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The Jackal’s Work at Home Manifesto

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Not sure if you’ve seen this video yet…It’s a confidential clip of an exclusive interview with an industry insider only known as “The Jackal.”

the jackal

This information is extremely classified…so top secret that the Jackal has disguised his identity to protect himself.

Click on the Work at Home Manifesto image below it out now…


work at home manifesto

Just take 3 minutes and see what the Jackal has to say… But don’t tell anyone about it please (it’s confidential).

Click Here to Watch the Confidential Work at Home Manifesto Video


Jeff Wellman’s Layoff Your Boss

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When I decided to “layoff” my boss nine months ago, it was one of the biggest decisions of my life.

lay off your boss
After all, it was time for me, and when I told my manager that I was leaving, and I haven’t looked back since.

To this day, many people still think I was crazy for laying off my boss.

Alas, these people really don’t know me, what I’ve done with my life since then, and how far I’ve come …

…But much more importantly, they don’t know about the great opportunities they are missing out on for themselves.

You see, laying off my boss was the best thing I ever did for my business, even though my employer was Google.

But who my employer was is not the point.

The point is having control of your life, and being in charge of your own future.

Granted, I was lucky enough to be in a good situation having been one of the early members of the AdWords team.

Others? Probably not as lucky, and in much less of a position to layoff their boss.

That’s why I want to introduce you to Jeff Wellman, a middle aged man I met in Atlanta just a few weeks ago.

Jeff Wellman has been in the corporate world for many years, but has very little experience with Internet Marketing.

In fact, some may consider him to be a “newbie.”

Recently, Jeff Wellman learned that he was going to get laid off from his job.

After all the years of sweat he had put into his work, he sure as heck wasn’t going to let that happen!

So instead of sitting around and worrying about life, Jeff made the decision that he was going to lay off his boss first!

And so he put it in motion…

In Atlanta, Jeff Wellman interviewed me, along with other experts like Harris Fellman, Frank Sousa, Keith Wellman, Heather Vale, Ken McArthur, and a couple others afterwards like Sterling Valentine and Gary Ambrose.
No, this new guy isn’t playing around!

Jeff Wellman then took this powerful information, and learned what he needed to lay off his boss.

layoff your boss

Click Here to Layoff Your Boss!

It’s been a long time coming, but Jeff finally made his dream come true!

And now, everything he learned has been put together in a comprehensive package for you!

Check out the secrets that has allowed Jeff to layoff his boss, and how anyone can do the same!

Jeff made his dream come true by laying off his boss.

Will you?

Click Here to Layoff Your Boss!

Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash Detective

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“Is the Internet Lifestyle just a myth?”

My fellow Google colleague asked me over 3 years ago as she dropped a hard copy of ‘Google Cash’ on my desk.

As members of the AdWords Team, we were legitimately concerned about the non-legit AdWords products out on the market.

AdWords was just getting popular at the time, and many people were trying to capitalize on it.

But the market quickly became diluted as dozens of so-called experts released ebook after ebook of the same information that simply didn’t work.

My disappointment from my research came to a stop when my colleague handed me Google Cash.

google cash detective

Click Here to Download for Free!

Google Cash was the first product I had seen that talked about real strategies on how to make money with AdWords and affiliate marketing.

That was the first time I realized that this famous Internet Marketing lifestyle was no myth…

…It was very real, and it is an acquired skill!

I knew that there was something for me outside of Google, but it would be years before I would finally make my move.

When I finally retired from the company last year, I wanted to see if the Google Cash opportunity is still out there for me.

What did I find?

Not only was Google Cash opportunity still out there, it was available, and it was knocking!

And it wasn’t just knocking for me, it was knocking for anyone who wanted to take advantage of it…

…Including a 15 year old girl from Mexico who barely speaks a word of English, who made $1107 her very first month!

And now, Chris Carpenter, the original author of Google Cash, is back on the scene with his latest release – the Google Cash Detective!

Chris Carpenter has put together a Google Cash Detective video and a special report that explains how this Mexican girl did it.

Watch this quick 4 minute and 30 second video on how to turn your myth into a skill!

Free Vegas Trip Teleseminar

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A little over a year ago, my life changed completely when I attended my very first live Internet Marketing seminar.

I can honestly say that it was the single most important decision I have ever made for my business.

These days, I continue to attend seminars every month, sometimes three to four times a month!

It’s an incredible experience not only to speak on stage, but also to network and make the new connections.

My next speaking gig is at the end of June in Las Vegas… And I want you to be there with me!

In fact, my friend, Paulie Sabol, and I want to meet you in Vegas so badly that we’re willing to pay for your trip!

Actually, I decided to pay for your air fare, and Paulie decided that he will pay for your room.

So what do you say – will you take us up on our offer?

If so, here’s the deal…

Tonight, Paulie and I are having a call with Carl Galletti, organizer of the Vegas event, and you are invited to join us!



Date: May 17th, 2007
Time: 6 PM PST, 9 PM EST
Number: 404.920.6486
Code: 363438


So there you have it, all you need now is to show up!

You’ll get a simple way to go without a dollar from your pocket and this offer will ONLY exist for the first 10 people…

Simon Leung’s Apprentice Program Opportunity

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How Would You Like to Be My Apprentice, Work on Real Marketing Projects, Connect with the Top Industry Experts in My Network, All While Learning Everything You Need to Know to Become a Successful Internet Marketer?

Let Me Make You the Next Internet Marketing Superstar!

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Joel Comm’s The Next Internet Millionaire

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How would you like to become the next Internet millionaire?

