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Update from Norcross, Georgia

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Hello from Room 308 at the Holiday Inn Peachtree Corners in Norcross, Georgia!

I’m blogging right now because well, frankly, I’m bored…

Still trying to recover from an intense weekend of networking at Big Seminar, I am taking a short break from working in my hotel room to blog for a few minutes.

I am actually spending the week in this area because I will be speaking at Ken McArthur’s “Get Your Product Done” workshop this coming weekend in Atlanta, and it didn’t make sense for me to fly out twice from California within a matter of days.

Hence, I will be here all week to hopefully get some work done.

Today in particular is also a pretty special day because 5 years ago today, I stepped foot into the GooglePlex for the first time for my first day on the job.

Little did I know, it would take me down a wonderful journey of culture, knowledge and experience that I won’t soon forget.

More importantly, it has led me to where I am now … and will no doubt continue to be instrumental to where I am heading towards.

I’ll let you know how things go…

Big Seminar 9 in Atlanta, Georgia

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Hello from Room 212 of the DoubleTree Guest Suites near the Cobb Galleria at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar 9 in Atlanta, Georgia!

This was my first time attending Big Seminar, which took place at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel … And everything I’ve heard about Armand Morin’s spectacular event has been all true!

In addition to the amazing speaker line-up, which included Loral Langemeier, Marlon Sanders, Joel Comm, Alexandria Brown, Russell Brunson, Joe Polish, David Riklan, Jim Edwards, Mike Stewart and Armand Morin…

Even Internet Marketing experts who were NOT speaking at Big Seminar 9 came out, including Jeff Walker, Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, Craig Perrine, Donna Fox, Stu McLaren, Tellman Knudson, Carl Galletti, The Rich Jerk, Shawn Casey. Michel Fortin, Sylvie Charrier, Brian Edmondson, Ryan Deiss, Matt Bacak, Eric Holmlund, Jeanette Cates, Mark Braunstein, Keith Wellman and Eric Rockefeller, just to name a few.

As you can imagine, Big Seminar has indeed been a tremendously valuable networking experience!

From getting interviewed for Joel Comm’s “The Next Internet Millionaire” TV reality show to late night runs to the Waffle House, this has, without a doubt, been a memorable Big Seminar weekend.

And from the rumors that are going around, Big Seminar 10 is coming up next and as the 10th semi-annual event, it is scheduled to be the biggest Big Seminar to date!

So leave your calendar open for Big Seminar 10 scheduled for the month of October, and I look forward to seeing you then here in Atlanta, Georgia!

Put Your Marketing in Maximum Overdrive

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In preparation for my upcoming product launch, I have been spending some time hanging out in the Internet Marketing forums to see what other marketers are talking about.

It’s been a very interesting experience so far…

What I’ve noticed in these forums is that many people are very willing to help each other, and to openly discuss their views on certain strategies, products and even other marketers.

I haven’t been one to spend too much time in forums simply because I need to focus on my projects at hand, and being involved in such discussions distract me from what I need to get done.

However, my research in the forums has been great because it’s introduced me to an array of products and opinions I wouldn’t have received insights on anywhere else.

One such interesting discussion revolved around a product that claims to offer the secrets to getting Google AdWords ads for free.

As a former member of the AdWords Team, I knew that this was not possible for an advertiser to do, much less be able to replicate it, and then teach others how to do it.

But out of curiosity, I purchased the product anyway just to see what the product creator has up his sleeves.

Needless to say, I had pretty much determined the product to be crap within just minutes after opening up the PDF document.

I can write a 10 page review to report on the flaws of the strategies – including how it can be considered unethical, misleading, and even downright scammy – not to mention that the tactics described could penalize your Landing Page Quality Score on Google!

But alas, I simply decided to put this behind me and move on, only to watch in horror days later as some of the top Internet Marketers in the industry promote the product to their subscribers…

It didn’t take long at all before the advanced marketers of the Warrior Forum begin ripping the product apart, taking down all those who promoted the product with it.

Again, I decided to stay out of the threads as much as I can, with the exception of providing some unbiased advice here and there.

As I continued my research, I then ran across yet another product called “Maximum Overdrive“…

This time around, even the advanced marketers of the Warrior Forum are raving about it, and even calling Maximum Overdrive “the real deal.”

