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2007 Figure Business Workshop

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Hello from Room 434 of the Hilton Long Island / Huntington hotel at the 2007 Figure Business Workshop in icy Long Island, New York!

2007 figure business

With Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal at the 2007 Figure Business Workshop

2007 figure business

Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal 2007 Figure Business Workshop Introduction

This brilliant weekend of head-pounding, non-stop action of an event hosted by Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal and the team can be summarized into one word – WOW!

And I’m not kidding, either…

Listen, as you can clearly see from the various blog entries I’ve posted in the past several months, I have attended my fair share of Internet Marketing seminars recently to know what to expect from these live events.

But believe you me when I tell you this, the 2007 Figure Business Workshop was at a COMPLETELY different level from ANY seminar I have ever attended before…

…And with good reason – the main focus of this event is to bring your business, no matter how big or small, or how long you’ve been running it, into a serious and legitimate, not to mention extremely successful 7 figure business within the next year.

And let me tell you, the business strategies shared in this intensive 3 day seminar have been nothing short of amazing, and would undoubtedly be instrumental in bringing my own business to the next level in 2007.

As far as the actual content was concerned, I am unfortunately not at the liberty of disclosing specific details of the information shared at the 2007 Figure Business Workshop because of a confidentiality agreement I was required to sign before even stepping foot into the event.

But then again, at the steep investment of $5000 a ticket per person, I personally wouldn’t have expected anything less, especially with the tremendous amount of invaluable information shared by our genius marketing heavyweight hosts, Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal!

As an unexpected and pleasantly surprised honor, I had been personally invited by Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal to attend the event as a VIP guest and to serve as an expert and resource for fellow event attendees.

Without even thinking twice, I was, of course, more than ecstatic to join the list of other VIP guests in attendance, including Rich Schefren, Stephen Pierce, Brad Fallon, Jeff Walker, Gary Ambrose, Tellman Knudson, Willie Crawford, Armando Montelongo Jr., Veronica Montelongo, Ken McArthur, Sterling Valentine, Michael Cheney, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox, JP Micek, Drew Miles, Keith Wellman, Harris Fellman, Brian Edmondson, Martin Wales, Robert Puddy, the Rich Jerk, Scott Paton, Danny Guspie, Heidi Nabert, Jeff and Lori, Jason Dinner, James Grandstaff, Jason James, Barbara Drazga, Barry McLawhorne, Dan Kelly, Matt Frasch, John Barker, Julie Perry, Eric Rockefeller, Alex Nghiem and several others.

A truly unbelievable and star-filled event, isn’t it?

While this was no doubt a stage for the big players, so to speak, I was additionally surprised and honored when Mike Filsaime called me out on a couple different occasions during his presentations…

The first time was when he was telling the story about his final day on the job as a car salesman – August 5th, 2004.

As you may or may not know, my final day as a Googler was August 5th, 2006. While a big reason behind my choosing this day as my end date was that it marked my 4th year anniversary as a full-time Google employee, what most people don’t know is that an even bigger reason was that Mike Filsaime had told me his story exactly 3 months prior on May 5th, 2006, and that was the inspiration I needed once and for all to make one of the biggest decisions of my life.

Quite a story, huh? Well, here’s the kicker – get this…

As soon as this story was shared publicly by Mike live on stage, members of the audience found it truly inspirational, so much so that more than one person has already approached me about someone being so inspired by the story that they decided August 5th of this year to be THEIR “freedom day” as well!

Is that cool or what?

The second time Mike made mention of me was when he showed the audience photos of our memorable i5 Gold Cruise.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let you check out this awesome picture of the moment yourself…

* Photos coming soon *

Now, in addition to the superb content presented on stage, we also enjoyed fine Vegas-style stage hypnosis entertainment by my good friend and client, Dr. Scott Lewis.

During the hilarious show, Dr. Scott Lewis hypnotized well-known Internet Marketers into thinking they were, and even acting like Victoria Secret models, singing like N-Sync, dancing like Michael Jackson, talking like Richard Simmons, even stripping like the Chip ‘n dale dancers, among many other hypnotic suggestions I can’t begin to describe right now!

