Simon Leung’s Apprentice Program 2.0 – Details & Application Page

Attention: 10 Years After My Initial Apprentice Program Launch & Making Dozens Of Internet Newbies Famous, I’m Ready To Do It All Over Again. Are You Next?

How Would YOU Like To Be My Apprentice, Get Connected With The Top Internet Marketing Experts In The World, While I Teach You Everything You’ll Need To Know To Become The Next Superstar?

My name is Simon Leung – World-Renowned Internet Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Motivational Keynote Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Online Marketing Trainer, Consultant, Mentor & Coach.

When I finally began to take my online journey seriously by diving into it full-time back in 2006, I was already considered by many of the top marketers at the time to be one of the fastest rising stars in Internet Marketing.

Within my first 2 weeks as a full-time Internet Marketer, I was already recognized as an expert among some of the biggest names in the industry.

The gurus went out of their way to seek me out to speak on their stages at major Internet Marketing seminars, contribute to major product launches, guest speak on high profile teleseminar calls and become Joint Venture partners in countless new and most high profile projects.

It was also around this time that I launched my original Apprentice Program, a movement that not only introduced me to some of my closest friends that I still have to this day, but also helped to transform them into the true superstars that they were destined to become.

And since I have been taking on dozens of new projects over the last several months, it is evident that my business has now once again grown to the point where I am going to need more help.

This means I’m ready to do it all over again.


I’m looking right now for several part-time or full-time apprentices to work closely with me and learn the Internet Marketing business from the inside.

And – NO – this does not cost you any money to get in whatsoever, so relax and take three minutes to read this page.

It could change your life…


It’s no secret that I am an avid traveler who loves to travel the world with my family.

I spend more time on holiday than I do working, and that’s because I discovered the secret to windfalls and passive income many years ago, both of which makes my dream lifestyle possible today.

For anyone who shares the same vision as me, you could have the opportunity to work on exciting new projects directly with me, travel with me around the world, help me lead seminars and workshops, meet the famous names in my network, work on product launches, and learn how to become a successful Internet Marketer faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Plus – when you’re ready, I’ll even help you and back you in creating and launching your very own Internet Marketing empire!


For the past few years, I had grown “lazy” because as a new father, I selfishly chose to spend more time with family.

However, as time went on, I also realized the importance of continuing my original mission to change lives, and I was very fortunate to be able to stumble upon multiple new business models that allow me to do both.

During this time, the sudden growth and unexpected success of these new projects kicked my life into overdrive.

Between speaking engagements around the globe, new product development, coaching programs, consultations, full-service managements, requests for JV’s, affiliate promotions, support requests, live trainings & everything else, I’m swamped, and I need help … FAST!

Yes, I can hire staff, and I have… But my goal is to create new success stories. Always have been. Always will be.

You see, I will never forget my humble beginnings and struggles, and I will always remember how blessed I was to make it “over the wall” all the way back in 2006, so now, I want to throw the ladder back over for you to climb, along with over 10 years of solid experience that comes with it.

I believe that there are people out there who are mere inches away from success, but they just need that one break to get a breakthrough.

If that’s you, then please don’t quit – you might be right around the corner from a miracle!


As an apprentice, you gain an “unfair advantage” over everyone else (just ask any of my previous ones)!

In fact, being an apprentice is a time-tested and honored tradition dating back over many centuries.

The apprentice does real work on real projects under the supervision of a mentor, gaining valuable experience and connections unavailable just by reading a book, simply attending a course or even having access to a “coach” who is responsible for dozens or hundreds of students or customers.

You exchange doing day-to-day work for behind-the-scenes insider knowledge, experience and connections.


As your experience and expertise grow, you earn more power and responsibility until you are eventually ready to leave the nest and strike out on your own and launch your own successful Internet Marketing business, or partner with me in a new venture.

(I like doing business with people I know, like and trust.)

Remember: I will be judged by your success.

That means that I don’t win unless you win, so I am totally committed to your success.

I’m going to teach everything I know to a very small and highly selected group of people, and help them become master Internet Marketers incredibly quickly and easily.

Just imagine what you could do with this priceless opportunity to get on the “fast track” to Internet Marketing success!


  • Smart & inquisitive
  • Open-minded problem-solver
  • Computer/Internet savvy
  • Ethical & honest
  • Good communication skills
  • Pleasant & upbeat
  • High self-esteem & positive outlook
  • Hungry & self-motivated
  • Some Internet Marketing familiarity
  • Organized (very important!)
  • Low income needs & financial stability
  • Ready to work & do whatever it takes
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Have phone/instant messenger/skype
  • PC/Mac and Microsoft Office familiarity

===> Since apprentices exchange their time and energy for knowledge and experience, this opportunity is unpaid. In fact, there are even apprentice programs out there that require the apprentice to pay the mentor!

But not this one, because I’m not trying to make a profit from you. I want this to be mutually beneficial, which is why if it makes sense, I’m even open to sharing profits and will consider paying for some work in some cases.

NOTE: Those currently struggling with emotional or financial problems, undiagnosed attention challenges or inability to coherently communicate, operate honestly/ethically and follow instructions to complete projects should not apply as it would not be a good fit.

This opportunity requires a high-performance person who is free and focused enough to give it their best.


  • Real-world experience in a successful Internet Marketing business
  • Personal coaching and training directly from me
  • Insider access to my network
  • The possibility to co-create products, including full name credit
  • Personal contact with clients, prospects & vendors
  • Potential travel opportunities
  • A fun experience that could change your life forever


  • Researching and reviewing affiliate promotions & products
  • Assisting with and coordinating coaching and mastermind groups
  • Web publishing & updating
  • Create content websites
  • Market, niche and keyword research
  • Traffic generation – free & paid strategies
  • Graphic design
  • Building and maintaining membership sites
  • Copywriting, editing, transcribing & proofing
  • Project planning & management
  • Administrative support & assistance
  • Customer support & helpdesk management
  • Audio & video production & editing
  • Coordinating with JV partners & affiliates
  • Article & report research, writing & distribution
  • Forum research and postings
  • Programming and web development
  • Hiring and interviewing people
  • Help grow and maintain the team
  • And a bunch of other stuff I’m too swamped to remember right now! :)


Click on the button below to proceed to the Apprentice Program 2.0 Application.

Be sure to complete your personal details and answer the interview questionnaire as completely as possible, as incomplete responses may fail to receive a response.

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WARNING: This is for serious people only. There is NO guarantee of acceptance stated or implied. Depending on the number of submissions, not every application may receive an individual response.


When I myself was presented with this opportunity back in 2006, I knew I had a once in a lifetime chance to change my life forever.

I took it, and now my whole world is different, and the same for those who took me up on my offer for the original Apprentice Program when it was first launched in 2007.

This may be the life-changing opportunity you have been looking for, but from experience, I am confident that these spots will fill up fast, so move quickly if you believe that you have what it takes.

The next move is yours…


Simon Leung

Simon Leung

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