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Simon Leung is a world-renowned Internet entrepreneur, award-winning motivational keynote speaker, International best-selling author, online business trainer, consultant, mentor & coach.

Prior to his entrepreneurship, Simon was one of the first employees hired by Google Headquarters in the Silicon Valley as their most Senior Google Optimization Specialist, where he helped them to build the search engine’s proprietary algorithm, the most fundamental framework of which is still being used to this day.

As Founder & CEO of since 2004, Simon’s 10+ years of entrepreneurship experience takes him around the world as he speaks at seminars across 16 countries a year, while creating over 10,000 success stories globally from all walks of life.

Today, Simon Leung continues to own and operate multiple online and offline businesses, and strives to build multiple streams of automated and passive income revenue streams in order to live a life of personal freedom, while teaching open-minded students to do the same.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn how to start, existing business owner who wants to make more sales, or an employee looking for enhanced skills to further climb up the corporate ladder, you will be able to take advantage of Simon Leung’s unorthodox “Internet Insider” strategies that will skyrocket your company’s revenues.


FROM: The Home Office Of Simon Leung

Multiple streams of revenues. Passive income. Business automation.

For as long as I’ve been an entrepreneur, these are some of the favorite benefits for any online marketer.

Unfortunately, these have always been advantages exclusive to those who run digital businesses, and anyone who runs more traditional businesses that normally require face-to-face interaction and personal sales are pretty much out of luck.

That is… until now.

You see, ever since mastering the art of Internet Marketing, I have come to realize that the skills can be used not only for online businesses, but if you understand it well enough, you can customize it to promote anything.

And yes, this even includes network marketing.

It’s because of this simple fact that I’ve been able to successful change thousands of lives around on the world, helping people to live the life of their dreams through the power of the Internet.

simon leung

The Internet Is Our Secret Weapon To Success!

Even though I am an Internet entrepreneur by trade, I’m actually not new to the world of direct sales.

Over the years, I have been asked to work alongside some of the most successful network marketers because they have identified the kind of value I can bring to the table with my online marketing skills.

You know what? They were right :)

In my first company, I qualified for the organization’s free BMW incentive program within 24 hours (the previous record was 30 days). In another, I became the fastest distributor to reach the top level and qualified for the company’s bonus trip for leaders. In yet another, I built the biggest team in the shortest amount of time and reached a personal milestone of 6 figure earnings while only doing it part-time.

All without breaking a sweat, working like a dog, and barely even talking to anybody – And it’s all thanks to the power of the Internet :)

As a matter of fact, the online “strategic system” that I developed became so successful that I launched a book on the topic, which quickly propelled to the best-selling status in its category due to the popularity of the home business subject.

Now, my own success is fine and dandy, but I’m sure it doesn’t mean a single thing unless the results can be duplicated – even by people with no previous experience, technical knowledge or even an inkling of an idea how to start.

That’s where “mentorship” comes in.

I’ve been a mentor for over 10 years, and I specialize in step-by-step training that creates millionaires, which is why I’ve also been able to feature in my book over 20 of my own personal successful partners who have created massive results for themselves under my guidance.

They have achieved their goals. They are sharing their results on the big stage. They are now living the dream.

simon leung success stories

Do You Want To Be Next?

Well, if you are reading this page right now, then today may very well be your lucky day.

It’s not often that I can allocate my schedule to take time away from my business, travel to a new location for a few days, and conduct a time-intensive training.

In fact, whenever I do, my services do not come cheap (I know exactly how valuable my time is, and time equals money).

For this reason, my hourly rate for personal consultation can exceed upwards of USD1000 an hour, and up to USD25,000 or more for one of my live trainings if traveling is required.

Although if you ever get the chance to experience one of my events, you will see first-hand why this investment is not only worthwhile, but an extreme steal.

You’ll also understand the reason most entrepreneurs hire me again and again to enrich their teams, partners and even themselves.

BUT – Chances are, if you’re reading this page right now, you have been personally referred by someone special within my network, which means your commitment will be negotiable.

Notwithstanding, I urge you not to undermine the value of this learning experience, because when adequately absorbed and implemented, you will discover exactly how to replicate some of these successes for yourself.

To give you an idea on what to expect, here is a small glimpse of just some of what we will uncover:

  • How to attract like-minded entrepreneurs for your business and targeted customers for your products… 100% online!
  • How to direct your target market to the appropriate online content designed to convert them into sales or partners!
  • How to completely automate the process from acquisition, introduction, follow up to final sale with powerful technology!
  • How to effectively convert your prospects into team members and lifetime customers!
  • How to sign up new members from “out of nowhere” – have your first interaction with them only AFTER they sign up!
  • How to clone the entire system for you and your team so your whole organization explodes in growth!
  • PLUS: Private sneak peeks into my OWN personal projects as I walk you through actual examples of million dollar campaigns LIVE!
  • And much, much more…

As You Can See…

Our syllabus is top notch, and it goes without saying that anyone with this kind of knowledge as their special weapon will undoubted take their direct sales business all the way to the very top!

The only condition? BE READY for success… BE READY to share your story… AND BE READY to inspire others on the big stage!

Because if you make the right positive decision to join us, imminent success will undoubtedly be in your near future :)

But hey… Don’t just take my word for it, because I understand perfectly that seeing is believing.

Keep in mind that these are just SOME of the successful marketers who have worked with me… The entire list would fill up an entire library!

simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories
simon leung success stories

exclusive bonuses simon leung
In addition to the live training, I also want to give you something special to take home with you.

Among the top secrets to my success in motivating and building my team are the various training videos that I provide to them along the way.

As an exclusive bonus to you, I will provide you with my best video content that has allowed my team to maximize their motivation and results along the way as a result of absorbing and implementing the information.

BONUS #1: My Team Welcome Video: Welcome To The PowerTeam – Your Fast Start Guide To Maximizing Performance And Results In ACES Worldwide & Passive Wealth

welcome to the powerteam video simon leung

BONUS #2: Facebook Funnel Formula – How To Create Your Own Facebook Page Funnel With Exclusive Team Resources To Generate Unlimited Online Leads And Automated Sign Ups From Nowhere

BONUS #3: Daily Leads & Conversion Blueprint – Your Step-By-Step Guide To FREE Targeted Leads Everyday… And How To Sign Them Up 100% Online!

BONUS #4: Private Chat Strategies – 10 Ways To Sign Up Friends And Strangers With Chat In Short Conversations

BONUS #5: My Facebook Live Trainings & Personal Team Resources – Checklists, bonuses and tips on how to use Facebook to sign up at least one new partner a week!

simon leung facebook live


Then, it’s time to take massive actionNo excuses, only results.

The only thing left for you to do is to confirm your interest, so be sure to make final arrangements with your organizer who will be in charge of providing you all the necessary details.

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fast action bonus simon leung
For the first 5 confirmed students, you will be given access to the digital version of my best-selling book:

5 Steps to Building an Automated Passive Income Stream Through the Power of Internet and Network Marketing

home business success secrets
You will not only be able to consume this top notch information, but also print out your own copies if you want to pass to your own team members who can also enjoy this valuable content.

In case you’re still wondering whether or not these methods really work, take the next several minutes to hear directly from some of my successful students, then make the decision for yourself.

However, don’t waste too much time – Classroom seats and bonus book copies are extremely limited, so make sure to act fast so you don’t miss out on a learning opportunity of a lifetime!


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