For additional entertainment, we also had foosball tournaments, open mic karaoke, socials at the hotel, and even a fun night on the town, where we rolled into downtown Long Island in style in this pimpin ride…

2007 figure business

The Hummer Limo that took us downtown

But wait, as we frequently say here in the world of Internet Marketing, there’s most definitely more!

On Sunday evening after the event, we ended the weekend with a humungous bang as a handful of the VIP guests from the now historic 2007 Figure Business Workshop take Long Island by storm and totally went to town as only true VIPs do…

…And I don’t mean that figuratively – we literally trucked through inches of snow from the blizzard in a party bus, where Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal treated us to an awesome dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House!

2007 figure business

The VIP Party Bus

2007 figure business

VIP Dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

2007 figure business

Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal VIP dinner speech

Afterwards, we finally wrapped up the weekend at the lobby of the Hilton Long Island / Huntington, where networking continued until the sun came up.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the content from the 2007 Figure Business Workshop, and it is safe to say that Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal completely over-delivered.

At the conclusion of the event, Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal confirmed that the 2007 Figure Business Workshop is never going to happen again, so if you missed this amazing experience, I am sad to report that you have missed out on this opportunity altogether.

However, if you are interested in partaking in at least some of the learning that took place this weekend in the Hilton Long Island, I may have additional information regarding your final opportunity to get your hands on this content.

To get the latest on this info, simply register on the top left side of this page, so that I can send you the updates directly to your email inbox as soon as I get them.

Personally, I can’t wait to get home and start plugging in some of these high level strategies into my business right away…

Hopefully, the storm that’s already beginning to show symptoms of here in New York will not be too big of a problem with my travels.

I’d be lying if I tell you that I’m not concerned, however, because many outgoing flights have already been cancelled here in New York, as well as additional cancelled flights in Chicago, where I am scheduled to make my connection flight.

Well, wish me luck that I will be able to get back home all the way on the other side of the country fairly smoothly and without much hassle, if any.

I will post another entry within the next several days to cover Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox’s Credit Millionaire Marathon next weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada…

In the meantime, don’t forget to register (if you haven’t already) so that you are kept up-to-date with the very latest news and updates.

jvAlert Live! and StomperNet Live

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Hello and Happy Chinese New Year from Room 842 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida!

It’s been yet another awesome and life-changing jvAlert Live! for many attendees, and this one was particularly cool because StomperNet Live was happening at the same time in the same hotel!

jvalert live

My jvAlert Live! and StomperNet Live passes

Although I had passes for both events, I spent most of my time at jvAlert Live!, simply because this is the event I had originally planned to attend in the first place, and most of my friends were also here for jvAlert Live! as attendees, experts and presenters.

As well, jvAlert Live! is also my first time returning to a seminar platform as an alumni speaker for a particular event…

simon leung

jvAlert Live! presentation

simon leung

Check out my cool popstar mic! Haha…

ron capps

Case study #1 with Dr. Ron Capps

jeff and lori

Case study #2 with Jeff and Lori

jvalert live

Speaking in the expert panel during a Hotseat session

I made my big debut to the jvAlert Live! stage in San Diego, CA, exactly four months ago now.

This time around, Ken McArthur has brought on some of the biggest guns in Internet Marketing, and gave me the opportunity to share the stage with Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren, Brad Fallon, Gary Ambrose, Sterling Valentine, Joshua Shafran, John Di Lemme, Harris Fellman, Jason Oman, Mike Enos, Alysan Delaney-Childs, Michael Hudson and my good friends and roommates for the trip, Jeff and Lori, the Dynamic Duo of Content Creation!

On top of that, I also shared the expert panel with additional industry experts, such as Mark Hendricks, Frank Sousa, Len Thurmond, Michael Angier, Keith Wellman, Brian Edmondson, Michael Morgan, Danny Guspie, Heidi Nabert, Michael Young, Alex Nghiem, Robert Butwin, Dan Giordano, Joe Robson, Doug Champigny, Karl Barndt and Gina Gaudio-Graves.

During private lunch sessions, we also had special guest speakers Ben Mack, Ann DeVere and Ray Edwards…

…Not bad for just a single event, don’t you think?