Now let me warn you, you may not agree with the background of Maximum Overdrive’s creator…

His name is Woodrow Maximum (AKA Woody Maxim), and he used to be an extremely successful webmaster for the adult industry.

Personal feelings aside, however, you must admit that the traffic strategies used by webmasters in the adult industry are absolutely no joke.

In reality, these guys are light years ahead of even many of the top Internet Marketing experts!


Simply put, because they have to be, especially with the fierce competition they have with other adult websites.

Let’s face it…

These webmasters have traffic strategies that will undoubtly put many of our own Internet Marketing techniques to shame…

…Which is why so many of the marketers on the Warrior Forum are so excited about Maximum Overdrive!

In fact, some are even upset that this “secret” weapon has been leaked out!

I just checked out Woody Maxim’s Maximum Overdrive myself and I have to agree that this info is intense…

Not only does it talk about traffic generation, Maximum Overdrive is a step-by-step blueprint on how to make money online!

My suggestion?

Read this Woody Maxim’s story and check out his product – and do it NOW before more people learn about Maximum Overdrive from the Warrior Forum!

And if you’re curious about the Warrior thread, you can read what they’re saying here:

Joel Comm’s My Contact Station

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I’m still trying to catch up after my Nashville trip from over the weekend.

I really enjoy going to live events because of all the wonderful people I meet there.

But most of the time, it is usually the successful networking at these events that contribute to my backlog because when I get home, I am often greeted by dozens of emails in my inbox from the people that I met.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love to hear from people and in fact, I would prefer it, since I am so busy that it really helps me out if someone follows up with me.

The only challenge is that I have to spend a lot of time sorting through my email and replying to them after I remove the junk email and separate the business emails from the personal ones.

That’s why I was so excited when my friend, Joel Comm, sent me an Instant Message the other day to tell me about a super cool new script that will solve this problem completely!

It’s called My Contact Station and it’s basically a website contact solution that installs onto your website easily in just 10 minutes.

my contact station

Joel Comm’s My Contact Station

In addition to just having a contact form, My Contact Station also kills SPAM, increases site security, allows you to receive feedback from your visitors, and it integrates a ton of the latest Web 2.0 technology that
makes this script revolutionary!

So if you’d like to reduce email clutter and take part of the newest technology in communication, check out My Contact
Station today at…


Affiliate Marketing Conference in Nashville, TN

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Hello from Room 3016 of the Radisson Hotels & Resorts at Rhea Perry’s first ever annual Affiliate Marketing Conference in Nashville, Tennessee!

This is my first time in Nashville and also at a Rhea Perry event, and I am honored to make my speaking debut at the Affiliate Marketing Conference among some of the industry’s top affiliate experts.

rhea perry

Simon Leung and Rhea Perry

simon leung

Affiliate Marketing Conference Presentation

In addition to Rhea Perry, these other experts include Stu McLaren, Matthew Glanfield, Tim Knox, Paulie Sabol, Mike Koenigs, Martin Wales and Jim Cochran.

I must admit that I’m very impressed with the quality of the speakers, not to mention a near-flawless event run by the impeccable Audrey Hagen, along with the help of Rhea’s awesome team, as well as my assistant of 2 weeks, Laura Martin, who lent a helping hand to make the weekend a success.

As well, the southern hospitality that I have experienced thus far on this trip has been nothing short of spectacular!

From the staff at the hotel to the waitresses at the restaurants, the customer service has been sensational.

During some of our off time from the Affiliate Marketing Conference, a few of us had the chance to travel around the area, and check out the wonderful settings of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel across the way.

The indoor garden, flowers and just the whole design were absolutely breath-taking!

And as for my talk on Saturday morning, I had customized my presentation specifically for the Affiliate Marketing Conference, and had a lot of fun testing new content and techniques during my 90 minutes on stage, which involved a lot more audience interaction.

After my presentation, I was greeted in the back of the room by many of the attendees and speakers as well, giving the feedback that the information I shared was very helpful to them.

In addition, the Affiliate Marketing Conference also gave me the opportunity to network with a lot of people I haven’t had the chance to before, and was able to successfully grow my JV partner team, not only those who are interested in promoting my upcoming product launch, but also those that I will be working with to create some very cool and exciting new products.

