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jvAlert Live in Philadelphia

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Hello from jvAlert LIVE in the City of Brotherly Love!

I happened to be in the area for an unexpected last minute trip, and it was brought to my attention that there just so happens to be an Internet Marketing seminar going on this weekend. While I did have other obligations to fulfill, I figured that I would knock two birds out with one stone and take advantage of the event while in town.

As expected, this has been yet another incredible Internet Marketing seminar. As a matter of fact, I have made connections with more Internet Marketing gurus at this event than I have at any other! And I even made some new friends! =)

Acting up a fool with Joel Christopher, Brian Edmondson, Sterling Valentine, Jeff Wark and Antonio Thorton

Yes, there were over TWENTY top-notch Internet Marketers who spoke and attended JV Alert Live!

Check out the EXPERT PANEL…

Here are some of the speakers in action:

Sterling Valentine of

Ken McArthur of

Carl Galletti of

Len Thurmond of

Phil Basten and Jane Mark

Frank Sousa of

Joel Comm of

Holly Cotter of

Michael Port of

Willie Crawford of

Mike Koenigs of

Tom Beal of

Cody Moya of

Where else can you stay up ALL NIGHT (there was one night I didn’t even go to bed!) not only to chat one-on-one, but also enjoy the company of Ken McArthur, Joel Christopher, Sterling Valentine, Cody Moya, Willie Crawford, Frank Sousa, Tom Beal and Brian Edmonson, just to name a few!

There was so much good information and so many good offers. These guys kept me on my toes the entire time! My fingers feel like they’re about to fall off from typing up all those notes!

This event really opened up the doors for me. I will be attending the next one for sure!

My DAWGS – Fellow members of the Gold Club! Got List? :D

Everyone Will Win Contest

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This is it! The moment you’ve all been waiting for… is LIVE!

These TOP-NOTCH Internet Marketing LEGENDS have teamed up to provide you with over $150,000 worth of FREE information products and software!

– Robert Allen
– Mark Victor Hansen
– Joel Christopher
– Mike Filsaime
– Larry Dotson
– Gary Ambrose
– Terry Dean
– Jason Oman

…And a whole lot more!

Oh yeah, and I’m doing this too! ;)


And not just anything – You’re going to win FREE access to over 1000 Ebooks, Software and Information. These products are selling online RIGHT NOW between $17 to $97, some even more than that!

Want even more benefits?

Get this – You can even PROFIT from this free offer!

You see, most of the products you are about to download also includes RESELL RIGHTS! This means that you can sell these products on your own, and keep 100% of the commissions! How’s THAT for EASY MONEY?

Obviously, a deal like this cannot last forever, so you MUST HURRY! Time is of the essence…


All Aboard 2006 Marketing Cruise

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Ay Ay, Captain!

I’m having a GREAT time here onboard the Carnival Victory “Fun Ship” for the annual

Look at the size of this thing – it outgrew the size of my camera width!

Carnival Victory
The last 2 days have been extremely intense – jam packed with organized and facilitated networking, brainstorming, masterminding meals, hot seats and private member discussions.

As a matter of fact, from masterminding with Johnnie Siu and Brian Edmondson until 4am to project planning with Joel Christopher and Steve Yakim bright and early at 7am, I haven’t had more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep each night…

But man, it’s definitely worth every second!

At events like this, you need to maximize the value of networking by talking to the gurus, and I’ve had the chance to do so this time around with Ken McArthur, Mike Filsaime, Johnnie Siu, Steve Yakim, Brian Edmondson and of course, Joel Christopher.

And we’re only half-way through!

We still have more networking and masterminding sessions to go through, not to mention an expert panel discussion with the experts as well as a joint venture deal making session!

How cool is THAT?

Not to mention…

We’re on a CRUISE! The entertainment has been unbelievable, including live shows, comedians, contests, talent shows, karaoke, dancing, cocktail parties and a whole lot more!

On our excursion in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we had the opportunity to tour around the city and check out actual artifacts from the Titanic, as well as the cemetery where victims of the tragedy were buried.

It was a phenomenal experience!

Not only was it a ton of fun, but it was also very, very productive.

In fact, we are right in the middle of some totally HOT OFF THE PRESS project that is bound to BLOW YOU AWAY!


I cannot reveal the details to you just yet, because we are just nearing the end of the planning phase. But I promise to enlighten you with the very last piece of information as soon as I return home from this phenomenal event!


Ken McArthur of

Mike Filsaime of

Steve Yakim of

One big happy family! =)

My Final Google Trip

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Every one of my visits to New York has been a Google business trip. Needless to say, it’s a bitter sweet experience as I compose this blog entry from the Grand Hyatt hotel in Manhattan.

Tomorrow will mark what is very likely to be my very last client visit and presentation before I either switch teams or leave the company. I learn a lot from these visits. This is because I spend more time and feel more pressure to understand the product as I prepare myself for questions about anything and everything.

As I look over my material for the last time before I call it a night, I am saddened as I realize that this is the last client presentation I will prepare for Google, but am also very excited that I will soon have clients to call my own.

There is so much to look forward to. Everything has happened for a reason, and I owe all my credibility, knowledge and expertise to my experience and learnings on the job.

It’s almost eerie, but the fact that I have never stepped foot into the Big Apple except for Google trips makes it more surreal because in just a few short days, I will be returning to Manhattan for Joel Christopher’s Marketing Cruise.

This trip, of course, will be for myself and my Internet Marketing business. I’m glad that it has been planned this way. It will bring me another step closer to closure.

Enlightened Wealth Institute Retreat

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I’m posting from my suite at the Marriott in Anaheim where I’ve been spending the last few days attending Robert Allen’s EWI Retreat.

This is my second trip driving to Anaheim in less than a week. Last week, I came down with some friends. This time, it’s for a seminar.

To say the least, it has been exhausting, but HIGHLY productive. I networked like I’ve never networked before and learned a TON of million dollar ideas.

As a matter of fact, Joel Christopher, Johnnie Siu and Gaj Subudhi and I were so ambitious that at 2am, after a LONG and sleep-deprived day, we decided to hold a TOP SECRET masterminding session right in our suite!

During the hour and a half session, we discussed the most effective ways to network and maximize our learnings in seminars.

It began with casual conversations and turned into a masterpiece filled with million-dollar ideas of our own! The information that came out of our mouths were brilliant, if I can say so myself!

Want to hear the best part?


This was something that was originally meant to be for our own use because of the power of the content. However, after further discussion, we brought up the option of it potentially become a product! My very first product – with the MasterListBuilder himself – as Marshall Sylver would say, OH YEAH!

Granted, it’s late and we’re all delirious, so we ain’t thinkin’ straight. Also, we haven’t discussed everything we wanted to discuss, so the product is not complete just yet.

Tomorrow (well, today) is the last day of sessions. In the little time left, our agenda includes attending the sessions, more networking, completing the rest of our new product, not to mention packing and checking out of our suite.

Well, it’s 4am, and it’s going to be another long tomorrow day, so I’m going to get some sleep. OH YEAH!

Group Picture

Joel Christopher, MasterListBuilder

Dr. Richard

Dr. Art Martin