Well hey, let’s not forget StomperNet Live…

At that event, Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins brought to the stage additional experts John Reese, Larry Benet, David Bullock, Jeff Mulligan, Shawn Casey, Jeff Johnson, Jason Potash, Mike Woo-Ming, Jack Humphrey, Ken Leonard, Jerry West, Nathan Anderson and more.

As you can see, it was a very big weekend here at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando!

But wait… There’s More!

Exactly one year ago to the hour of his jvAlert Live! presentation, Sterling Valentine declared his 90 day $100,000 challenge with nothing but a “beat up laptop and a dream”…

…The original laptop from Sterling’s pre-JV Formula success surfaces for the first time – and here’s your exclusive look at it in his hotel room…


With Sterling and his original “beat up laptop”

Oh, and remember the Internet Marketing Road Trip I told you a little over a week ago with Sterling Valentine and Matt Frasch?

Here’s the actual ‘97 Chevy Blazer the two of them are touring the country in…

internet marketing road trip

With Sterling Valentine, Matt Frasch and the Chevy Blazer

To finish off the weekend with a bang, several of us went over to Frank Sousa’s house for some BBQ and socializing, followed by a recorded private mastermind session project you will soon learn more about…

Private mastermind session with Willie Crawford, Sterling Valentine and Frank Sousa

Mastermind session joined by Becky Dielman, Randy Fogg, Matt Frasch, Mike Morgan and Dan Kelly

That’s all from Orlando. I’ll be flying home this afternoon for a couple days before coming back to the East Coast on Thursday for the 2007 Figure Business from Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal in Long Island, New York.

That will undoubtedly be another amazing event, and I look forward to sharing that experience with you from Long Island…

Newport Beach Stop Over Vacation

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Hello from Room 106 of the Newport Beach Hotel in sandy Newport Beach, CA!

newport beach hotel

Window View from the Newport Beach Hotel

newport beach

Karen and I Strolling on the Beach

Newport Beach is a little less than an hour’s drive away from LA, which is where the Wonder Women of the Web seminar is being held this weekend.

However, I’m staying in Newport Beach because my former colleague and very good friend, David DiNucci, has recently moved down here from the Bay Area for another Google position, and is celebrating his birthday VIP style with his closest friends.

katina restaurant and lounge

David and I at Kantina Restaurant and Lounge

Sutra Lounge

At the Sutra Lounge VIP Table with Karen, David and His Girl, Jody

Newport Beach Fairmont

Brunch at the Newport Beach Fairmont Before Heading Home

This is my first trip to Newport Beach, and it’s absolutely beautiful here!

It’s my 9th vacation location in less than 2 months (wouldn’t have been able to do that if I had kept my day job!), and I am having a complete blast…

Even on vacation, however, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for business partnerships and opportunities – and there’s no better place to do it than here!

You see, I am involved in some private niches as well that would be perfect for the Entertainment industry, and at some of the parties I went to, I met actors, models, and people in the industry who have connections to nightclub owners and party promoters.

Hollywood is going to be tremendously HUGE for these projects!

I can’t elaborate on the projects I’m talking about just yet, but you will get a taste of just some of them soon enough…

Yes, it has been a fun and productive vacation – most of my vacations usually are.

But alas, the last few days have come and gone quickly, and it’s time again to go home.

I will continue my travels for the next few weeks though, so be sure to come back often, as I will blog often (usually at 5 to 10 day intervals…at least for the next several weeks) for more updates on my upcoming trips to Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando again, and beyond…

Wonder Women of the Web in Los Angeles, CA

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Hello from the Concourse Ballroom 1 of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CA!

I’m here at the Wonder Women of the Web event learning a lot of amazing information about marketing to women.

donna fox

Donna Fox, Wonder Woman of the Web!

paulie sabol

Paulie “Girlfriend” Sabol, Viral Villain!

Absorbing Some Good Information!

You might have noticed that Paulie Sabol has been nicknamed “Girlfriend” in the photo above. The origin of his new nickname is actually quite a funny story…

You see, the Wonder Women of the Web event was intended to be a weekend full of 100% women speakers. When one speaker unfortunately had to cancel literally at the last minute, Donna scrambled to find a replacement.

