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Networking Dinner in Los Angeles, CA

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Hello from Gate 7 of the Southwest Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, CA!

I just said bade farewell here at the gate with Alejandro Reyes, my former apprentice turned Operations Manager turned business partner.

We were in Los Angeles for the day on business, and decided last minute that we would organize a networking dinner in LA before we went home.

Collectively, we have lots of friends in the LA area, but because it was so last minute, not everyone was able to make it.

Alejandro had the idea of using Twitter to let his followers know that we were in town, and by 7pm, we had a small group of 6 people meeting up for dinner at the Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, a 5 star restaurant in El Segundo.

simon leung

 Twittering Fools At The Dinner Table: Rachel Rofe, Mark Widawer, Simon Leung, James Lee, Alejandro Reyes And Chuck Yockey

As you can see, all 6 of us were busy twittering away even at the dinner table :)

We didn’t get to stay too long since Alejandro and I had to catch a flight, but it was fun hanging out with some local marketers for a couple hours.

If you’re interested in meeting up sometime while I’m in your neck of the woods, check outmy calendar and feel free to Twitter me to let me know you’re in the area and want to meet up.

Since Alejandro and I both had our flights delayed, we decided to shoot a quick video on the power of networking, and how social media has made it so much more easier to network online with practically anyone you want.

Enjoy the video :)

Rockies Venture Club’s 20th Annual Colorado Capital Conference

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Hello from Room 1710 of the Denver Marriott City Center at the Rockies Venture Club’s 20th Annual Colorado Capital Conference in Denver, Colorado!

simon leung
simon leung
Even though I have been speaking all around the world for over 20 months now, I’m especially excited about my appearance at the Colorado Capital Conference because it marks my first presentation on the stage as a keynote speaker.

The Colorado Capital Conference is the Rockies Venture Club’s premier capital networking event in Colorado that brings entrepreneurs and capital resources together.

The Rockies Venture Club spends a lot of time and energy focusing on the quality of the Colorado Capital Conference to ensure that real deals are made, and also successful and knowledgeable panelists are present to provide value to all the attendees.

I had a lot of fun at the Colorado Capital Conference, and it was a true honor to deliver their keynote address.

I’ll be spending a few extra days in Denver to hang out with my friends, Rex Wisehart, Rick Raddatz, Amber Rouse, and several others.

In fact, Rex Wisehart has graciously invited me to stay at his Denver home, so I am excited to spend a few days in his guestroom.

Joel Comm Live In Loveland, Colorado

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Hello from Joel Comm’s exquisitely decorated guest room at his gigantic beautiful house in Loveland, Colorado!

simon leung

Simon Leung Setting Up His Workspace In Joel Comm’s Guestroom

After arriving into the Denver airport, I was delighted to be greeted by a towncar Joel Comm had sent to pick me up.

The ride was about 45 minutes to Joel Comm’s house, where I met his wife, Mary, and his kids, Zach and Jenna.

We soon left for dinner at the Mongolian Grill, where we met up with our graphic designers, Robert Secades and Danny Arzuaga from

There, Joel Comm also revealed the secret Confessional location from his hit show, The Next Internet Millionaire.

Following dinner, we returned to Joel Comm’s house, where we spent a little time in his home office talking shop.

That conversation quickly got boring, and we decided to play some video games in his basement instead.

Turns out our video game of choice is more like a mix between live band and karaoke, as we rocked the house with “Rock Band” for PS3!

joel comm

Rockin Out With Joel Comm, Robert Secades And Danny Arzuaga

It was a good time… and I think we each discovered some new talents (and new hobby when we retire from Internet Marketing haha).

When the Graphic Mavericks took off, Joel Comm and I enjoyed a movie on his giant screen home theater…

joel comm

Joel Comm’s Home Theater

After the movie, Joel Comm needed to work on his next issue of his Joel’s Tips newsletter, so we called it a night while I made myself at home in his beautiful guestroom.

If you’re on Joel Comm’s list, you would’ve seen that this week’s Joel’s Tips talks about his Joel Comm Live show that he has every Wednesday at 1pm EST.

And this week, I’m his special guest (full episode available below)…

joel comm live

Simon Leung, Joel Comm And Dan Nickerson On Joel Comm Live

I got to spend the rest of the day with Joel Comm at the InfoMedia Inc. office, which was a very impressive operation.


Joel Comm And Simon Leung At InfoMedia Inc.

cody moya

The Infamous Cody 1000!

Together with his team, we hammered out some cool projects we’re going to be working on together in the upcoming months, so definitely stay tuned for that.

Before we head out and call it a day, I’m gonna go need to whoop Joel Comm’s butt one last time on Guitar Heroes 3 for XBox 360 :)

While I do that, check out this week’s episode of Joel Comm Live:

Harris Fellman’s Launch Masters Retreat 2008 In Scottsdale, AZ

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Hello from Harris Fellman’s beautiful home at the Launch Masters Retreat 2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona!

harris fellman

 Simon Leung And Harris Fellman

I just spent an extremely fun and productive weekend at Harris Fellman’s house to mastermind with my fellow marketing friends Ross Goldberg, Paulie Sabol, Dr. Mike Woo Ming, Sam Heyer, Robert Puddy, Folusho Orokunle, Greg and Stephanie Mulac, Barbara Drazga, Dave Bernstein, Valerie Dawson, Lynn Pierce, Tracy Repchuck, Kathleen Donaghy and a few other entrepreneurs outside of the Internet Marketing niche.

