Simon Leung Defamation Case – “The Truth” Behind All The Fake Scam Sites, False Scammer Allegations & Illegal Defamatory Statements (Full Disclosure Video Trailer)


Simon Leung – World-renowned Internet entrepreneur, award-winning professional speaker, International best-selling author and online business trainer, consultant, mentor and coach – has been unlawfully defamed.

Those reading this page right now may already be aware of the slew of online defamatory attacks targeting Simon Leung (through no fault of his own – so take precautions when making own judgments), but as some of the resources on this page below also reveal, there are actually more laws that are being broken by the defamers of Simon Leung.

As this page is simply intended to educate the public of the truth behind this controversy, and not to “fight back” or heed in the dirty antics of Simon Leung‘s attackers, please don’t expect to witness “retaliation” and “revenge” content on this page.

In fact, throughout this and all other websites and videos that discuss this defamation case, there is no mention of Simon Leung‘s defamer, even though Simon Leung and anyone associated with this case clearly know the identity of this attacker.

Because we pride ourselves in our professionalism, Simon Leung has refused to scoop down to the level of his defamer through the use of immature language and childish insults.

Instead, Simon Leung has made it clear that he will speak out only as a way to protect his threatened team and family members, and only to those who would be willing to listen and open to the concept of logic.

For those who are negative, close-minded and oblivious to reason, common sense and the law, Simon Leung insists that this series of reasonable and logical explanations may not be the most suitable to understand.

With that said, below is the content collection of available resources on this Simon Leung Defamation Case, which are readily accessible for anyone interested to know more.

Also note that there is an official invitation for contributors below for those with an interest to contribute towards its resolution with Simon Leung, as well as special access to even more resources for those selected as contributors.

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