When Donna announced the replacement speaker, she said that she had picked one of her best girlfriends who has always been by her side… Paulie Sabol! Haha…

Then, Paulie proceeded to identify himself as Paulie “Girlfriend” Sabol in his intro slide. It was pretty funny…


Paulie’s Introduction Slide

Right now, I am only running on about an hour of sleep because I arrived to town at 1AM after several hours on the road from Northern California, and remained wide awake for another few hours in bed from all the Red Bull I had for the long drive!

However, I am surprisingly not dozing off during these presentations considering how tired I was when I got out of bed at 6AM this morning….

But it really is no surprise at all when you think about the caliber of speakers at this event, including Donna Fox, Paulie Sabol, Fran Harris, Jeanette Catts, Jennie Armato, Rhea Perry. Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Dr. Letitia Wright, and Pat Burns!

What topic could they be speaking on that is so intriguing, you may ask?

For starters, take a look at these outrageous numbers…

  • 85 cents of every dollar are controlled by women

  • 70% of owners of start-up companies are women

  • 57% of college degrees are issued to women

  • 47% of $500,000+ earners are women

  • 27% of US households are run by single women

  • 25% of new homes are purchased by women

Which breaks down to…

  • Women represent 94% of the market!

And yet…

  • 94% of websites are male centric

In fact…

  • 90% of women feel that advertisers don’t understand them at all!

Which means that…

  • 655% improvement to your business is possible by making small changes to your marketing and start talking to the people who control the money!

As a real life case study, we were shown an actual example of a company that made the small marketing changes in question that actually made the difference in an extra FOUR BILLION DOLLARS in profit!

Crazy stuff, huh? Now, tell me you wouldn’t be staring attentively and jotting down pages and pages of notes with this kind of information being shared right in front of you…I sure was!

And that was just the tip of the iceberg…

The first day of the event just wrapped up, but the weekend is just beginning!

My girlfriend, Karen, and I are actually in town to celebrate the birthday of a very good friend of mine with whom I worked closely with at Google.

We’ll be out on the town in Newport Beach, so stay tuned for pictures and updates from all the fun!

Internet Marketing Road Trip

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I’m just taking a quick break from packing (I’m not much of a packer!) for my road trip down to Los Angeles this weekend to Donna Fox’s Wonder Women of the Web event.

It seems that I have been doing a lot of packing lately, and from the look of all the Internet Marketing seminars happening this time of year around the country, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight!

After LA this weekend, I’m off to Orlando the next, New York the weekend after that, Las Vegas after that, and another one in San Francisco before I take a couple weeks to relax, only to leave again for Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore!

Yes, the life of an Internet Marketer is definitely active, with lots of traveling to fit into my schedule…

But you know what? Although the travel can be exhausting, it’s definitely worth it because the value I get from attending and speaking at these events are priceless!

I mean, how cool is it to go from seminar to seminar, meeting experts and asking them your most burning question about marketing?

In case you’re wondering, it’s very cool!

Now let me ask you this…

How much cooler would it be if I tell you that you now have the opportunity to hop from seminar to seminar and ask the experts your most burning question — without even leaving your house?

You read that right, because my good friend, Sterling Valentine, and his right hand man, Matt Frasch, are jumping into a ‘97 blazer with video camera in hand to embark on a 21 day Internet Marketing road tripjourney…

…and you have been invited to join them as their virtual passenger!

During the next few weeks, you will have the chance to submit your questions to Sterling as he attends the Exclusive Coaching Workshop, StomperNet, jvAlert Live and 2007 Figure Business seminars…

…where he will personally get the answers for you from experts like Rich Schefren, Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, Ken McArthur, Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal and literally dozens more!

In case you don’t know Sterling, he’s the guy who pulled off over $100,000 in sales within 92 days last year.

He’s been on the road to success and super stardom ever since, and now, he wants to take you with him in his journey!

With that said, are you up for the road trip challenge to take the fast track to online success within 21 days?

If so, sign up for your free action kit right now and let’s get on the road!

By the way, Sterling and Matt are taking off this Friday, February 9th…

So act fast before they leave you in the dust!