Overall, I had an amazing time at the Affilate Marketing Conference, and I feel very lucky to have been a part of it!

Michael Cheney’s Traffic Videos

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I’m still recovering from everything I learned at the Idea Incubator in Dallas over the weekend, including ways to maximize every idea’s potential with the right marketing.

It still amazes me how fast and easy it is to turn ideas into a viable, profit generating business using nothing but Google AdWords.

However, all the talk about maximizing potential got me thinking…

Am I maximizing my traffic potential?

I use mostly Google AdWords only to do my marketing, so the answer is “no.”

So that got me thinking – how much traffic and extra profit am I leaving on the table because of it?

The answer is – a TON!

Sure, AdWords offers an extremely easy and almost instant traffic solution for online marketers, but I definitely haven’t been doing everything I need to grow my business.

It finally dawned on me that it’s time that I integrate MULTIPLE streams of traffic to maximize its potential!

But where can I get this information?

Personally, I’m a little picky these days about who to learn from.

After all, I have 5 years of experience with AdWords, and experience plus a track record of success is not easy to find these days.

That’s why I was so excited to see one of the most definitive traffic generation courses to hit the market TODAY…

…from my friend, Michael Cheney, who has OVER 10 YEARS of online experience!

It’s called “Michael’s Traffic Videos” and here are FIVE unignorable reasons you need to give it your fullest attention.

#1. You’ll discover how to attract new buyers to your site with 16 explosive traffic generation methods (you can mix and match)

#2. You’ll see simple (yet cunning) techniques that get your site on the map as fast as humanly possible and send masses of hungry buyers to your pages

#3. You get a tailored Fast-Track To Traffic Action Plan that is suited to your profile and will get you quality, targeted traffic coming into your site in a matter of hours

#4. You get 100,000 ad credits immediately which gives you an instant influx of traffic to set you off on your way whilst you learn the new
killer tactics

#5. You get 50 videos that you show step-by-step how to get massive traffic into your site – you just watch, copy the tactics and watch the traffic flood into your site

It’s as easy as 1-2-3, it will help me maximize my traffic potential, and it will definitely help you maximize yours, as well.

Check out the videos at the link below and start maximizing your traffic potential today!

You’ll see near the bottom of the screen that there are 2 “secret” bonuses. I can’t tell you what they are, but I can give you a hint…

One of them is from me. =)

Take a look now and see if you can figure out what it is!

Idea Incubator in Dallas, Texas

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Hello and Happy April Fool’s Day from Room 919 of the Hilton Anatole at Stu McLaren’s Idea Incubator in Dallas, Texas!

idea incubator

Even though today is April Fool’s Day, the past few days here at the Idea Incubator was definitely NO joke.

This is Stu’s third annual Idea Incubator event, and I must say that it has one of the most creative, unique and valuable formats that I have not seen at any other seminar.

You see, each featured speaker spoke not just once, but TWICE over the FOUR day long event!

And the speakers were simply phenomenal – I’m talking about Internet Marketing legends like Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian, Russell Brunson, Matt Bacak, Ray Edwards, Ryan Deiss, Marc Harty and Jody Colvard.

In addition to simply brilliant information shared by the speakers, I had the chance to network with most of them outside of the event as well.

Many of them were very much interested in the upcoming projects I had in the pipelines, not only my personal information products and services, but also the ones I have coming up with my business partner, Sam Heyer, who has also been in Dallas with me the past few days.

So much so, that we even had scheduled private meetings with Alex Mandossian and Armand Morin to discuss what we had, and both are extremely excited to be involved as well as contributors on our project!

I must say that the networking and the experience had far exceeded my expectations for Idea Incubator.

One of the main focuses for this event is to generate business ideas and put them into action, and it definitely looks like the Idea Incubator has been instrumental for taking our current project to the next level.

Sam and I have even generated several new ideas that we have already begun putting into action, and we definitely expect to see some results and even profits from them as soon as the next 24 to 48 hours!

Hey, you know you’ve got something exciting going on when Alex Mandossian invites you up to his suite to chat, Armand Morin stops by to say hello when you’re working on the couch in the lobby and Matt Bacak hangs out with you all night at the hotel bar!

Only at the Idea Incubator, my friends. Only at the Idea Incubator…