Giving Up on EPI – Bad Upline

Yes, I decided. I tried on multiple occasions to get in touch with my Emerald Passport director, Tony Lampert, but he just isn’t very responsive. He’s supposed to be my mentor, but he doesn’t even respond to my emails! Back in late January, we had set up a time to chat. I even gave him my phone number. He never called, and I haven’t heard from him since, with the… Read More »Giving Up on EPI – Bad Upline

Call #9: Website Final Touches

Even though is live, I’m still making changes to it on an almost daily basis. In terms of content and formatting, there’s always something that needs to be improved. But on today’s call, Scott talked a little more in regards to creating an autoresponder form to capture my visitors’ email addresses. I need to subscribe to an autoresponder service or install some type of form script in order to… Read More »Call #9: Website Final Touches

Call #8: More Salescopy

Scott sure wasn’t joking when he said that the salescopy is the most important part of the website – and he means it, too! I’ve been working on my salesletter for several weeks now, and it seems like there’s more and more to change everytime he critiques it. So Scott had more to say in regards to the various content and wording of my promotions, as well as where and… Read More »Call #8: More Salescopy

Call #7: Formatting & Content

We took about 6 weeks off to give IMC some time to recover after Corey’s tragic accident. Today, we resumed our sessions, and talked about Formatting & Content. During the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working with Scott and communicating through email regarding my salescopy. Today, we talked about actually formatting the salescopy to create even more excitement from the customers. Utilizing bold, italics, caps and even highlighting effectively… Read More »Call #7: Formatting & Content is LIVE!

After months of intense work with Scott that included brainstorming, keyword research, niche research, problem statements, product idea developments, special offers, and tons and tons of work writing and re-writing and re-writing again and again of the salescopy, I’ve finally put the icing on my first cake by UPLOADING all my work into my newly registered domain name,! Yes, it’s an AWESOME domain name – I was surprised that… Read More » is LIVE!

RIP Corey Rudl: 1970 – 2005

Say it ain’t so… I just heard about the devastating news about a racing accident in San Jose that took Corey Rudl’s life yesterday. Corey was killed instantly when the porsche he was riding in crashed into a barrier at over 100MPH. In the little time that I have known of Corey, he has inspired me a great deal and quickly earned my trust as an Internet Marketing pioneer. I… Read More »RIP Corey Rudl: 1970 – 2005

Call #6: Additional Webpages

I’ve been consistently communicating with Scott during the past couple of weeks in regards to the salescopy. He has given me a lot of good advice on outline, content and formatting. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve put together. In today’s session, Scott proceeded to talk about additional things to add in my salescopy, as well as other necessary pages of a website. As far as the salescopy is concerned,… Read More »Call #6: Additional Webpages

Call #5: Salescopy

In today’s session, Scott talked a whole lot about salescopy. After all, it is pretty much the most important aspect of your website. Your salescopy makes the sale, not the graphics and designs. So now, I’ve pretty much got my work cut out for me. I’m going to start working on my first page of my salescopy. The crazy thing is that the salescopy is always going to be an… Read More »Call #5: Salescopy

A Product Worth Promoting

So I figured it wasn’t worth the time to develop a completely new product because 1) there’s a lot of information to include, 2) it’s a lot of work just to re-invent the wheel and 3) the competition is just too huge. My solution? Promote the affiliate program of my biggest competitor! No doubt, Perry Marshall has made a big name for himself in the world of Internet Marketing –… Read More »A Product Worth Promoting

Call #4: Product Development

In part 2 of the Niche Market worksheet I had to complete before today’s call, I had to put my research hat back on as I dive in while looking through the eyes of my potential customers, figuring out what their primarily objectives are and what kind of solutions they’re looking for. …Which leads us to product development. Now, there are 5 main areas – Product, Affiliate, Information, Dropshipping and… Read More »Call #4: Product Development

Call #3: Problem Statement & Keyword Research

I did another fair amount of preparation before this call again. A LOT of research was done on Wordtracker. As valuable as this tool is, I wish it would work a little bit faster. It takes forever to search and dig into these terms to find new terms. It’s very inefficient… Anyway, for most of the call today, we went more in-depth about additional features of Wordtracker, and how to… Read More »Call #3: Problem Statement & Keyword Research

Call #2: Target Audience & Competition

I had stayed up until past 3:30AM to finish up on the niche market brainstorming spreadsheet so that I could send it to Scott and have it ready for the call. We didn’t even spend that much time going over it. =( Instead, Scott focused more on attracting the right target audience for my product. That was interesting also. This, too, is another process, much like researching keywords. You need… Read More »Call #2: Target Audience & Competition