And I even had the pleasure of staying at Harris Fellman’s house, and he was a tremendously gracious host and most hospitable, not only organizing the Launch Masters Retreat itself, but also providing guests with the food, entertainment, open bar and transportation to hotel guests in the form of a hummer limo!

Throughout the weekend, we had mastermind sessions and hot seats where we tore apart each hot seat participant’s businesses, and recommended new ideas and strategies to make their businesses even better.

What I thoroughly enjoyed the most were the intimate bonding moments during our breaks, BBQs and laid back activities where we were hanging out by the pool or enjoying conversations over drinks.

But hands down, the best times of all had to have been playing with the ADORABLE Mulac girls – Marina and Morgan – who are just the cutest things in the world…

marina and morgan mulac

 Marina (7) And Morgan (5) Mulac

It’s safe to say that Marina and Morgan made my weekend as both of them were just a joy to play with… and they are just so flippin’ cute I can’t stand it! Haha…

I’m actually very disappointed that Harris Fellman’s wife, Andrea, and his own adorable kids, Hudson and McKenna, couldn’t join us this weekend as well, as it would have been a lot of fun to be able to hang out with the whole Fellman family.

I very much hope that they will be able to join us next time when we go back to Harris Fellman’s house to have another mastermind weekend retreat :)

And the next time Harris Fellman or another Internet Marketer has a similar retreat, let me know if you’re in the area or would be willing to travel to join us.

I’ve recorded a short video from Harris Fellman’s house below to explain how…

Ross Goldberg’s Xtreme Business Makeover in Sarasota, FL

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Hello from room 218 of the Best Western Hotel at Ross Goldberg’s Xtreme Business Makeover in sunny Sarasota, Florida!

ross goldberg

Simon Leung And Ross Goldberg In His Sarasota Office

I’ve just spent the last few days hanging out with a very small group of attendees in a private and intimate workshop held at Ross Goldberg’s office in Sarasota.

Because of the low number of people at this event, everyone really got the chance to connect with not only each other, but also with the speakers, as well as the organizer, Ross Goldberg himself.

In addition to Ross Goldberg, who did most of the hands on training, guest speakers and VIPs such as Ben Mack, Alan Bechtold, Lee Collins, Robin Collins, Eric Farewell, Eric Stafford and myself also lent a hand in presentations and demonstrations.

simon leung

simon leung

During the off time, we also got to go out and explore Sarasota, including midtown, downtown, as well as a fun evening at Ross Goldberg’s home with his family.

Overall, we had a great time at Ross Goldberg’s event, but for now, it’s time to go home until the next week, which I’ll be taking off for in just a few days.

In fact, I will be traveling every weekend until the end of the summer, so be sure to check out my schedule for the next few months, and let me know if we’ll either be at the same event, or if you live nearby, and maybe we can plan to meet up and hang out for a bit :)

Live Seminar Anniversary Special Event

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I don’t usually celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but since I’m in the mood to celebrate anniversaries, it was exactly two years ago today on May 5th, 2006, that I attended my very first Internet Marketing seminar.

It was the day that I look back as one of the most significant events of my business, particularly because it was the official turning point that changed my mindset from “employee” to “entrepreneur.”

This all happened in San Antonio at Joel Christopher’s live seminar, where I met a lot of marketers who have since become my close friends, partners and mentor figures, including Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, Gary Ambrose, Terry Dean, Jason Oman, and dozens of others.

If you haven’t had the chance to go to a seminar, I would encourage you to attend one when you can – it will completely change the way you look at your business.

I’ve had many success stories over the past two years, and it all began when I took that leap of faith and attended my first live seminar.

Now, I understand that not everyone is in the position to attend a live seminar for whatever reason.

So, to commemorate my anniversary of two years as a seminar participant, I am holding alive show this Friday, May 9th…

However, it’s not just any live show

You see, I have invited my good friend Michael Cheney to join us to share some very exciting things – strategies about his own business formula that I wish I had two years ago when I first got started.

Why did I choose to invite Michael Cheney?

That’s because just two years ago, very much like myself, Michael Cheney was just getting started on the Internet.

In fact, a few years ago, Michael Cheney was living in a poxy one-bed apartment, up to his eyeballs in debt, alcohol and even drugs.

Michael Cheney was desperately trying to make money online to dig himself out of the hole, but nothing he was trying worked.

But then, something changed…

One day, Michael Cheney discovered a simple formula that netted him $250,037 online in just seven days, and he became an instant Internet Marketing superstar.

At first, Michael Cheney thought it was a lucky fluke – until he used the formula again to rake in several hundred thousand dollars more online.

Today, Michael Cheney uses this formula all the time to rake in five-figure and six-figure incomes every MONTH.

These days, Michael Cheney lives the good life in a $820,038 dream house, takes eight vacations a year and works when he wants to.

As you can see, this is a highly valuable formula, but this Friday only, Michael Cheney has agreed to do a live show with me to reveal his secret!

This live show is ONLY FOR YOU as a friend, customer or reader of my blog – no outsiders allowed.

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– You’ll discover the secrets behind “the money formula” and how you can apply these secrets to blast to your own sky-high income in record time

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