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World Internet Main Event 2007

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Hello from the Main Stage of the San Francisco Airport Marriott at Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox, Brett McFall and Tom Hua’s World Internet Main Event in Burlingame, California!

After being on the Internet Marketing speaking circuit for over 12 months, I finally took the stage in my hometown of San Francisco, opening up the event as the first featured speaker of the World Internet Main Event 2007.

simon leung
simon leung
 On stage, I told the story about how I declared that one year ago at the same event, when Paulie Sabol told the audience to write down, “Be here one year from now,” I wrote, “Be here one year from now… as a speaker.”

At the time, it seemed like a far-fetched goal because nobody knew who I was back then, and I had never even really spoken before on the main Internet Marketing seminar stage.

It was important to me to achieve that goal because it was my first real goal as a full-time Internet Marketer, and my goal of telling that story to the audience was to hopefully inspire them to set and achieve theirs.

One particular person who was proud of me for achieving this goal was my father, who was present to watch me speak for the first time at the World Internet Main Event, and was able to attend because it was a quick 15 minute drive from his house in Daly City.

Back to the event, the World Internet Main Event was spectacular, as I’m sure anyone would expect from a Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox event.

I’ve personally attended and spoken at seminars organized by Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox, and they really know how to maximize the experience for everyone, from introducing amazing talents and state-of-the-art entertainment on the platform to taking care of the guests with meals and snacks.

 Karen and I with President Bush

 And as always, the networking was incredible – But at this seminar especially, since it’s the main event – Almost everyone that’s a who’s who of Internet Marketing were present… Even though they weren’t speaking!

Just some of the well-known experts in attendance were my friends (old and new), Alex Mandossian, John Reese, Tom Beal, Mike Morgan, Tom Beal, Jeremy Burns, Michael Cheney, Scott Paton, Robert Puddy, Matthew Glanfield, Brian Edmondson, Jason James, Jermaine Griggs, Kevin Nations, Alex Jeffreys, Jordan Hall, Dr. Ron Capps, Dan Kelly, Rod Beckwith, Becky Dielman, Alex Nghiem, Brad Callen, Lisa Diane and several others.

There were also breakout sessions and tables hosted by more of my friends, Deb and JP Micek, Jeff Wark, Alan Bechtold, Joel Therien, Cresta Pillsbury, Mary Mazzulo, Mike Koenigs, Frank Sousa, Randy Charach, Captain Lou, Tim Brocklehurst, Bret Ridgway, Christina Harrison, Howie Schwartz and more.

On the main stage itself, speakers such as Stephen Pierce, John Childers, Harris Fellman, David Garfinkel, Keith Wellman, Jennie Armato, Matt Clarkson, Amanda Clarkson, Andrew Grant, Darryl Grant, Nick Marks, David Cavanagh and Frank Rumbauskas Jr. educated the audience with content packed presentations.

My team, which includes Alejandro Reyes (Ops Manager), Michael Seriosa (Development Manager), Laura Martin (Assistant) and a few apprentices, John Guanzon, Norf Florentino, and Andy Huang, were also in attendance and very much enjoyed the event.

During the course of the weekend, several of us snuck away for a couple hours to conduct a private mastermind session that may potentially turn into a product.

I was invited by Gary Ambrose to join Jeremy Burns, Keith Wellman, Robert Puddy, Jason DeVelvis, Jordan Hall, Tim Brocklehurst, and a few others to meet in a private suite, where we recorded the entire meeting.

 The Private Mastermind Session

 And on Sunday afternoon, I wrapped up the weekend by taking some of my newest clients (those who were able to join us) on a trip to the GooglePlex!

I’ve always wanted to bring my clients on a Google Campus Tour, and since the World Internet Main Event was local, I was finally able to.

 Google Campus Tour

Russell Brunson’s 7 Figure Code Bonus Workshop

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Hello from Room 239 of the Red Lion Hotel at Russell Brunson’s 7 Figure Code Workshop in Boise, Idaho!

russell brunson 

Russell Brunson and Simon Leung at the Office

speaker dinner

Speaker Dinner with VIPs

I’ve just spent an incredible few days here in Boise with Alejandro Reyes, my Ops Manager, taking an inside look into Russell Brunson’s business, where Russell revealed how he was able to tremendously grow his business and team during the past 18 months.

In the past year and a half, Russell has spent a lot of time creating some elaborate systems for each of his departments, and this weekend, he showed us some of the most powerful systems I have ever seen.

Along with his team, which includes Garrett Robins, Jared Sears, Dan VanOrman, Brent Coppieters, Miles Penrod, Jeff Fillmore, Joy Gustilo, Haley Coleman, Natalie de Guzman and Lindsey Thomas, Russell’s company have generated millions of dollars utilizing those very same systems.

Besides Russell Brunson and his team, several other Internet Marketing experts also came to the 7 Figure Code Bonus Workshop to share with us their own business systems, including Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren, Matt Bacak, David Frey, Stu McLaren, Dave Lakhani, Jermaine Griggs, Dr. Mike Woo Ming, along with Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill from Nitro Marketing.

I learned a lot this weekend in regards to building a business, building a team and building a 7 figure company. And as always at a live event, the networking and relationships formed were awesome.

I’m not sure if Russell Brunson is going to make the recordings of this 7 Figure Code Bonus Workshop available, but if he does, I would not think twice to grab a copy if your goal is to take your business to 6 figures, 7 figures, 8 figures and beyond.