Simon Leung Defamation Case – Public Service Announcement (And A Personal Story)

In August of 2006, I officially made the commitment into the “Internet Marketing” world as a full-time online entrepreneur, leaving behind a stable 6 figure career at Google Headquarters in the Silicon Valley.

Without any products or courses to sell at the time, I started my business as a platform trainer who also offered Google consultation and full optimization services.

Business took off overnight as I started to make sales from the stage, given top recommendations from other gurus, and received high numbers of referrals from existing clients.

Needless to say, I grew too big too quickly, and as a result, I was honestly not ready to handle the success and all the responsibilities that came with it.

Inevitably, I would encounter my first dissatisfied client.

One day, this unhappy client took to a public forum to express his discontent with my services.

As it was a very popular forum at the time, and the Internet Marketing circle was extremely small, word of this negative post had gone out and spreaded like wildfire.

Before long, it seemed like everyone in the industry, especially anyone who was a who’s who within our community, had heard about this post and its negative comments.

I didn’t know what to do.

Luckily for me, I had the top mentors in the world as my close friends, and one by one, they began to give me advice.

“When people start to talk about you, it means that you’ve finally made it.” One mentor said.

“They say things behind your back because they’re behind you.” Said another mentor.

While there were many more, one other famous mentor in particular had shared with me something so profound, I still remember it to this day.

“There will never be a time when people won’t talk about you, spread hateful news on you or try to take you down. Whatever reason they may have for doing that, it’s also none of your business. Always take the high road, rise above the hate and ignore the negativity. Maybe they will go away, but maybe they won’t. In most cases, you will have the choice to remain silent, but once in a while, you won’t be left with the luxury of that choice. You’ll know it when that time comes.”

He was right, as this issue eventually fixed itself, and my client and I closed off the chapter amicably, even becoming friends.

For over 10 years after being advised with these wise words, I had learned to turn my back on every negative situation, walk away from people who were toxic in my life, and paid no attention to any and all hateful remarks people had said to or about me.

Almost every time, these situations would indeed fix themselves, and I had been lucky enough to avoid the need to escalate any scenario to a level that would be deemed unnecessary.

To me, I’ve always been left with a “choice,” and through my silence (as I am a natural introvert and silence is second nature to me), it had been an easy way for many of my problems to go away on their own.

However, as my mentor friend once told me, “once in a while, you won’t be left with the luxury of that choice. You’ll know when that time comes.”

He was right once again, because that time has finally come, and I do know it now.

You see, for the past two years, I have been the center of a series of relentless defamatory attacks shared by a certain individual via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Eventbrite, and even Facebook ads (among other platforms, some of which are under an “anonymous” alias).

Yet – During this entire time, despite all the negativity being spread about me, which in themselves were shocking due to their immature, unprofessional and hateful nature (not to mention untrue), I had remained silent in hopes that, just like the many others before this, the problems will also simply “go away.”

I didn’t care what was being said about me, what others were being led to believe, and how many people began to also have negative perceptions of me as a result.

Unfortunately, the more I remained silent, the more often I was attacked, with each attack becoming more vile with the next, to the point that it was no longer simply affecting me, but directly having an impact on the people and things around me, where maintaining a voiceless response was no longer an option.

Per the advice of my legal team, I had carefully crafted my response in a video proclamation format, complete with the appropriate defense statements, evidence of my innocence, and one final attempt to conclude this case in an amicable way that can prevent the inclusion of a professional legal group.

Like my mentor had previously advised, I have taken this step only when pushed against the wall with no other choice, as I have now been forced with the legal, moral and personal responsibility to protect my family, friends and team, all of whom have now been psychologically, socially and professionally threatened.

Even though I have been an online entrepreneur since 1997 and full-time since August of 2006, which was when I started to do real networking to meet new people from all around the world, I continue to learn more about human nature every single day.

A famous quote states: “A Lie Can Travel Halfway Around the World While the Truth Is Putting On Its Shoes”

Time has proven this statement to be true, as I cannot begin to express my sheer disappointment in not only the starter of the lies, as well as those who have believed and are in support of them, but also those whom I would have trusted to be better than simply staying silent or choosing not to do the right thing in the end.

For this reason, my intention for making this public service announcement is neither to seek support, nor to expect anyone to come to my defense, as I had learned a long time ago not to have any expectations in order to prevent disappointment in life.

Alas, as a result of these consistent attacks, my hands are now forced, and I am announcing this for the simple reason that it would be impossible to resolve this issue otherwise, and public attention would no longer be avoidable, especially since my attacker has already made all of its own defamatory content public (after a certain point, I can no longer protect my attacker as I had been all this time, even if I wanted to).

My first attempts to clear up the situation will be to launch a new educational video series on the topic of online defamation, while highlighting specific examples from my own case to reveal the common sense truth behind it, while still protecting the identity of my defamer (more videos will be added to this video playlist, which is linked below).

To those who are due an explanation in response to over 2 years worth of lies, false accusations and even illegal allegations, I also have another video that “reveals all” and provides the truth to all the negative words spoken against me, complete with real evidence.

Here is the trailer to my “official” legally advised public statement to be published in order to set the record straight and to officially launch a full investigation into my defamation case.

However, for integrity reasons and the protection of any counter attack claims, access to this video can only be given to approved parties who have been associated, impacted, involved, affected, mentioned, and directly or indirectly related to this case and its included party or parties, with the sincere intention to contribute towards its peaceful resolution.

As such, any and all individuals in relation to this case may submit access request (subject to review and approval) by following the link below, or by leaving a comment here in order to keep a record of all involved communication.

All approved viewers have the moral obligation and legal responsibility to keep the video, its contents and access controls private and confidential, and unauthorized distribution is strictly prohibited.

Let this situation be a lesson to anyone who lets their guard down, chooses to be too nice to strangers, and trusts wrongfully in those who may not deserve the opportunity.

Important Note To All Approved Viewers And Contributors:

Kindly read, understand and agree with the disclaimer at the opening of the video prior to viewing, or cease to continue with the footage if you choose to not read, misunderstand, or disagree with the statement. Failure to do so does not serve as a waiver or excuse for non-compliance. Viewer discretion is advised.


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