No really, I’m serious…

You see, I met up with my good friend, Joel Comm, at the Big Seminar in Atlanta last weekend, and he is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

After he told me what it was, I absolutely couldn’t WAIT to share it with you, but Joel made me keep my mouth shut!

…Until NOW!

Here’s the deal … Starting today, Joel Comm is looking for his very next JV partner, giving away $25,000 in cash prizes, AND he is looking for a contestant…

For his NEW reality show called The Next Internet Millionaire!

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That’s right, you can achieve fame AND fortune with the Next Internet Millionaire reality show.

This is by far Joel Comm’s biggest launch of his career, and he wants YOU to be a part of it!

He’s looking to make someone the next Internet millionaire…

Will It Be You?

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Harris Fellman’s Moving Sale Madness

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Hello from Gate A29 at the Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado!

I don’t usually blog during my connection time at airports, but I have just learned that my flight has been delayed for two hours, so I am trying to kill some time.

It’s a little ironic that I am here in Denver, and my good friend, Harris Fellman, who is moving to Denver, is still in Atlanta right now.

In fact, we hung out at the hotel lobby with a few other people until about 3am this morning, and Harris was giving us all updates on his move.

If you haven’t already heard, to commemorate his move, Harris Fellman has decided to do a 5 day moving sale.

moving sale madness
Moving Sale Madness takes place from May 3rd through May 8th.Yes, I understand that this means that the Moving Sale Madness ends tomorrow, but I have been busy while in Atlanta and haven’t had the chance to send out an update about the Moving Sale Madness until now.

In any case, you do have through tomorrow to check out what Harris Fellman has in store for you in his Moving Sale Madness.

… Affiliate marketing products … List building products … Viral Marketing products … Copywriting products … and more …

Check out Harris Fellman’s Moving Sale Madness now – You won’t be disappointed…

Ken McArthur’s Get Your Product Done Workshop

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Hello from Room 414 of the Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Airport at Ken McArthur’s Get Your Product Done Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia!

get your product done

Ken McArthur’s Get Your Product Done Workshop

simon leung

Simon Leung and Ken McArthur

This has been yet another spectacular event organized by Ken McArthur.

Attendees of the Get Your Product Done Workshop arrived on Friday morning with nothing, and left Sunday afternoon with their own physical product in hand!

It was very exhilarating to not only watch, but also be a part of their product creation process.

I myself was interviewed on several occasions, and the end product were DVDS professionally produced and designed by Fullfillment Central.

As one of the featured speakers at the Get Your Product Done Workshop, I was excited to share the stage with Harris Fellman, Keith Wellman, Matt Bacak, Jason Oman, Frank Sousa, Heather Vale, Glenn Dietzel, Alex Nghiem, Ben Mack and, of course, Ken McArthur.

simon leung

simon leung

simon leung

Simon Says … Get Your Product Done!

Attendees include my friends Dr. Ron Capps, Elsom Elderidge, Larry Benet, Dan Kelly, Danny Guspie and Heidi Nabert.So overall, it was a fun experience here at the Get Your Product Done Workshop meeting some new faces and reuniting with many old friends.

It’s definitely been a good time, but alas, I’ve been in Atlanta for over a week now, and yes, I am so ready to go home!

simon leung

Post Event Dinner

Apprentice Program Launch

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a year or longer, you may recall that last year’s Cinco De Mayo was the day that changed my life forever…

That’s right, exactly one year ago, I attended my first Internet Marketing seminar in San Antonio, Texas, where I met Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, Gary Ambrose, Terry Dean, Glen Hopkins, Jeff and Lori, Joel Christopher and several other big names in the industry for the very first time.

In fact, this weekend is almost a small reunion as a few people I met one year ago today are also here in Atlanta, including Jason Oman, Dr. Ron Capps and Dan Kelly.

Ever since that fateful day in San Antonio, my life has been on overdrive for the past year and I’ve been trying to find new ways to keep up with the growth of my Internet Marketing business.

For this reason, I am taking this opportunity to formally announce on my blog about my official Apprentice Program

I’m not going to talk about my apprentice program too much here, but if you are interested in learning more and potentially becoming a member of my team (at no cost to you), I invite you to read up on my apprentice program at

StomperNet Launch and $1.00 Trial

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I’m still in Atlanta and have been spending some time interacting with members of the StomperNet team this week.

I first ran into Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins this past weekend at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar, which took place right here in Atlanta.

And I just received an email from them that *finally* gave me permission to share with you some exciting news about StomperNet that I had been dying to tell you!

You may have heard the buzz around the Internet the past several days, but in case you haven’t, StomperNet is finally re-opening today at 12 Noon (EST).

Over seven months ago, StomperNet made its initial launch and SOLD OUT in less than 24 hours, and it hasn’t been available to the public since.

But that’s not the big news…

Today, Brad and Andy have given me the green light to let you know that you can try StomperNet and get all its benefits…

FOR JUST $1.00!

No joke – for a single dollar, you can try out StomperNet for a full 30 days!

Now, the $1.00 StomperNet trial is still on the down low (not everyone knows about it yet!), so the page is actually not up yet.

If you can wait several days, I will send you a follow-up email to let you know exactly how you can access the StomperNet trial.

But if you want to see what all the fuss is about NOW, and even check out a cool video that the StomperNet team created.

Go to:

There, you’ll be able to see the StomperNet video and even sign up for your full StomperNet membership today at 12 Noon if you want to.

Check out the StomperNet video now and here’s where to go to take advantage of the $1.00 trial offer!