traditional or online business owners, Internet entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and yes, even YouTubers.

In part one, Simon Leung reveals the brief origins of the Mandela Effect, as well as specific examples from his personal experience to demonstrate the power and danger of the phenomenon.

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mandela effect in business does an alternate reality or parallel universe determine your success